December 14, 2013

I just bought a new house! [Darleen Click]

I’ve moved in to the home of my dreams. All mine … and I don’t have to pay a thing to be a homeowner.

Fearing that many people will think they have health insurance coverage when they do not, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is “urging” insurance companies to “give consumers additional time to pay their first month’s premium and still have coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2014.”

Insurance companies should cover people who haven’t yet paid, in other words.

I’m now looking to “buy” a new car …

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  1. why does that bitch still have a job again?

  2. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

  3. why does that bitch still have a job again?

    Because she’s not Sarah Palin.

  4. Shannon Bruner of Indianola logged on to her checking account Monday morning, and found she was almost 800 dollars in the negative.

    “The first thing I thought was, ‘I got screwed,’” she said.

    The Bruners enrolled for insurance on the Washington Healthplanfinder website, last October. They say they selected the bill pay date to be December 24th. Instead the Washington Healthplanfinder drafted the 835 dollar premium Monday.

    Josh Bruner started his own business this year as an engineering recruiter. They said it’s forced them to pay a lot of attention to their bills and their bank accounts.

    “Big knot in my gut because we’re trying to keep it together,” said Shannon Bruner. “It’s important to me that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen.”

    They’re not alone.

    One viewer emailed KING 5 saying, “They drafted my account this morning for a second time.”

    Another woman on Facebook with a similar problem commented, “We are all in the same boat.”

    “We’ve got to figure out how to get money to pay the bills for the next week or two until we have another check come through,” said Josh Bruner. “It’s just crazy.”

  5. Posted this link earlier in the Boener thread.

    Gist of it is:

    Why would the insurance companies do any of this when it is not legal for them to do so since there is no authority for Obama or his HHS Sec. to give out exemptions or delays?

    The likely strategy is to, in 2014, blame the insurance companies for all problems since Obama “fixed” them by his “orders.”

  6. why does that bitch still have a job again?

    Because she’s an amazingly good soldier. Look how straight-facedly she lies to Congress!

    You can’t get that just anywhere.

  7. “Because she’s not Sarah Palin.”

    Well at least she’s not a dumb cunt whore snowbilly bitch piece of shit or anything. Dont’cha know. And if that offends you then it’s only because you’re a crazy violent minded troublemaker anarchist Jesus kook slobbering on a plastic 3d printed CANTO-uzi-glock AK-420 machine shotgun gatling laser cannon with poisoned skin-melting acid shells or something with a bayonet lug..

  8. Wow. I never used the word cunt before. It make me feel powerful. Like a ‘feta and brussels sprouts casserole’ fart. Y’know, the kind with grated dried sun dried roma tomatoes and olive oil drizzle on top?

  9. I’m a happy troublemaker.

  10. Sarah Palin is busy saving the christmas and planning her new cable show. I hope she saves christmas in time. It’s getting closer and closer!

    I still have to buy stuff for my aunt and her family.

    And I’m a see if I can rent a friend a couple nights in a nice hotel in chicago. Not sure how that works if I can just charge and they just show up check in and out in my card.

    And then right after christmas my sister will get a nice check for to help her pay bills cause she tends to overdo the spendings during the holidays.

    Then I have baby girl in texas what needs…

    I think a gift certificate to Brooks Bros. There’s an outlet in San Marcos. They do these really nice classic fashions for kids it’s a nice change-up for them I think.

    I think that’s all that’s left I’m a do aunt and uncle and fam right now.

  11. a nice change-up for the kids I mean to go shopping somewheres where you don’t have to listen to 1d in a loop

  12. “I’m a happy troublemaker.”

    People like you put the cop in helicopter. Because without that cop you’d be playing jug band tunes on instruments made of people parts. And taking away their choice. And killing the planet with your fat burger SUV lifestyle.

  13. It’s true! See LAFFER CURVE.

  14. ok aunt is done and chicago is done

    i put them up at the allerton I’ve always wanted to stay there my whole life

    so all i have left is the brooks bros thing which is a pain cause they always reject my card and make me call them when I try to order a gift card there so that’s a tomorrow thing

  15. What people parts would I use in a jug band and how do I subscribe to your newsletter?

  16. the point is after the brooks bros thing I just have to drop a wee bit of cash to the niece and nephew and all the christmas chores are done – niece and nephew i already did in a housewarming/xmas gift thing

    I’m not decorating again this year

    oh. I have to leave something very respectful for the maid at work she’s a treasure. She sharpens my pencils and leaves them in a nice little row plus she handwashes my coffee cup.

