June 22, 2013

“IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens — All at the SAME Address” [Darleen Click]


The IRS sent more than $46 million in tax refunds to 23,994 “unauthorized” alien workers who all listed the same address in Atlanta, Ga., in 2011, according to an audit report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

However, the Atlanta address that received millions of dollars in refunds was not the only address apparently housing thousands of “unauthorized” aliens. In fact, it wasn’t even the only address in Atlanta that was claiming such a situation.

The TIGTA audit report, published last year at the request of members of Congress, revealed 10 addresses in the U.S. that were issued anywhere from 1,846 to 23,994 tax refunds each. Four of those 10 addresses were located in Atlanta.

COME ON, now! You can’t really blame the IRS!! They had other pressing priorities, like harassing TEA Party groups with $2,000 budgets.

And I’m sure there is a good, thoughtful explanation why the FBI just hasn’t gotten around to contacting any of the TEA Party whacko birds, raaaaacists, homophobes, American Taliban victims … I mean they’ve assigned top men to investigate.


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  1. I’ve said this before: They, (mejicanos), hate your guts and think you, (the U.S.), is weak. They are lousy citizens in their own country, magnitudes worse in yours.

  2. order of magnitude worse

  3. Use the mejicano solucione; immediate deportation or “disappearing”. Functionally productive for them.

  4. Earned income tax credit allows foreign workers to claim tax credit for children not only not their biological children, but also not residents of the U.S.

  5. Immigrants should be expected to assimilate to this Republic’s – USA’s dominate culture, language, and values. Those three elements are at the core of any nation’s identity. We’ve lost, or are losing, those elements and not only to illegal immigration but to political (ideological?) stratification. We are no longer a strong, undivided nation because of it; give the controlling power structure a couple more severe economic shocks and divisions on those fault lines will rend us all.

  6. Gee, you’d think that the IRS system would be set up to flag potential fraud like almost 24,000 returns listing the same address. Any service provider, such as cell phone companies, would have noticed if an unusual number of subscribers (fewer than 24,000) had listed the same billing address.

  7. “USA’s dominate culture, language, and values.”

    Why? Blacks have done such a bang up job with that, that Latinos see no advantage of doing so.

  8. “IRS system would be set up to flag potential fraud”

    And yet DEA and local law enforcement can get search warrants on higher than normal electric usage. For the children.

  9. “should be expected to assimilate ”

    Many illegals have no intention of staying. Get what they can get and move on. They would be, (and often are), criminals in their home nations and a path to citizenship has always been open to them. They choose not to use it. How can you steal/rape/burn/murder if they authorities know who and where you are?

  10. Rehetorical question: What is the difference between the two sides of the border?

  11. If I were emperor, the laws regulating entry on our southern border would be effectively identical to those governing Mexico’s southern border.

  12. …and they’d be enforced. With money saved by not buying mansions and luxury cars for the college-age children of union presidents.

  13. Democrat voters helping out Democrat voters. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

    You bunch of stinking racists.

  14. “You bunch of stinking racists.”

    I bathe daily. So, I got that going for me.

  15. “You bunch of stinking racists.”

    Manojo de los racistas que apesta. Bone-up, Bones.

  16. Brazenly stolen from commenter Pillar of Fire at the link:

    06, 2012
    IRS says woman bragged about tax fraud on Facebook
    Aug. 8, 2012
    Aug. 12, 2012
    April 23, 2011
    Billions Lost in Tax-Refund Scam
    NBC: Obama IRS refunds ‘Illegals’ $4.2 billion for kids–in Mexico
    Identity theft on tax returns soars

  17. This has been going on for a long time.

  18. It appears from here that we are poised to allow a foreign invasion to our sovereign land, and we’ll shut up and like it.

  19. Manga de racistas apestosos, is how I’d put it.

  20. It appears from here that we are poised to allow a foreign invasion to our sovereign land, and we’ll shut up and like it.

    What’s with the future tense? It’s dicho y hecho.

    Also, I know some really decent Mexicans but alas, they’re not in the majority among illegals. Mexico has a terrible reputation among other Latinos of being foul-mouthed, dishonest, thieving sinvergüenzas.

