June 7, 2013

Satch’s Olympic wrestling camp begins today

So I’ll be gone for the next several days, helping out and doing some coaching.

The fundraiser hasn’t had any contributions since Tuesday or Wednesday, so just kind of ignore it.  I’ll remove the post later when I get a chance, but I really am on my way out the door.

In my absence, remember:  it’s who they are.  It’s what they do.

Don’t be surprised or even outraged.  Just beat their asses anyway you can.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:19am

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  1. Of course—

    for the present.

  2. Convenient timing for me, as I’m heading to the Boundary Waters for my spring wilderness therapy. At least, I used to think of it as therapy. These days, I’m more prone to consider it a rehearsal of sorts.

    Best of luck to Satchel!

  3. Before you go, please watch this interview with an NSA whistle-blower. The interview was taped by RT (Russia Today), but I’ve heard this same guy say the same stuff to Glenn Beck.

    It’s not about the metadata anymore: Big Brother is already watching you.

  4. Best of luck, Satch! Drive carefully, Jeff and give us a full report and pictures.

  5. I kind of feel like busting some heads.

    And if you feel that way too, I suggest you purchase a CrankyCudgel™ and get to it. Progressive skulls won’t crush themselves.

  6. Out the door ourselves …. flying to Portland, OR, as stepson graduates high school next Tuesday. He has accepted a full academic scholarship to University of Portland for the fall … (woohoo!)

    Good luck, boss! And I’m sure Satch is going to have a great time.

  7. Let’s hope that the Olympic and Wrestling relationship don’t go the way of Olympic Baseball and Softball.

  8. Everyone’s leaving!

    OK JHo and bh, it’s on you, don’t let us down!

  9. Good things, getting away and recharging at spring camps, graduations and vacays. These are the important things in life.

    But you never really get away. Especially if you own an OBamAPRISM phone (all cell phones are now Obama Phones). Or an ObaMAXBox.

    Even if you smash all your electronics, your refrigerator can watch you…


    The meek Amish shall should inherit the Earth.

  10. I bribed my phone with a spiffy holster. Now it shows me the reports before sending them to the NSA.

  11. I’m going to cut to the chase and forward all my spam to the NSA.

  12. We should all just copy the head of the NSA on every email. It would save them some time.

  13. That’s a great idea, cranky.

    cc: NSA

  14. HA!! Yup, it would be a great idea. Just wasting our time though, as they’ve pulled it up as we type ( GOD I’m screwed)

    As much as I dislike the wrestling, I wish Satch the best!!

  15. serr8d? It gets worse. I can’t find the link right now. Xbox is far far worse.

  16. Horsey run.

    Horsey won.

  17. I keep the battery out of my pone when not using it. It keeps it from downloading the free app of the week from Amazon and killing my battery with other dumb stuff like that. Sure I could figure out my settings and deal with it that way, but screw that. And yeah, I use it mainly for a poor man’s navigator on road trips and a means of calling for emergency help. I gave no one my phone number and yet I still get messages and texts, all of them shit.

    And yeah the PS4 and Xbox One (the new game/entertainemt consoles coming out this fall) are both disturbingly camera and social media oriented. I guess maybe the WIi U is too but I never really looked into it.

  18. The last game console I owned came from Radio Shack and was for playing Pong.

  19. Best of luck to Satchel, you must be very proud.

    Enjoy the Boundary Water squid.

    I’ve taken a picture of my hand with one finger extended and with a little tape and bent paper clips positioned a copy of it one inch from all the cameras attached to my PCs.

  20. Even if you smash all your electronics, your refrigerator can watch you…

    Maybe one day. But right now, it’s your electric “smart meter” you’ve got to worry about. And your smart TV. And your smartphone. And your car.

    Brad Thor’s Black List, while a work of fiction, is filled with far too many facts concerning the current state of Total Surveillance™.