August 20, 2013

Freud, call your office: NYPD/Bloomberg points hundreds of guns at audience [Darleen Click]

What? What’s the worry?


While we hope that the NYPD had the good sense to clear each and every firearm on display, what they failed to do is as undeniable as it is unforgivable. They clearly left magazines in, with bolts closed, on numerous firearms pointing at the press corpse.

I mean, press corps.


At least one of the guns picture above, third up from the bottom on the left, clearly has the bolt-closed and the safety off as it points towards the assembled reporters.

Clearly, chamber flags and Bloomberg’s much called for “common sense” about firearms must not be within the NYPD’s budget.

h/t Joy McCann

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  1. Slide locked open, revolver chambers out is the rule at the evil heartless child-killing non-abortion-supporting gun store in my neighborhood. They also tend to not barrel-sweep the customers.

  2. Agreed, Darth. I’ve never seen weapons displayed like this. If these guns are from property, they should have zip ties running through the barrels and evidence tags attached. That revolver at the bottom left (a .22?) is older than I am.

  3. It’s the Bloomberg loophole in action. What? You think he’s going to obey “gun show rules?” He’s da Mayor. He can say and do any damn thing he pleases and you better sit down and shut up.

    Don’t make him invoke the Feinstein exception.

  4. Greetings:

    Freud, he was that Austrian-speaking doctor back in old Vienna of a century or so ago, no ??? The guy who thought that people didn’t always know what was really motivating their behavior ???

  5. Hey Leigh, didja see this one?

    Australian player killed by ‘bored’ teens

    “Ford told the television station KOCO in Oklahoma City that one of the teens said they shot Lane for ‘the fun of it.'”

    Left out of the article is any description at all of the shooters, who were all minors. I’m going to make a gross assumption that these children might just possibly resemble Obama’s son, were he to have one. But then I’m a terrible racist, what with the “being white” and all, so what do I know.

  6. Mr. Bradley, the Australian news has pictures of the accused troubled youths.

  7. “That’s retarded, sir!”

  8. About those guns displayed. The “street price” for a gun bought by a criminal for his “work” is around $50 to $100. The guns displayed have some whose retail value, if they work, could be in that range, the Ravens and Jennings .22 and .25 autos, but most of them sell for far more and so it wouldn’t make any sense to buy these used and working guns in South Carolina and transport them to NYC to sell to the criminal trade. You could do much better at a gun show with no legal problems in the sale.

    Now if they are all stolen guns then it could make sense, especially if Bloomberg’s people made offers at prices that some idiots decided were too good to pass up.

  9. Earlier today, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has urged Australian tourists to boycott the US in the wake of the shooting murder of the Melbourne baseball star.

    Mr Fischer said he was deeply angered by the latest tragedy and said turning our backs on America would help send a stern message about the need for tighter gun control.
    Mr Fischer, who led Australia’s gun control reforms alongside former prime minister John Howard in 1996, said choosing not to travel to the US would help build pressure on the US Congress to finally act.

    “Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” Mr Fischer said.

    “This is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the NRA that even blocked background checks for people buying guns at gunshows.

    “People should take this into account before going to the United States.

    “I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers (but) it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA.

    Australia, proof that gun control works well as long as the central government has absolute control over the numbers that are officially released on crime. When you can make up the numbers, you can “prove” anything.

  10. Ignorance is bliss, huh? No different than any of our illustrious politicians lecturing us on guns using incorrect or invented terminology (Pelosi and her “assault magazines”).
    They know so much already they can’t be bothered to, you know, actually learn any actual specifics on what they hate. Why practice gun safety when you can just ban all guns, amiright?

  11. When asked about the arrangement of the firearms pointed toward the audience, the mayor replied, “Don’t worry. They’re not loaded.”

    / sarc

  12. From The Corner’s Debby Witt, Star Trek Meets Monty Python.

    Brilliant mash-up.

  13. Heh. That’s good. So is this one, except you have to listen to Ke-dollarsign-ha’s crappy music.

  14. I can’t seem to find any mention in any of the stories about the Australian who was murdered in Oklahoma City as to whether those guns had been obtained legally or not? Given their usage and the ages of the accused, I’m guessing not, but why let that get in the way of an anti-gun rant by a vampire pushing an agenda while standing on another corpse.

  15. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence puts out a slicker version of the animation that CBS faked up one week after Trayvon was shot.

    Meanwhile the OFA goes back to 1999 to use Columbine for fundraising.

  16. When asked about the arrangement of the firearms pointed toward the audience, the mayor replied, “Don’t worry. They’re not loaded.”


    Ah, my insufficiently cynical friend. I see your snark and raise you reality: NYPD Won’t Answer Questions About Bloomberg’s Gun Safety Violations

    I called NYPD yesterday to ask a few questions about the press conference. The first time around a Lieutenant answered the phone and our conversation was brief. I told him I was a reporter and simply asked him why the confiscated guns were pointed out at the audience (instead of placed sideways).

    “They’re not loaded,” he said. “Why are you focusing on the negative?”


    “They’ve been rendered safe by our members of the service,” Duffy said. “Is it your assertion that NYPD and that those officers that handle firearms don’t know what they’re doing?”

    Yes, Officer Duffy. That’s exactly right.

  17. [A]nd the ages of the accused, I’m guessing not

    Have to be 21 to legally own a handgun IIRC. 15, 16, & 17 ain’t gonna cut it.

