April 26, 2013

Transcendental irony [Darleen Click]

New York News | NYC Breaking News


Part of landing gear apparently from one of the jetliners that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, has been found wedged between two buildings, one of them a mosque site, in Lower Manhattan, the NYPD said Friday.

The debris is stuck between the back of 51 Park Place and the rear of 50 Murray Street, according to Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

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  1. but what does it mean

  2. Who knows? It could mean the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was very carefully sited, among other things.

  3. “but what does it mean”

    the newtonian physics still works

  4. suzanne vega should write a song I think

  5. It could mean the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was very carefully sited, among other things.


    They’re serious about such things. We’re not. We’ll debate things in our own terms without ever taking their terms into account.

  6. A recognizable pattern in human affairs from the large to the small is testing those you think are soft. You think a guy/nation is a mouthy punk so you needle him a little. Maybe bump into him intentionally.

    From their reaction you learn what you can and can’t do without consequence.

    Our reaction? We’ve been inviting more of the same.

  7. While I’ll enjoy seeing how 9/11 Truthers deal with this inconvenient bit of evidence, it may as well be a trophy for the terrorists.

  8. it may as well be a trophy for the terrorists.

    They have another trophy behind glass in Mecca.

    Wonder what planet had to blow up to provide that ?

  9. “A” mosque site? There’s more than one there? How many mosques do they need near Ground Zero? One would assume their triumphalism would be sated with the one giant “cultural center”, but no….

  10. It’d be a real shame if something really bad happened to that mosque. Something like a unmanned plane smashing into during prayers.

  11. – Now that’s cold Leigh. (I think I love you.)

    – I answered your earlier inquiry on the bh thread. I had to leave before I saw it this afternoon.

  12. Reuters NS, 5/26/13, New York, NY; “Scientists at the National Health Institute confirmed today that the only known examples of a pair of Mayor Bloomburgs brain cells were located under a Dipsy dumpster in Queens. After much research investigators agree they were never actually alive.”….In Foreign news General Issimo Franco is still dead…..

  13. Chryon smack dab on top of ground zero. That’s perfect. You end up asking yourself, “Why am I trying to make out what the arrow is pointing at when they’ve bothered to cover up the precise spot they’re pointing out?” Yes, I can look at it elsewhere.

    That whole ‘look at this!” — not. Just flat pisses me off. And I’m turning into a real crackpot about it too. I get angry when I’m linked to a page that is precovered with an invitation to subscribe or to look at something else, or “on next page,” anything that interferes. I click away with anger toward the person who linked. So often Drudge, and lesser Instapundit, but others besides.

  14. don’t click away with anger Mr. bour3 between you and me I’m pretty sure sally can wait