July 29, 2013

A haiku that, for no reason whatever, imagines Patrick Henry as cyber stud (and Mayoral candidate) “Carlos Danger”

“Give me liberty
or give me death! Though texts
of my junk works, too.”


Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:09pm

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  1. The Clintons are apparently very angry at comparisons being drawn between them and the Weiners.

    Um, about that…

  2. Sorry, Pablo, can’t click on those unless you certify them Weiner-junk-pic free.


  3. Nobody cares about my haikus. Which is understandable.

  4. “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

  5. The Clintons are apparently very angry at comparisons being drawn between them and the Weiners.

    The Clintons and the Weiners are like the “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” of progressive politics or as Jonah Goldberg put it in his G-File.

    Clinton’s marriage was a “political marriage” at least insofar as everything is political … To the extent we can speak about someone else’s marriage, I think it’s reasonable to assume the same is true for the Weiners.

    Look, I am famously biased in my opinion of Bill Clinton, but can we all agree that when you ask Bill Clinton to officiate at your wedding, you might as well barge into karma’s office right in the middle of a big meeting, walk over and take a dump on karma’s desk, and garnish the pile with his signed 1956 Yankees baseball? I mean karma notices stuff like that. It’s his job.

  6. Someone posted a haiku at Ace that was inspired by the haiku killer serial killer that is now plaguing Japan. However, it is for the Haiku Mugger.

    Cherry blossoms fall
    On the early morning grass
    Give me your wallet.

  7. SBP, I can assure you that Weiner’s wiener is not depicted whatsoever. That said, the second link has numerous pictures of some Weiner-related junk, much of which is in a trunk.

  8. Social Justice = Im’a take your truck and push you down and shit in your racist eye once you are disarmed.

  9. Carlos Danger says:
    “I am haunted by penii!”
    Right. But Singular.

  10. Diane Lane, your study materials are here. Always learn from the expert not the understudy who just can’t seem to cut it.