    As I’ve said before, in Mexico gaming the system IS the system. There’s no reason for them to suddenly become straight-laced once they cross the border. Rule of law and other Enlightenment values are not taught nor lived in Latinoamérica. (Nor does the Catholic church teach moral values.)

    Latinos are certainly NOT the worst immigrants we could possibly have, and again, I know TONS of really decent ones, but it would be nice if we could select for the good ones and discourage the bad ones.

  21. “As I’ve said before, in Mexico gaming the system IS the system.”

    La Mordida it’s called.

  22. “Latinos are certainly NOT the worst immigrants we could possibly have”

    I am always amazed at what they will steal and the lengths they will go to do it. A man here broke in through the roof of a bakery to illegally steal his neighbor’s electricity, (more or less common here). He didn’t realise that the walk in ovens used 489 volt power. The news desribed his, when found, as a galleta quemada. A burned cookie.

  23. La Mordida is a feature not a bug and the system was devised to do what it does. Good if you have power, bad for everyone else.

  24. The news desribed his body,

  25. What’s with the future tense? It’s dicho y hecho.

    My mistake. You are correct, di.

  26. Let’s surrender to everyone. The Muslims and Mexicans can settle amongst themselves the distribution of what’s left of our former republic.

  27. La Mordida it’s called.

    Not just la mordida: all of the ways in which people operate outside the law: fake identities, forged papers, Knowing The Right People (personalismo), false claims, corrupt cops and officials.

    Kind of a “they lie, I lie” relationship to the gubmint bureaucracy. There’s no respect for rule of law because the legal/governmental structure isn’t worthy of respect.

    We’re on a bullet train to that end, and the engine and first half of cars are already there.

  28. “We’re on a bullet train to that end”

    the self proclaimed kenyan baracky make that train run on time

  29. “sinvergüenzas”

    That translates to “Senators,” for those of you keeping score at home.

  30. As I’ve said before, in Mexico gaming the system IS the system.

    “It’s like DeeCee vu all over again.”

    ~ Yogi Berra ~

  31. {16}Thus the power structure, through the agency of those who carry out the sanctions, those anonymous components of the system, will spew the greengrocer from its mouth. The system, through its alienating presence in people, will punish him for his rebellion. It must do so because the logic of its automatism and self-defense dictate it. The greengrocer has not committed a simple, individual offense, isolated in its own uniqueness, but something incomparably more serious. By breaking the rules of the game, he has disrupted the game as such. He has exposed it as a mere game. He has shattered the world of appearances, the fundamental pillar of the system. He has upset the power structure by tearing apart what holds it together. He has demonstrated that living a lie is living a lie. He has broken through the exalted facade of the system and exposed the real, base foundations of power. He has said that the emperor is naked. And because the emperor is in fact naked, something extremely dangerous has happened: by his action, the greengrocer has addressed the world. He has enabled everyone to peer behind the curtain. He has shown everyone that it is possible to live within the truth. Living within the lie can constitute the system only if it is universal. The principle must embrace and permeate everything. There are no terms whatsoever on which it can co-exist with living within the truth, and therefore everyone who steps out of line denies it in principle and threatens it in its entirety. . . .


  32. Leigh wrote: It appears from here that we are poised to allow a foreign invasion to our sovereign land, and we’ll shut up and like it.

    Have you ever read Jean Raspail’s The Camp Of The Saints?

    It is a fictional account of a quick invasion of The West, but the author has stated it would probably happen much slower…and he was right for Europe and here.

    Amazon has it for ten bucks.

  33. From Jean Raspail’s Introduction to the 1985 Edition:

    …Now that the relationship between the [Western and non-Western] forces has been diametrically reversed, and our ancient West – tragically now in a minority status on this earth – retreats behind its dismantled fortifications while it already loses the battles on its own soil, it begins to behold, in astonishment, the dull roar of the huge tide that threatens to engulf it. One must remember the saying on ancient solar calendars ‘It is later than you think…’…

  34. I haven’t, Bob. Thanks, I’ll put it in my cart.

    Say, someone here has a blog with that name. . . . ; )

  35. Someone obviously Leigh who is quite perceptive and somewhat wise – oh, and handsome in a Grover Cleveland meets Grizzly Adams kind of way.

  36. Insightful, too.

  37. Not to mention humble, therefore let’s not mention it.

  38. Okay, let’s not.