September 3, 2013

an obligatory Tim Tebow haiku

‘Bye, Tim.  As the sun

sets on your dream, look North: God

likes Canada, too!



Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:13am

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out why the Patriots even considered him.

    Anyway, Tim, as our host said, Canadia awaits! I’m sure they’ll treat you well, and you’ll get to play.

  2. Tim shouldn’t worry
    Motivational Speaking
    Is lucrative too

  3. Plus up, 74 species of mosquitoes Tim. You’ll feel right at home.

  4. Why the Jags don’t snap him up is an ongoing mystery. At least he’d put fans in bleachers.

    There’s some really zany discussion on Tebow going on over here. Apparently some people have forgotten when he gave the Broncos hope when there had been none, and then did a decent job of delivering. Tebow led them to a division title, after all. Easy to forget, I know.

    Sure, he’s no Peyton Manning, but in some ways that’s a good thing.

    I don’t idolize the guy, but I do respect his commitment, and his work ethic. Plus a lot of other things; some of which only make for a decent human being, and are therefore held in low esteem by NFL fans.

  5. He always reminded me of Eric Crouch. His college system in which he excelled didn’t lend itself to the pro game. Eric was a crybaby though. Tim is not. He’s a good person and will do well no matter what.

  6. Once I realized how much the media hate the guy, he’s been my favorite player (bearing in mind that that isn’t saying much).

    There is no question he’s a great athlete, and might well make a passable QB, if someone would just invest the coaching and playing time. I don’t buy most of the knocks on his talent, because I look at the source of the claims: Keith Olbermann came out of the sports media, and to the sports media he has returned. That’s all you really need to know about the sports media.

    I hope somebody picks him up, because he’s so far under the progs’ collective skin that I’d hate to see him just disappear.

  7. I was so weirded out when people were endlessly mocking Teebo for being a Christer and yet going way out of their way to make twisted excuses for Rae Carruth’s murder of his girlfriend and suicide. It was like something from a C.S. Lewis novel come to life.

  8. What, now what?

    Nobody tells me anything.

  9. I saw a link to this on Ace. Wow that is sad. Corey Feldman is morphing into an even lower-tier Hugh Heffner. And he looks the part except he’s also been fused with some Steve Tyler parts somehow. Yipe.

  10. i feel so melancholy now and also infinitely sad

  11. Hmmmph. Recall the kid, undrafted in’94, overlooked, stocking shelves in a HyVee supermarket; played in the Arena Football League for awhile; signed with the Rams and was sent to play NFL Europe in Amsterdam; called up after some freak injuries to the Ram’s QB starters; went on to win the ’99 Super Bowl for the Rams?

    He also had a spiritual awakening in’97, which may or may not have invigorated his no-quit personal persistence drive thinger. Which may or may not have anything to do with his faith and strength of character and his dedication to succeed.

    Of course, atheists can have those things too.

    No, really!

  12. Of course, atheists can have those things too.

    Not this one! Hell, I can’t even rustle up enough effort to be a proper atheist. I’m just one of those noncommittal agnostic types.

  13. As or Kurt Warner, it was just one St. Louis Ram QB starter, Trent Green, who had his knee destroyed by Rodney Harrison. In a preseason game. I had just moved to St. Louis and remember those days well. St. Louis won’t see anything as good again for a long time.

    As to Mr. Tebow,

    Whatever he is,
    One thing he’s certainly not
    Is Johnny Manziel.

    Tim is now learning
    How much they value Manzeil
    Over his God zeal.

    We’ve heard that
    Winning is the only thing
    Unless you are Tim.

  14. Remember the fad
    That now seems so long ago.
    Are you Tebowing?

  15. Tebow’s perfect pass
    To Demaryius Thomas
    Means nothing today.

  16. Cut by Belichick.
    This aggression will not stand.
    Okay, I’ll stop now.

  17. Jesus loves you anyway, Squid.

  18. went on to win the ’99 Super Bowl for the Rams?

    And I was rooting for the Titans, grrrrrr. But it was a hell of a game. Nail-biter right to the end.

  19. I glanced through the comments. Apparently Tebow is “forcing Christianity” down people’s throats, except all I really have seen of him is kneel down and pray, say he’s Christian and there’s a picture of him with that undereye stuff with a psalm referenced. That doesn’t sound like forcing anything on it.

    I don’t watch football too much (which means not at all), so maybe I missed him calling a timeout to harrangue everyone (players, refs, people in the stands) into making a prayer for the Lord or similar. Or perhaps some people define simply expressing faith as “forcing” something upon them. As if their own faith was so weak that the presence of a differing faith was a grave threat.

  20. The only people who would have a problem with Tebow on the faith front are pussies who cannot stand up for what they believe or don’t believe.

    I had a Mormon roommate who asked me once if I’d like to come to Church with him and I said I was raised a Lutheran and I was good and that was it. That is all that will happen. Not confrontational at all, nor judgemental.

  21. “An apparent booze-fueled dispute over loud music between two groups at a Chino campground over the weekend escalated to the point where men from both sides drew guns and opened fire.

    No one was hurt, but the two alleged gunmen have plenty to explain.

    It turns out that the rival gun-toting campers were both Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. Authorities suspect the off-duty cops learned they were colleagues only after their campground showdown. ”

    Moral: Only the police can be trusted to bear arms.,0,303511.story

  22. ” Not confrontational at all, nor judgemental.”

    well proggtardia nor islam wants you