April 29, 2013

“Southern Poverty Law Center tied to domestic terrorism”

Wait, so you mean the leftwing advocacy group responsible for labeling as potential domestic terrorists everyone refusing to adopt their ideology is itself spawning domestic terrorists — mostly by reinforcing the cartoonish outrage it helps gin up against the villainous right wingers who doggedly refuse to engage in acts of domestic terrorism, just as they doggedly refuse to march to the SPLC’s intellectual tune?

Astounding! And so very very unpredictable, to boot!

Why, that constant state of foreboding — and all that latent hate the right possesses and just holds over the head of society like some redneck Buck knife of Damacles– is enough to make a fella just outraged enough to do something. To stem the foreboding and stop the hate!

Provided that fella is a self-righteous leftist of the kind to which the SPLC holds any intellectual cachet, that is.

I’d point out the irony but really, why bother?

If it isn’t already obvious to those who spend their pitiful lives projecting their own bigotries onto others, even as those bigotries are artificially trumpeted as justifiable indignation by enablers like the SPLC, how am I going to drive the point home?

— Without, you know, goading one of these self-righteous morons into taking a shot at me for my choice of chicken sandwich, I mean?

Which, pass.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:52pm

Comments (7)

  1. Have you ever noticed how this stirred up hate against conservatives or people who just won’t get with the big leftist agenda, looks an awful lot like the same hate stirred up against bosses, the man, judenhass, US 1920’s ‘darky is corruptin’ us’ paranoia, late 100’s dislike of eastern europeans trying to make it in the UK, yellow peril stuff etc. ?

    The basic format: ‘Those people over there want to tear down all we’ve built, and rob us of all we deserve, and take food out of the mouths of our children! They laugh at us, they whisper against us, and they are plotting to slit our throats in the night while we sleep! Are you good people going to stand for that? “

  2. late 100?s dislike -> late 1800’s dislike

  3. It’s all paranoid. “We’re perfect and the only reason this world sucks so bad is because THEY mess it up. They make the dogs shit on your lawn. They make it rain over there but not over here so your lawn looks like crap. They make your lottery numbers nose. They make your old dog fart. They put crack in your driveway and made the air conditioner in your car run out of coolant just as summer is coming on. Hell, THEY made the summer hot just because THEY want us to sweat so much. You going to let this go on or are you going to do something about it? ” Then the grievance legions queue up to make everything sound like society committing hateful willful sabotage against them. War on women, etc.

  4. Also, that Mark Potok guy they always trot out on TV looks like somebody begging for a bitchslap.

  5. He looks like Garrison Keillor. Another guy desperately in need of a bitch-slapping.

  6. The worst thing about SPLC is that it’s a financial con. It pulls in millions from self-righteous liberals everywhere with its constant campaigns.