April 29, 2013

Reacting to some of the postings offered in my absence.

1.  On the State Department blocking lawyers from representing Benghazi whistle blowers:  two possible ways to go on this one.  First, the old standard:  most transparent administration EVAH!  — though that’s getting tired, I think.  So second, Darleen had it exactly right:  what difference does it make at this point?

Honestly.  Is anyone surprised?  Do we expect there to be some sort of furious media-led backlash?  Do we expect Kerry or Clinton to be compelled to answer questions?  Of course not.  And that’s because we have a House Speaker who has all the fight of a Quaker’s vagina, and a media that, for all intents and purposes doesn’t even pretend to be anything other than a perfunctory extension of the establishment ruling class, acting both as its mouthpiece and its intellectual bodyguards.

2.  On the UConn Husky’s new logo:  having never been successfully mounted nor penetrated by a cartoon dog (or any dog for that matter) — either with my consent or because I was wearing too much makeup and my skirt too short — I can’t really pretend to understand how threatening a cartoon dog / sports team logo can be.  Perhaps I’m suffering from false consciousness, who knows.  Likely so. Meaning I have no desire to diminish the very real fears self-described feminists experience when they are unfairly and frighteningly confronted by cartoon dogs presented in non-cuddly (and dare I say, non-feminized) ways.

Again, I’ve never been fucked by a cartoon dog, so I lack authenticity in this matter.  And I can’t begin to pretend that I in any way am capable of speaking for those who possess that authenticity.

The best I can do is point to a dream I once had in which me and this chick Daphne got it on Kama Sutra-style in the back of some van while Scooby and Shaggy, both of them stoned out of their minds, as it happened, watched us pull off a downward dog.    And feasted on unnaturally large sandwiches.

3. On the military’s blocking (or not?) of the Southern Baptist website:  I can’t help but think I should tie this to the sexualized/violent dog imagery the University of Connecticut has unleashed on a fallen world, raising the specter of roaming packs of predatory, bestial terrors whose cultural divorce from morality leaves them threatening to ravage mostly unattractive 20-year-olds in Lisa Loeb glasses. But as I say, all I see is a cartoon dog.  So.

I’m gonna leave that one alone — at least until I re-read some Naomi Wolf.

4.  Landing gear from a 911-downed plane lodged between a mosque site and some westernized site, creating a violent, twisted barrier between the two that it’s taken years to recognize and that will have to be removed with force?  Well, that one just writes itself, doesn’t it?

5.  And this one, which I mentioned on Twitter (h/t geoff b):  “Senators quietly seeking new path on gun control.”

They are all in, and what they are doing now is gauging just who they have to sacrifice to institutionalize what they need institutionalized in order to speed along fundamental transformation.  You can’t and won’t stop them.  We know who and what these people are.  The rest is just arguing over price.

6.  Finally, for those of you who mistakenly believe I’ve lost my touch, I offer you this:  what do you get when you cross a progressive with a Pole?

A person who needs five other people to help change a light bulb.  But only after they’ve been unionized.  And overpaid for the light bulb with someone else’s money.  For which they’ll receive the Hispanic vote.  Racists.


7.  By the way, I got one of those Molon Labe shirts from Those Shirts (advertised on the right side bar) and it’s awesome.  I recommend you all pick one up and wear it to pick your kids up from school.  Like me!


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  1. I used to think the background checks we have in place now were okay. I now believe that they are all an infringement and therefore unconstitutional.

    Then again, our government treating us all as if we are guilty until proven innocent is Transformative, so there’s that.

  2. I just want to know who clogged my drains over the weekend.

    OK, I know who it was: it was my neighbors’ new poplar trees whose roots are invading my sewer line mid-street, such that I can’t tell that a clog is forming until it gets really bad, because I can take a whole shower before the pipes fill up, and then by the time I take another, the water has seeped through.

    So I get this copper sulfate and flush it down incrementally: after 10 flushes there’s no more room in the pipes, and the water doesn’t recede more than maybe a quart, judging from the backup.

    Some of it backing into the shower, and I’m informed that I don’t want to step into the water that’s blue with copper sulfate crystals.

    The result being that I had to perfume it up something awful just to enter the church on Sunday, then this morning I showered at work.

    Yay me.


  3. No, seriously, that previous post was a metaphor for something.


  4. A curvy chick in a t-shirt that says “Come and take them”…

    I’m sorry, what was the question?

  5. Oh yeah — the question was, how can an item of apparel mean something entirely different depending on the sex of the wearer.

    Of course, a baby-doll nightie qualifies too…

  6. ” Scribe of Slog (McGehee) says April 29, 2013 at 10:10 am
    A curvy chick in a t-shirt that says “Come and take them”…
    I’m sorry, what was the question?”

    I’m feeling lazy but if they come and take my face I’ll promise to say “Vae Victus”.