    She cleans the popcorn machine even.

    She’s the very quintessence of above and beyond and it’s our first christmas together. I want it to be special.

  17. a pikachu christmas what no tacos?

  18. “She sharpens my pencils and leaves them in a nice little row plus she handwashes my coffee cup.”

    nice wage slave you got there

  19. - Sharp pencils are good for frontal thrust lunges when you have more than one s;lave to dispatch for being too tidy.

  20. -….In the interest of full disclosure that previous post was meant to illustrate how well McGehees “Happy troublemaker” advocation works, particularly around the holidays when murder and mayhem gain the largest possible audience.

    - (Everyone appriciates recognition of their efforts.)

  21. I was thinking that
    maybe I’d get a maid
    Find a place nearby
    for her to stay.
    Just someone
    to keep my house clean,
    Fix my meals and go away.

    A maid. A man needs a maid.
    A maid.

  22. Well the whole ‘guns are bad m’kay’ thing is starting again. Someone sent me this. Because teachable moment. Sigh.

  23. If I was a junkman
    selling you cars,
    Washing your windows
    and shining your stars,
    Thinking your mind
    was my own in a dream
    What would you wonder
    and how would it seem?
    Living in castles
    a bit at a time
    The King started laughing
    and talking in rhyme.

    Singing words, words
    between the lines of age.
    Words, words
    between the lines of age.

  24. At a certain stage of development societies of eastern Europe
    are going to have to face up to the necessity of eliminating the
    bureaucratic dictatorship. This change were it to disrupt
    bureaucratic power over a period of several months, will radically
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    between them and, ultimately, destroy them.

    um eff dc

  25. There is a town in north Ontario,
    With dream comfort memory to spare,
    And in my mind
    I still need a place to go,
    All my changes were there.

    Blue, blue windows behind the stars,
    Yellow moon on the rise,
    Big birds flying across the sky,
    Throwing shadows on our eyes.
    Leave us

    Helpless, helpless, helpless
    Baby can you hear me now?
    The chains are locked
    and tied across the door,
    Baby, sing with me somehow.

    Blue, blue windows behind the stars,
    Yellow moon on the rise,
    Big birds flying across the sky,
    Throwing shadows on our eyes.
    Leave us

    Helpless, helpless, helpless.

  26. - Thats an affirmative McGehee, and I will next need to think about adding “Deletion of expired transients” to my holiday gift ideas.

  27. there aren’t any windows behind the stars there’s just more stars

    read much?

  28. Turtles all the way around.

  29. - And a cool large cup of hemloch for everyone.

  30. i got a turtle for the long way round 2 bottle whiskey for the way

  31. Herlock. Hemlock sounds too patriarhal and penis-ish.

  32. Hemlock has metaphorical “rapey eyes” like a cartoon husky mascot of the University of Connecticut.

  33. OT, but just read Gene Wolfe’s short story “Viewpoints”. First published in 2001. Kind of horrifyingly relevant.

  34. I recommend strings fashioned from pikachu gut.

  35. paleo.
    I shared this with all my facebook friends.

    Most of whom are actually liberal friends of my wife.
    Maybe now more of them will unfriend me.

  36. Gift ideas? I thought it was just proper facility management. Helps keep the drains clear.

  37. I love that commercial. I can’t wait to see how many of my liberal friends go back to ignoring me.

  38. But, but, but, she was asking for it wearing those clothes!

  39. Those lucky sheriffs who got to take her statement, eh?

  40. Nothing says “no” like a loaded gun. I’m not happy that she kept it in her bedroom though. I am happy that she went and got it before calling the police and sheltering in the bathroom or some crap.

    And like ALL security related advertisement only easily dissuaded white men ever commit burglary or home invasion. Ever. It’s the TV law.

  41. Statement? Hell, hot and has a Glock? I’d be taking her phone number.

  42. Lucky for you, contact information is in the incident report. ; )

  43. All other good comments having been made, what was she watching?

  44. She’s watching Wrong Diner.

  45. Oh, that’s fucking hilarious. But I should have known.

    Thanks, Pablo! That would have just kept on bothering me. My first thought was Miracle Mile, but the restaurant is wrong.

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