September 30, 2013

“Mr. President, that smell is your law.” [Darleen Click]


For those of you that cannot view the Real Clear Politics video above, here is a copy from YouTube

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  1. Some fine mockery from Matt Walsh:

    Problem: Insurance is expensive.

    Solution: Make it more expensive, and then tax people for not buying it.

    There are a few other objections to Obamacare that I often hear raised by moronic neanderthals, such as the 200 economists who lobbied Congress to repeal the law. Let these so-called “economists” pretend they know something about the economy. I’ll take Harry Reid’s word over theirs any day of the week. Some say that this massive tax and spending program can’t possibly be sustained by a nation that’s already over 16 trillion dollars in debt. That’s where they’re wrong.

    Little known fact: The economy works sort of like the card game Hearts. In Hearts, you’re supposed to avoid getting points. But if things go really poorly and you somehow collect ALL 26 points in a hand, you get zero and everyone else gets 26 — it’s called “Shooting the Moon.” It works the same way with the national debt. If a country can rack up 26 trillion dollars in debt, they go back down to zero and everyone else owes THEM 26 trillion. FACT. Look it up. It’s in, like, the UN Handbook or something. The good news is that Obamacare will get us to 26 trillion much quicker than you might think. Thank God!

  2. We may already be at 26 trillion. The Debt Clock stopped updating 4 months ago.

  3. I wonder why I don’t see any content on this post (using Chrome). Doesn’t display in IE, either.

  4. The Debt Clock stopped updating 4 months ago.

    That must mean there is no new debt accumulating! Awesome!!

  5. MathMom says September 30, 2013 at 5:43 am

    All it is is an embedded video from YouTube. If your content is being filtered (because you’re at work or on a public wireless that blocks YouTube), you’ll just see a title and a blank post.

  6. Sorry, mondamay, I’m sitting at home and I’ve always seen YouTube embedded videos at pw, because I’ve whitelisted the site at AdblockPlus and Ghostery and NoScript and the all the other scriptkillers I employ. For whatever reason, there’s nothing, not even an outline of a killed video.

    Link it separately please, somebody?

  7. I’m going to go way out on a limb (despite all of the “it’s a certainty there’s going to be a shutdown” talk) and predict that by the time the sun comes up tomorrow Boehnercare will be fully funded.

    Just a hunch. Hope I’m wrong.


    Darleen already linked it above, but, just in case…

  9. “Just a hunch. Hope I’m wrong.’

    Supposedly Reid has already sent over a feel good hudna offer along the lines of ‘ just fund us till the end of November and we’ll have this fight again in a month’.

  10. A law that requires everyone working 30+ h/wk to have employer-provided coverage will inevitably cause employers to limit many of their employees hours to 29.5 h/wk. Anyone who didn’t see that one coming wasn’t paying attention.

    In fact, I anticipate a lot of service-oriented businesses will settle on implicit “worker-sharing” arrangements. Sue will be a waitress at Chili’s on Tue/Thu/Sat and Mimi’s on Wed/Fri/Sun, while Mary just happens to work at the same two restaurants, but on the opposite days. Each of them gets full-time hours but no benefits.

    But hey, they passed universal healthcare, and that’s what counts, right?

  11. I don’t know why (other than theatre, of course) a government shutdown is a sign of the Apocalypse. This isn’t a new phenomenon. After all, it’s been shut down seventeen times before, including what? nine times by Tip O’Neill.

    I suppose that’s different since it was probably a good shut down with the dems in charge, eh?

  12. Want to know another really cool feature of Obamacare? With all of the insurance companies pulling out of various states, that means branch offices will be closed, people will be laid off and suppliers will not make as much money.

    Pretty awesome, right?

  13. Damn. I’m not seeing Darleen’s post either. Something is very strange going on around here.

  14. I don’t see it either, but I have all my add-ons blocked.

  15. I don’t see either one. I #BlameHarryReid

  16. Okay I can see the second video on my mobile Droid. The first one is now a box with an INVALID CONTENT! label. No thread comments by Darleen are visible on my mobile or on my desktop, earlier

  17. I would still #BlameHarryReid, Serr8d.