  18. I think if you’re looking to make reporters very nervous and uncomfortable, and thereby more likely to write emotionally moving reports to help your cause, pointing several dozen (most likely not) loaded weapons at them would be a good way to go about it.

    And they should be thankful they’re not on the federal beat: Holder’s goons would be locked and loaded and ready for action at the equivalent press event in Washington.

  19. I can’t seem to find any mention in any of the stories about the Australian who was murdered in Oklahoma City as to whether those guns had been obtained legally or not?

    I haven’t seen that either, but I have seen that he was killed with one of the good guns, a .22 revolver. The only better scenarios would to have been shot with a deer rifle, or optimally, a shotgun. I don’t know where we stop the madness when people are being killed with these harmless, non-assault type weapons.

  20. 254 tie-wraps would have broken their budget for the photo-op, plus the guns wouldn’t look a menacing.

  21. Has anyone seen whether the guns Bloomberg displayed were stolen?

  22. unless the city government paid for them, they were stolen. (“Confiscated” is just a prettier word with the “we had a really good reason” added in.)

  23. Fox and NBC say shot in the back with a .22 cal. revolver too.

  24. Drumwaster, I think that they were guns that were stolen from the legal owners, in N.C. or S.C.?, and then transported to NYC for black-market sale, but what Bloomberg is implying and talking about is as if they were legally bought by the group arrested and transported to NYC to be sold illegally.

    I’m asking if there has been any report as to whether these were stolen from their legal owners, in N.C. or S.C., before they were transported to NYC.

  25. Pablo, I withdraw my comment, reminding myself for future reference that truth is stranger than sarcasm.

  26. I’m referring to the police practice of confiscating anything even remotely related to other crimes, and re-selling it at a nice profit. Even cash, if there is a lot of it, and they think you “look suspicious”.

    There was a case where a couple went on vaca with a few thousand, and got pulled over out-of-state for some minor infraction, whereupon the cop menaced them into a canine search (I think they found a single seed), and confiscation of their vacation money as “drug proceeds”. They were then told that they weren’t being charged with anything, but would have to sue to reclaim the money, with the burden of proof that the money wasn’t illicit being on the couple, not the cops.

    It’s not like they can afford to run all those APCs and drones on unicorn farts

  27. Regarding the OK City shooting, I’m reminded of the argument (I wish I could remember who/where it’s from) that for as much as we’d like to pretend that life is precious, it really doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. In this case, the argument was that we should modify the death penalty to scale with the nature of the crime. If a criminal shot somebody while stealing a couple grand worth of electronics, then community members should be able to put him to death if they can post an equivalent amount. If you killed somebody over a loaf of bread, anyone from the community could put you down if they gave a loaf of bread to the authorities.

    In a case such as this, I suspect the authorities would just set the three thugs loose somewhere and invite everyone in town who was “just bored” to come down and have a go…

  28. Re: bored teen killers

    If I had been raised by this crummy bunch of teachers who treat boys as defectives, and no parents or parenting in sight, I might have been a killer, too.

    How could this have happened? These boys were raised on the “tug of peace”, and other cooperative games!

  29. I think I saw the Mac-10 with the can (top R) in a John Wayne movie once…

  30. In an “eye for an eye” world, that would work well. Make the punishment fit the crime in other ways. Bullies get beaten*, arsonists get burned* and rapists get… well, let’s just say, “re-introduced to the concept of personal space”*.

    * (to death, if there are victims who died)

  31. I don’t think the NYPD will sell the guns, they melt them down, which is a real waste for some there. I’d like the Browning Hi-Power at least if not some of the S&Ws too.

  32. Suuure, geoff. They’ll “melt them down”. I’m sure they’ll “melt” into a few key occifers’ personal arsenals.

  33. OKC is the same town where some other yoots decided to rob a pharmacy and ended up getting sent home to Jesus by the owner. Tragically, he made the mistake of reloading on security camera before he double-tapped the one on the floor.

    These latest yoots are probably the previous yoots cousins. It ain’t safe in the OKC for a white man. Or woman.

  34. More than likely, Todd Hockney will end up hijacking the truck carrying these guns as they are being lucratively shipped to the Provisional IRA or some other such terrorist outfit.

  35. “It is heartless, and to try to understand it is a short way to insanity.”

    No, its not.

    This is how you understand it: sociopathy.

    Wasn’t that easy?

  36. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence puts out a slicker version of the animation that CBS faked up one week after Trayvon was shot.

    That crazy-ass cracker Zimmerman must have done some awesome trick shooting that night. According to that video, after just a single gunshot (as reported by the witness) there are easily a dozen or more dead thugs in hoodies laying on the ground, with Zimmerman standing over them.

  37. Note that the “I’m board let’s grease some cracker” killer was not accomplished with an evil black military grade assault weapon rifle with a high magazine capacity ammunition clips and bayonet lug and the shoulder thing that goes up. Nope. A humble .22 revolver. LR? Magnum? I dunno.

  38. board->bored

  39. killer->killing

  40. I haven’t seen that either, but I have seen that he was killed with one of the good guns, a .22 revolver. The only better scenarios would to have been shot with a deer rifle, or optimally, a shotgun.

    Every Leftist Ever: “See? See?!? We tried to leave you knuckledraggers a few ‘safe’ guns for hunting and whatnot, and what happens? You go out and start shooting people with those, instead of the Evil Black Rifles or high-capacity automatic pistols. Well, we tried, but I guess you people can’t be trusted with guns of any sort whatsoever. You’re forcing us to take them all away.”