December 9, 2013

“Gun Grabbers Sliding Down Slippery Slope Marked Mental Health”

Why didn’t anyone see this coming?

The Firearms Coalition writes [via]:

Gun rights advocates around the country need to be on the lookout for an insidious new tactic being launched by Mike Bloomberg and his mercenary minions. The strategy: use the wide acceptance of the idea that the mentally ill should not have access to firearms, as a front for prohibiting a broad array of “normal” people from possessing guns or ammunition. As with most things, the devil is in the details. What is mental illness? Who is mentally ill? How mentally ill must one be to warrant revocation of a fundamental human right? Who makes that determination? Who is “normal,” and how “normal” do they have to be to own guns? Recently . . .

One of Bloomberg’s pet politicians, Ralph Northam, whom Bloomberg spent over a million dollars to get elected as Lt. Governor of Virginia, spelled out the plan during a “gun violence” symposium. The event turned out to be a gun control meeting discussing a strategy of trickery and deception to get firearm restrictions passed through legislatures by hiding it in bills dealing with mental health.

My friend Philip Van Cleave, the President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, was at the meeting and reported that Northam was very candid about the plan and the sneak attack strategies for bypassing committees and public comment, and preventing rights groups from being able to mount opposition until it’s too late. He particularly lauded the Connecticut and New York models where both states used “emergency” legislation to pass draconian bills with no hearings, no committee votes, and no public input. He also discussed strategies to gain support from rights leaders by quietly negotiating deals to keep a bill “clean” and leave out overt anti-rights provisions, while concealing the provisions that seriously threaten rights.

It isn’t often that we hear anti-rights extremists openly admitting their true strategies and objectives. Someone has probably since suggested to Mr. Northam that the first rule in executing an effective, secret plan might be to not announce the details of the plan in advance.

All of which sounds bad, but in reality is nothing more than mere fear mongering by gunfetishists on the right.   Because nobody wants to take away your guns.  Politicians have stood up and told us this time and time and time again.

And politicians never ever lie.


Stop it with the breathless hyperbole and trust in the virtue of your dear leaders, for Chrissakes.  What are you, anti-patriotic?  Paranoid?   Because if it’s the latter, they have cures for that now, powerful drugs, therapy…and you can get the help you need, comrade.

(h/t geoff B)


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  1. Why didn’t anyone see this coming?


  2. Because nobody wants to take away your guns. Politicians have stood up and told us this time and time and time again.

    Some of them were/are saying it outright, though.

  3. But gun control is less popular than ever, judging by recent opinion polls. Aren’t these fringe extremist lefty wacko birds in danger of being slapped down by their more pragmatic allies as unhelpful Hobbits or Visigoths?

  4. If you want to predict what the proggs are going to do next, just look at what the Soviet Union was doing 75 years ago.

  5. I expect them to make this kind of push an annual event at the time of Sandy Hook. Hell, Obama might just make the day a National Day of Remembrance and Rededication for his “army” of [paid] “volunteers.”

  6. Speaking of mental health (and guns), it’s hard to comprehend how this man maintains his own in anything like a balance.

  7. GZ needs to get the hell out of Florida.

  8. Yeah, this looks bad, but at least the government is promoting good mental health at every opportunity, right?

  9. Mental unhealth found helpful.

  10. I was feeling kinda guilty earlier today when I blew some of the Xmas money on trade goods

    (hey doc, I got this rash I’d like you to look at –box of 5.56 cover it?).

    Now? Not so much.

  11. She also said “I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him,” according to the affidavit.

    Not happenin’, sweetie.

  12. Speaking of mental health, welcome to the most depressing “holiday” party ever.

  13. Thanks, Pablo, for linking pictures of some of those who will be the first to be put up against a wall.

  14. Not so OT..

    “And I will not be commanded
    And I will not be controlled
    And I will not let my future go on,
    without the help of my soul.”

  15. OT:

    There’s a good article about feminism and violence here. If you scroll down a bit, you can see a female student at MTSU, the home of our erstwhile semimusical troll, assaulting a preacher.


  16. Pablo, my mom told me not to point and stare, but, dayum, it’s hard with that group.

  17. My mom also taught me not to stare — but pointing and laughing was okay.

  18. Keep guns out of the hands of crazy people and only sane people will go on shooting sprees.

  19. The gun control post Aurora was being hard sold by the kind of smug, preening, preachy,patently dishonest, fact twisting assholes that voters love to slam their doors on.

  20. BREAKING NEWS: Contrived panic-in-lawmaking fails to overturn constitutional right explicitly laid out in Bill of Rights. More as this story develops (unlike the intellects of certain trolls).

  21. I would think that legislators willing to ignore constitutional rights would be wise to remember what happened in Colorado’s recent recall elections.

  22. Gun rights have expanded since Newtown

    No, we still have the same Second Amendment we’ve always had…

  23. “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.” — William S. Burroughs

  24. Congratulations. Gun rights have expanded since Newtown:>

    That’s an extraordinarily awful article.

    They’re looking at the balance of bills as rights expansion/restriction without looking at the scope or prior state of gun rights.

    It’d be nice to be able to expect better from steve.

  25. hellomynameissteve says December 10, 2013 at 3:58 pm
    Congratulations. Gun rights have expanded since Newtown:
    - See more at:

    It explains where your talking points come from.

    You are taken to be less a fool if you take the time to rethink your urge to comment and pay close attention to what other folks are saying. This would have been a good time. Take care.

  26. On the bright side. .223 is back in stock at Gander Mtn. and it’s reasonable too. Still no .357 but plenty of .40 and .45 and the Russian calibers. Still no reloading powder.

  27. The great thing about .357′s is they can use .38 spcl just fine and probably +P at that.

  28. I’ve used +P’s in a .357.

    Always preferred the jacketed magnums though — less grunge left in the barrel.

  29. “William S. Burroughs”

    Hmm. Not really a great example. He was a Bug spray huffer, mild paranoid, killed his common law wife during a party stunt with a pistol in Mexico…

  30. I think you have to be a guy or have really good hand strength to handle magnum loads in a pistol. They kick too hard for me, even with a two handed grip.

  31. My Gander Mtn didn’t even have any .38.
    I’ll try Dicks on the way home.

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