  7. #roto-rooter

    rip off

  8. Does it shout “This is Sparta!” on the back?

    I don’t think I want a t-shirt that doesn’t shout something.

  9. It suffices me to wear those undershirts that shout “wife beater” without the need for lettering. They’re just comfortable.

  10. “Senators quietly seeking new path on gun control.”

    Shocking news: Democrats in Ohio do not like Sen. Portman; Democrats in Arizona do not like Sen. Flake; Democrats in Alaska do not like Sen. Murkowski, nor her colleague Sen. Begich; Democrats in Nevada do not like Sen. Heller! Stunning, isn’t it?

  11. Jeff wrote:

    he best I can do is point to a dream I once had in which me and this chick Daphne got it on Kama Sutra-style in the back of some van while Scooby and Shaggy, both of them stoned out of their minds, as it happened, watched us pull off a downward dog. And feasted on unnaturally large sandwiches.

    Was it a Chevy Van?

    ‘Cause that’s all right with me.

    [Next Up: Gallery references!]

  12. I try to pair my Molon Labe t-shirt with my Battle of Gonzalez hat at every opportunity. Guaranteed conversation starter, or at least ensures I receive numerous odd looks.

    Which starts me thinking – unfortunately Texas is doomed to the same path California is already on. it’s really only a matter of time, and the move to further dilute citizenship and flood the Southwest with millions of undocumented Democrats will just speed things up a tad. the question is how long until it reaches the tipping point – twenty years? ten years? five? I tend to think TX has already passed the tipping point and now we are waiting for the first undeniable symptoms to start showing.

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  14. I like that hat, mongo, but I doubt it would fit my ginormous head. The only standard production cap I’ve had that fits is the NRA hat.

  15. “Does it shout “This is Sparta!” on the back?”

    Leonidas kicked the Persian envoy into the Lakedaimon public cistern AFTER he asked for an offering of Earth and Water. What’s the problem? Dude got what he came for.

  16. Bad link, sorry. Hope this works

  17. Fox News seems to have reached the editorial decision to go all in on the Benghazi story, both in regards to the lies Sec. State Kerry told Congress just a couple of weeks ago asserting his intention to cooperate with the committee of responsibility, as well as Fox enters the early process of interviewing individuals intimately knowledgeable as to the circumstances surrounding the attack, both 1) on the ground in Benghazi and 2) as to the disposition of reactionary forces available to commanders proximate to Libya, i.e. proximate enough to have been capable of rushing to the aid of those forces on the ground in Benghazi.

    The evident seriousness with which Fox intoned their story tonight was noteworthy in contrast to their efforts heretofore. This looks ominous, is what they intend we see.

  18. The copper sulfate will kill ’em, but not dissolve ’em. The problem is that you still have the dead roots in the line, and they’ll either need to be rooted out or decompose on their own (which will take a while).

    I’d recommend repeating the copper sulfate now and then once you get the line cleared.

  19. The Right Scoop carries the cut from Fox.

  20. Fucked? No. But I did once get fucked up by Hong Kong Phooey. ‘Course we had been drinking a bit and I was overdoing the Groundskeeper Willy bit from the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors so I probably deserved it.

    Punches like a bitch, but damn, can he kick.

  21. Little-known fact: McGruff doesn’t actually have anything on under that trench coat but a couple of cut-off pant legs duct-taped to his thighs.

  22. ” No. But I did once get fucked up by Hong Kong Phooey.”

    Did they get Scatman Caruthers to do the voice over ?

  23. On gun control the Democrats plan not new. Go on a friendly media, friendly audience, and lie. Lie about your opposition, lie about what you will do, have done, are doing. Lie about what the effects will be of what you are proposing. Lie about what you are proposing.

    Liars lie it’s their SOP and in their DNA.

  24. Is “Shelter-in-place” the new term for “martial law?”

  25. So Maloney is lying but also stating a Democrat wish:

    Several Democrats in Congress have pushed to close the so-called “terror loophole” — a gap in the current gun background check system that allows people on a terror watchlist to legally purchase guns in the United States because it does not raise red flags in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

    Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) asked Attorney General Eric Holder about the issue at an oversight hearing earlier this month.

    “It’s always shocking to me that those on the terrorist watch list did not raise a flag in the NICS system,” said Lowey. “There are mistakes on the terrorist watch list, but if they’re being stopped and held up for an hour or so because you’re on a terrorist watch list then you can go off and just buy a gun?”

    Holder said he shared Lowey’s concerns and said he was in the process of reviewing — at the request of President Obama — the categories of people included in the government’s database. He said there are some in law enforcement who do not support linking the NICS database with the terror watch list.

    As Insty puts it:

    [T]hey’re really pushing to have a constitutional right blocked by your placement on a secret list put together by unaccountable bureaucrats with no due process. Just to be clear what they’re really talking about.

  26. Wow. I’ll never watch Scooby Doo again. Well, at least not without needing a cigarette afterwards.