May 18, 2013

Obama demonstrates the proper role of Marines in his administration … [Darleen Click]


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  1. What, do you want him to melt?

  2. food stamp and his bitch need to go the fuck away

    it’s not remotely cute anymore

  3. – Maybe Monday would be a good day for a new scandal.

  4. Even Queen Elizabeth carries her own umbrella, Barry.

  5. Maybe Monday would be a good day for a new scandal.

    Run faster little mice, you now only have 1 hour per week to devote to defending each scandal.

  6. – “Into nonsense: 4 Ways the New Star Trek shills for surrender in the War on Terror. (Commiewood at its finest.)

  7. Got to know your limitations.

  8. I’ve been reading a lot of espionage thrillers lately. They’ve all been written in the last three years or so and the prevailing themes are all a version of “They’re all lying to you”. They being either: the military, the CIA and FBI, elected officials, foreign nationals, scientists who are using us for unethical experiments and the like.

    It sounds a lot like real life.

  9. lol

  10. – Idiot links for sale….10 cents a pail.

  11. because marine corps are just like all the others.

    did you know that dalekhunter means hickenlooper in proggtardia?

  12. – Just keep firing. You know you’re over the target when the trolls start vibrating.

  13. it’s a ridiculous argument. the marine corp are just like all the others, and just like all the others they serve at the behest of their commander and chief

    …and they hold the president’s umbrella. just like every other president ever who needed an umbrella held for him. you can have a hard on for the marines all you like but sadly a grunt is a grunt is an umbrella stand – just like he’s always been

  14. how exactly is the picture posted different from any of the others i linked to?

  15. “how exactly is the picture posted different from any of the others i linked to?”

    you proggtards are so stupid you have to outsource holding an umbrella

  16. – I’d really like to see you have the equal opportunity to be on your knee’s DK, with a Jihadist pointing a 9mm at your head. Ask any real American Marine in the area to defend your life, and then watch your face as he says…”Sorry, I’m just an umbrella stand.”

  17. ” the marine corp are just like all the others”

    stereotype much mr bigot

  18. – You don’t refuse to defend your country because “we’re no better than they are”. You refuse because you’re gutless cowards.

  19. Michael Rubin: As Obama Fetes Erdo?an, Turkey Seizes Opposition Press

    Now there’s a man with moxy, says his good friend Obazm.

  20. thugs of the baracky world unite

  21. I’d really appreciate it if The Wan were never referred to as the CiC again. Ever.

    Commanders do not tell their troops to stand and let others die when there is ample time and actionable intelligence ON THE GROUND IN REAL TIME to get strategic personnel out of there. Not only that, they don’t go full pussy and try to blame it on someone else or something as stupid as an internet video that no one has ever seen or heard of.

    Fuck him.

  22. Mr. Khunter’s picture is from the clinton library dedication

    so clearly it would’ve been President Herpes what was responsible for turning a soldier into an umbrella stand not President Bush

    you can see here where they are in Mr. Khunter’s pictures

  23. ” the marine corp are just like all the others””

    At least you don’t call it the Marine “Corpse” like Braaack Obumblefuck.

    Notice how often the excuse “But Bush did it too” is used lately? I thought Bush was the Evilest Person in the History of the Universe.

  24. yea bush did gitmo like the baracky proggtards

  25. just a thought : the proggtards want to shot/kill/maim/harass me i’m feeling the same

  26. – The real 800 pound gorilla in the room for the Progs is something they run from like Vampires from sunlight. Bumblefuck has turned out to be an even worse cowboy than their demon Booooosh.

    – They don’t like to talk about that.

  27. I see Dalek is using Obumbles turn of phrase: Cammander AND Chief.

    It is Commander IN Chief, for future reference.

  28. – Is that true in all 57 states Leigh?

  29. Are the troops home yet, BBH? Gitmo closed? Does the press tell us that more than twice as many troops have been killed on O’s watch? And a terrorist attack on US soil is a pretty big deal.

    A glance at the headlines tells me The Wan is full of fail.

  30. I believe so, BBH.

  31. Dale Khunt

    Does my picture combo say anything that umbrella holding is unprecedented

    or does it show a President that by his combinations of actions, holds the military in contempt?

