July 19, 2013

Let me take this moment to apologize to all rational people for the mendoucheous twatwafflery of Chris Matthews [Darleen Click]

I am very happy to live my life paying no attention to Mr. Tingles, but sometimes his odious character issues make too much of an affront to ignore:

While hosting two black guests, MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Thursday took it upon himself to apologize for racism on behalf of all “white people.” His comments came after a discussion about race and racial profiling.

“We got to continue this conversation, gentlemen, privately and on television,” Matthews said. “I mean a lot of people out there – I’ll just tell you one thing, and I’m speaking now for all white people, but especially people who have had to try to change the last 50 or 60 years. A lot of them have really tried to change and I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m saying.”

I wonder if that includes white Hispanics?

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  1. Don’t speak for me, Matthews, you hump.

  2. Your apology is accepted, Darleen.

    Can we pour a load of concrete into his mouth to make sure it never happens again?

  3. I wonder if that includes white Hispanics?

    Or white Indonesians?

  4. But he really does speak for me; I really am “sorry for this stuff.”

    I’m sorry that the Left systematically destroyed so many of our once-great cities, turning them into terrible pits of despair.

    I’m sorry they chased away all the employers, leaving inner-city families with no way to make an honest living.

    I’m sorry they turned the schools into indoctrination centers focused on benefiting the teachers unions and their Leftist masters, instead of educating children and giving them the tools needed to prosper in modern society.

    I’m sorry they promoted a welfare system that encouraged women to have lots of babies without ever settling down and getting married, and without taking responsibility for raising their children to be good citizens, leaving inner-city families — well, not really families at all.

    I’m sorry they encouraged a culture that glamorizes conspicuous consumption over prudent spending; that degrades women; that considers hard work and studying to be derided as “acting white” and eschewed.

    I’m sorry they disarmed all the decent, law-abiding people in these failing once-great cities, leaving them at the mercy of the illegally armed thugs in their midst.

    I’m sorry they coddled and indulged their constituents in so many self-destructive behaviors, blaming all their problems on distant, faceless Rich White Guys, and absolving them of any responsibility to change their behaviors or improve their lives and neighborhoods.

    So yeah, I think it’s fair to say that Chrissy Tingles really does speak for me.

  5. Look at Squid, going all Hatey McHateyson…

  6. David Thompson features more mawkish moral preening from across the pond.

  7. Yeah, I know. Living and working and serving with decent, upstanding blacks (and Hmong, and Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans, and…) for all these years, watching them struggle to support their families and do well for their children — well, what do you expect me to do?

    (For the record: the phrases “Mexican, Puerto Rican, whatever!” and “Hmong, Vietnamese, whatever!” are equally hilarious when spoken around certain of my neighbors.)

  8. (My buddy Sok tried to turn the tables on me one time, saying “German, French, whatever.” I just laughed and said that France was a beautiful country with excellent food and wine and women and culture, and it’s just a damn shame my people weren’t able to hold on to it back in the ’40s.)

  9. Chris Matthews on Thursday took it upon himself to apologize for racism on behalf of all “white people.”


    Now that the apologies are over, can we Effing Move On?

  10. Silly flower — there are things from which we Move On, and things on which we Pitch A Tent And Dwell.

    It’s a lot like how some people must be excused their horrid behavior because We Just Can’t Understand Them, while others must be mocked and derided for their perfectly normal behavior because Cousin Humpin’ Teatard NASCAR LOL!

  11. there are things from which we Move On, and things on which we Pitch A Tent And Dwell

    Things that lead to heaven, and things that lead to hell.

    While the theology of “What Dreams May Come” is hooey, I think its depiction of Hell is quite apt. “Pitch a tent and dwell,” indeed.

  12. More like Pour A Concrete Foundation And Build A Pyramid.

  13. I wasn’t around 60 years ago Chris but, 40-50 years ago I had a black doctor and I grew up thinking he was one of the greatest guys around despite his typical human frailties. I don’t think I have tried to change that opinion. Have I failed?

  14. The overwhelming forces of the Confederates under Longstreet and Hill repulsed and drove back the command of General Sickles and were advancing on the left flank of the Union Army, which was in grave danger of being rolled up in defeat. It was at this juncture that General Hancock ordered this depleted regiment to charge the advancing Confederates.

    The gallant First Minnesota, led by Colonel Colvill, at once responded with an impetuosity that broke the first and second line of the enemy and stopped the advance. When the action was over but 47 men of the 262 who began the charge were still in line. The remaining 215 lay dead or wounded on the field. In all the history of warfare this charge has few, if any, equals and no superiors.

    I won’t speak for All White People Everywhere, but on behalf of those referenced by President Calvin Coolidge above, I’d like to say that Minnesota’s debts have been paid, in full, with interest. We’ve done more than enough, and we’re getting might sick of endless demands for more, more, more.

    Humans have always faced adversity of one kind or another. What makes Americans (of any color) great is that they overcome that adversity. Fewer excuses and scapegoats, and more hard work and discipline. We Shall Overcome, indeed.

  15. bgbear, obviously you weren’t a Liberal Arts major in college. If you had been, you’d berate yourself in the mirror each morning for your brown fur privilege.

  16. Bourbon sez what?

  17. “and things on which we Pitch A Tent And Dwell”

    Oh. That’s not about looking at boobs at all. I thought it was about looking at boobs for a second there.

  18. Nothing hellish about looking at boobs.

    Well, I suppose it depends on the boobs. But on general principle…

  19. Beware. When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you. And when you look at Chris Matthews’ boobs they look also into thee… and then sometimes they get confused and think you are a waiter, so they order another Whiskey Sour with soda, a Young White Russian, and a Suffering Bastard (cannibalism?), and youuu getcher’self somethin’ too sweetie. Alright? Then they tell you to put it on the MSNBC expenses card. Then they don’t look at you anymore because they feel a tingle coming on.

  20. True!(TM) story.

  21. RE: Guys And Boobs.

    Ron White: I got in last night, and some guys wanted to take me to a topless bar. I didn’t want to go, but I ended up going, cause you guys will back me up on this, you’ve seen one woman nekid… you wanna see the rest of them nekid! It can be an old biker chick, you know, they’re gonna hang down to here. ‘Wanna see me nekid?’ Yeah…….I do!

    [Waits a few seconds]

    Ron White: All right, roll ’em back up now! I’ve seen enough.

  22. And then he pantomimes the roll-up procedure…

  23. white bears get on magazine covers with Leonardo Dicaprio.

  24. Thank your stars, then berate yourself.

    What about those wannabe bears? The koalas? They’re marsupials and they’re passin’, man.

  25. or Pandas, the bears from Cheron.

  26. Pandas are trying to have it both ways. Kind of like Obama.