December 13, 2013

Stop it, guys. [Darleen Click]

Why does Paul Ryan need you to explain the “strategy” of losing more slowly when Ryan, and especially Crier Boehner are slagging conservatives rather than being [ostensibly] honest about why they are doing this deal?

Why should conservatives accept the GOP Establishment narrative, as trickled down by spokesholes who fail to understand why the great unwashed snowbillies beyond the Beltway no longer have any trust in the meme “Well, we gotta have all three branches of Gov before we do anything”?

Last time we did, we got GW Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”. And that worked out well, don’t you know?

Enough with the smoke up our ass.


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  1. “Last time we did, we got GW Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”. And that worked out well, don’t you know?”

    Ah, yes, Bush’s grand gesture of bipartisan ship early in his first term: partnering with Ted Kennedy to pass No Child Left Behind. Then Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats promptly stabbed him in the back. Good times.

  2. So Boehner tells us that those who oppose the deal are advancing some cause of their own and not that of conservatives…which makes it interesting that the deal currently has no GOP support in the Senate.

  3. The Dems have enough votes to keep Harry Reid in place, but not enough to pass a budget.

    Got it.

    Good thing the Federal Government doesn’t have to use a budget to spend money.

  4. Hmmm, looks like maybe secret budget negotiations have consequences.

    Who knew?

  5. Looks like Harry didn’t think this through to its logical conclusion.

  6. The minority branch of the “ruling class” are just using what means they have to suppress the tea party vote for 2014. It is in their own best interest and that of their major branch overlords.

  7. …and especially Crier Boehner…

    I just saw where Dennis Miller called him “Tammy Faye Boehner.” I hadn’t heard that one before, but I’m sure as hell going to be stealing it now.

  8. SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Basil Fawlty.

    h/t Insty.

  9. Paul Ryan needs to be ridden out of town on a rail. A very splintery rail.

  10. Agreeing with Boehner:

    Pelosi: Well there’s a very fundamental difference. First of all, we do not have the equivalence, there is nothing equivalent in the House Democratic Caucus to the Tea Party. For many reasons, most importantly, they are here to undo government. President George Washington cautioned when he left office against political parties that are at war with their own government. So while we don’t want anymore government than we need, we need the government we need and that is what they’re here to undo. …

    But now their party is dominated by people who do not believe in government. They don’t believe in government. They don’t believe in science and they don’t believe in the presidency of Barack Obama. So it’s a trifecta. Those people have hijacked the name Republican, which has made such a valuable contribution to our country – the Republican Party – but they’ve taken it over the cliff.

  11. Nancy Pelosi’s feeble mind is dominated by a disbelief in actual people. It’s a low-sinking state to witness coming about in a person — even an already low-lifed person like Nancy Pelosi. Too, it’s difficult to imagine what event or experience would be sufficient to jolt her from her dominate dream-state or mental incapacity, what with the rewards she garners in service to the maintenance of her delusions.

  12. Oh my, that’s a big woopsie! What is our ClownDisaster to do without his Persian buttplug?

  13. You especially have to love the way she confuses her wants for our needs.

    Just like my kids!

  14. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who initially signaled he would vote for the legislation, said Thursday morning he is now undecided because of proposed pension cuts for working-age military retirees.

    “I’m having our folks look at it right so you’ll have to put me down as undecided because I’m very concerned about that,” he said.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is up for reelection next year and worked with McCain to find ways to reduce cuts slated for military programs, said he would vote “no” because of the military retiree issue.

    needs moar slop

  15. They’re not even trying to hide their contempt for us.

    DEFINITELY give them the Senate in 2014.

  16. McCoot is speechifying on the Senate floor about the filibuster rules.

    A little late now, John.

  17. So many masks are coming off. Clarity and uncloseting of tyranny love.

    We’re in a period of reform stagnation. It’s possible that years will go by without the passage of a major piece of legislation. Meanwhile, Washington nearly strangles on a gnat, like this week’s teeny budget compromise.
    This is a good moment to advocate greater executive branch power because we’ve just seen a monumental example of executive branch incompetence: the botched Obamacare rollout. It’s important to advocate greater executive branch power in a chastened mood. It’s not that the executive branch is trustworthy; it’s just that we’re better off when the presidency is strong than we are when the rentier groups are strong, or when Congress, which is now completely captured by the rentier groups, is strong.

  18. So David Brooks thinks what this country really needs is a strongman who can make the trains run on time, eh?

  19. “So David Brooks thinks what this country really needs is a strongman who can make the trains run on time, eh? ”

    And a nice mileage tax to force people to ride those trains. And a nice union to make those trains strike once or twice a year…

  20. That nice union would only strike once. Then no more union.

    No need for unions when the strongman can knock heads to get things done!

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