    (geez, got it spell it for the Markos butt sniffers)

  32. – He seems to have gone silent since I called him out as a rank coward Dar.

  33. and gomez is a progg lite, another big gov’t statist

  34. There is a rational order of things, some being prior in dignity and prior in importance to others.

    Take the Oath of Enlistment, for instance.

    *** I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. That I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. ***

    The Marines serve in support of and in defense of the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution, being prior in dignity and importance, confers powers on the office of the Executive, among which is the power to lawfully order action by the armed forces of the United States.

    The serving member of the Armed Forces has an expectation that the orders he acts upon will be in accord with the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.

    Nothing is said about the character or lack of character in the men he has been sworn to obey. They may be honorable men, or they may be knaves. It is the misfortune of the serving men and women today that in this instance they must be obedient to a knave.

  35. dalekhunter is like a hickenlooper in a swimming pool

  36. It would seem to me anyways that when the President travels to a foreign nation for a summit and reviews the ceremonial troops in their dress uniforms that those troops are not ones under his command but under the command of the leader of the host nation. Apples & Oranges.

  37. Far be it from me to agree (kinda) with a progg, but I also don’t understand the uproar over the umbrella thing. Beck’s peeps called the Marines and they said that the CiC is entitled to override protocol.

    OTOH, Darleen’s graphic is inspired on account of its being spot-on with the juxtaposition.

    (BTW, dalekhunter, “juxtaposition” is French for “pwnage.”)

    In other news, “Woman Who Lost All Limbs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria Gets $200K Bionic Arms.”

    Your argument is invalid.

  38. the CiC is entitled to override protocol.

    It’s pretty much a straightforward analog to his waving his hand to remove classification of state secrets when he wants to authorize John Brennan to leak some detail to the press that makes his administration look good. No one will gainsay.

  39. “CiC is entitled to override protocol.”

    attack institution/traditions at val jarrets’s will

  40. because baracky be to choom ganged to do it

  41. why can’t the secret service take a break from fucking third world whores and hold a goddamn umbrella

    useless thugs is useless

  42. I don’t know what’s sadder, that all uniforms look alike to the prissy little troll, or that two and a half hours passed before geoff showed up to call him on it.

  43. Far be it from me to agree (kinda) with a progg, but I also don’t understand the uproar over the umbrella thing. Beck’s peeps called the Marines and they said that the CiC is entitled to override protocol.

    It goes back to the Hildabeast’s proclivity for using uniformed members of the armed forces as household domestics.

  44. I just wonder what would have been said if GW Bush had used a Black Marine to hold an umbrella while GW spoke.

    Anyway, the President is a snide little man and if he overrode protocol, he was looking to make a point.

  45. Just ask Buzz Aldrin how his little photo op trip aboard Air Force One went.


  46. While dk is wrong even about that which he regurgitates from his betters, he doesn’t seem to be making much of an attempt to defend the Obama administration regarding any of the actual complaints.

    It’s almost like he knows it’s a lost cause to defend the integrity of this administration.


  47. bh, dk’s default “mindset” is “Bush did it too.” Never mind if it was wrong to begin with, Bush did it, therefore, Obama is justified in doing the same thing.

    dk is an idiot working hard to qualify as a moron.

  48. A man of such dignity and class, use a fellow human being as he would a mere prop? Impossible. Obazm the charmer?


    *** “I’m taking my charm offensive on the road. A Texas barbeque with (U.S. Sen.) Ted Cruz (R-TX), a Kentucky bluegrass concert with (U.S. Sen.) Rand Paul (R-KY), and a book burning with Michele Bachmann.” ***

    And this he deems joke worthy? Let’s say instead the man is filth and scum of the lowest sort, unfit to be joke worthy.

  49. It’s morbidly entertaining to see the order and manner in which people peel away from Obama.

    They’ll always support him in some way or another but their new and novel caveats are beginning to crack me up on a more and more regular basis.

  50. It has to be hard when your love for someone is defined by your hatred of a cartoon version of a 100 million other people.

  51. here is the new singing by miss kacey musgraves she makes me want a cigarette

    she’s naughty

  52. Would that be considered trashy pop music or new (soulless) country?

  53. The word that comes to mind here is bathos.

  54. Wherein one K. Musgrave juxtaposes the high story telling tradition of old country with low “new (soulless) country”.


  55. you need to hear the first cut she released from the new album she’s the real deal I love her more than beans

    she writes her own stuff

  56. I always think of this song when I think of new country. It’s both a valid critique and a worthy example of a possible alternative.

  57. that’s from 1975

  58. Ehhh, it’s “new” in the same way that “modern” in artistic movements often means the turn of the previous century or how rock n’ roll was middle aged by the time I was watching men with weird haircuts play pop songs on synths.

  59. well a lot has changed since 1975

    there’s like a ton of examples

  60. What Ms. Musgrave is doing isn’t really country in a way I’d categorize such things. It’s just twangy pop.

    Jennings was offering a different path back when it mattered, back when there was an actual tradition to maintain. If things had gone that way, I’d maybe listen to it.

  61. nothing wrong with twangy pop i like pop music and they’re always making more of it

  62. She sounds like Hayden Panetiere on that Nashville show to me. It’s not country music to my way of thinking. Then again, I sometimes see TV commercials for Christian rock compilations and the songs don’t sound all that Jesusy either. It seems to me that all we have these days is various artificial sweeteners for crappy pop music, and everything else is branding.

  63. Pop music I occasionally like. Quite often, really. Twangy faux-country pop has that element of bathos I mentioned earlier that I just don’t grok.

    Imagine that Danger Mouse had put out the Grey Album but instead of being playful and tongue in cheek he actually hired a Jay-Z look alike and then made him get a Beatles haircut and period clothing so he could play live gigs.

    That’s what twangy pop is.

  64. here is something very old school I added to my cloud this week it’s from the 80s I think

    it’s a melancholy lil song

  65. i don’t have these same ideas about proper country and improper country

    i like some of each but not all of one or the other

    and this year I can’t get through my week without my florida georgia line cd

  66. i like hayden’s new stuff but this was when i first heard her and I was less than favorably impressed I remember

    but that’s cause it’s pretty much a godawful song

  67. I like a lot of country-influenced bands, they’re just not usually pop as I think it takes more musical sophistication than your average pop band can muster.
    This band- – was supposedly a country band in Texas before they moved to Brooklyn and adopted a different sound. They’d have been huge in the 90’s, but kids today like gay and twee music, so maybe they won’t be as big now as the would have been.

  68. That Waterloo song is pretty crafty really. Don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.

    There are those synths in that era (like in Mann’s Manhunter) that I still find jarring. Add a standard base beat like with The Cars and I do actually like it but otherwise I have to try and enjoy it like picking off the green peppers from a pizza.

  69. (I’m italicizing band names now apparently. Don’t ask me why.)

  70. ok i put the Parquet people in my cloud

    they’re not very melodic so far

  71. the whole cd is very good Mr. bh but from that era you might like roddy piper he didn’t have any synths really

    he was a wee small boy genius though and on something of a budget

    he still tours but you have to be very alert

  72. Category-wise, I could see that song being alt-country pretty easily, Abe.

    The two male lead vocals singing in different times and keys reminds me of punk even.

  73. why did i say piper it’s cause it’s sleepy time

    that would be mr. frame actually

  74. I think these Parquet people have a penchant for smoking the marijuana cigarettes

    still not even a hint of a melody

  75. Oh, I have a music rec for you, Abe.

    Holy Rollers on Dischord Records. Here’s one.

  76. Hot damn, there’s another one on youtube. Here.

    Back in the long, long ago time you had to order the compact disc by physical mail after your old copy got scratched and couldn’t be read in a laser reader.

  77. I like them. And it’s nice to get a rec for a band that has youtubes with about as many views as the ones I listen to usually have. There are lots of good bands still out there, but the kids these days have happyfeet musical taste, so you have to work to find anything that isn’t full on beta male shiz.

  78. gay and twee is the fucking shit man

  79. Music to eat cupcakes to, eh?

  80. I’m almost done with the Parquet people so far the one you linked is the best track… it’s atmospheric

    the rest not so much but “stoned and starving” is a fully-realized song

    most of these tracks are just snippets/song ideas

  81. your premise about country influences is sorta not really borne out

    this is plain old distorty punkety punk punk

    it’s just they’re not angry guys not even a little

  82. i’d put them kinda next to cake, but they have to promise to work more harder on their lyrics

  83. You’re talking pop, hf. There’s a whole universe of other music out there that doesn’t play by your rules, man. That’s why peoples don’t eat the cupcakes to it.

  84. part of the problem I think is I haven’t had a commute in well over a decade

    I get two maybe three songs each way

  85. Yeah, the lack of commute doesn’t help. Neither does not having an office what has a plush sofa, dartboard and a lack of accountability during the day.

  86. i look at that and for all the world it looks like what would happen if aaron sorkin reimagined mary poppins

  87. If I could read minds, I’d swear that occifer had the look of full-blown contempt on his face. Like he can see right into Baracky’s hollow soul.

  88. it’s hard to take either of them seriously

    what a goddamn ridiculous situation

  89. Used to be a commenter or two here at pw (circa 2007-8) who served for a time stationed at the Marine Barracks at 8th and I st., and might even have caught such a ceremonial duty back then. Big D was one, unless I misremember.

    The photo does depict a stark disproportion of authority, the one touching and the other being touched. So there’s this fellow under command wondering as he is being physically manipulated “uh oh, have I done something wrong here? Why am I being moved this way, by the Commander-in-Chief no less? Hope I don’t screw this up . . . wonder where he’ll touch me next that I can do nothing but accept? ” and the other, sitting cloaked in authority, thinks nothing of it.

    Sexual harassment? You [Free-floating meaning will] be the judge, says the Dept of Education.

  90. I’m so late to the conversation that it’s over, but what passes for country these days is often close to being rock and roll in a major key with a pedal steel guitar. Country is more than what instruments you play and what keys you play in; the subject matter, and how it is handled, is part of the equation.

    I agree that Musgrave is just twangy pop. NTTAWWT.

  91. This is the best country album ever made and what all other country music should be measured by.

  92. Now I have to re-play Fallout: New Vegas because of that rec., Lee. NTTAWWT.

  93. This is the best country album ever made and what all other country music should be measured by.

    This one busts me up, but you could persuade me Luxury Liner deserves the accolade on account of Albert Lee’s/James Burton’s picking.

  94. SW, I’ll add these to yours as I can’t make up my mind. I do wish that Gram Parsons hadn’t died so young though so that they could have had more songs together.

    I love to listen to some voices, Emmylou is one.

    I also hope that without preview that I didn’t mess up the HTML.

  95. geoff, I could listen to her reading the phone book. It’s hard to pick a best one.

  96. Give Salli Terri a listen for to hear another beautiful voice.

  97. Martina McBride. It doesn’t get better than that.

  98. See there, I present gunfighter ballads, and get noth’in but women in response. That’s just sad, and I’m disappointed in y’all.

    If’in yer going to trot out the womans, at least include moonbeams fav, ya freakin metros.

    Tracks Of My Tears indeed…

  99. Okay, Linda Ronstadt is way up there too.

    However, for country, give me Johnnie Cash and call it a day.

  100. Ballades

  101. I like Junior Brown, and that’s about it for country. It’s hard to find jaw-dropping guitar precision in most popular music, country included.

  102. Marty, Hank, Johnny, Buck.

    I can’t decide.

    Merle, maybe?

  103. Hank


  104. hf’s latest boycrush has a vocal range of maybe an octave. she’s just a bit better in the voice than e.g. natalie imbruglia, and almost as easy on the eyes.

    Meanwhile, The Wreckers could each one kick her ass, vocallyspeaking, and not even bother to take names.

  105. space. teh final frontier.

    here’s a whole lot of em

    Use only as directed.

  106. plus they are also kind of hot i think

    i might even consider eating a cupcake

  107. don’t make me go all mary chapin carpenter on your asses

    cuz i will

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