April 25, 2013

An omnibus recommendations thread! [bh]

Having been given a hyper-violent and threatening order to keep the blog both “up” and “current” it seems wise to comply.

So… y’all see any good movies lately? Read any interesting books? Got any recipes for using up that left over ricotta in the fridge? Insane fighting styles? Pick-up lines? Cocktails that use Aperol? Fuel additives? Uhhh… shovels, maybe, any new and exciting shovel modifications out there?

Look, I don’t know what you goofballs are into. Let’s get into it.

Update: Also, draft talk. Get your draft talk on. Hey, is there a particular sport with the best drafting system that you’d recommend?

Update: Forgot to mention it but this is also a delurker thread. Yes, yes it is. So, say hi to the nice folks. Meet the neighbors, I think you’ll find that they like pie, too!

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  1. i recommend noosa yogurt it comes from australia you should try it

  2. i added a singer 457 to my collection. 3o bucks but has a mashed up vertical gear.

  3. The natural draft head can therefore be expressed as

    dpmmH2O = (?o – ?r) h

  4. oh rho is me

  5. you collect sewing machines there’s this guy on Lankershim what has a collection of old dusty ones for sale

  6. I recommend those silicone baking sheets. Got a pair of these finally. Work great and are half the price of the Silpat ones.

  7. How did the inspection go at the restaurant?

  8. It went very well for the local contractor community, leigh. For me? Meh-ish.

    It’s okay. I put in some more pessimistic numbers into my budget beforehand so I’ll be fine.

  9. Recommend against Josh Stinson — yeah, we learned he’s a fly-ball pitcher . . . only problem bein’ the fly balls up in the seats. gah. Whose bright idea was that again?

  10. here’s the sewing machine man his name is Larry

  11. Recommend Nicky Backstrom give Ovie the puck again. More, always more.

  12. Moar reks plz.

  13. best place to see me as a blond the next two weekends… Garland Civic Theatre.

  14. It’s always best to over-estimate costs for these kinds of endeavors. Decorators will try to thwart your will, so watch out for them trying to pick your pockets. I love kitchen stuff and it sounds like you do too, so beware of pricey Wolfe brand stoves and top of the line sauté pans. Kitchen supply is your new best friend!

  15. Gotta recommend Guinness for everyone. It’s to health. And smoove.

  16. Recommend always carrying a tube of silicone dielectric grease.

  17. Draft? Nah, volunteer professional fighting force is best. But, if ya gotta do it, no exemptions. Not even 4F. Everyone can do something. Including the wimmen folks. And teh Gheys.

  18. Things I recommend –

    TaylorMade RocketBallz 3-wood
    Bates Motel
    English Pea risotto

  19. tabby cats

  20. I don’t post comments often but I lurk a lot.

    I look up to you guys. I think all of you are older and know all of you are wiser than I am. I’m 33 years old, married and churchgoing and kid-raising, and in love with the Constitution and the American experiment, and dangerously close to the sin of despair when I think about what my kids are going to inherit. Few people I know in the flesh have the same concerns I have (with the notable exception of my husband, thank the Lord he can see it too) so it is reassuring in a depressing way to hang out here and see that if things look bleak, at least there are others who see the bleakness too.

    That is all.

    Oh, except for the fact that my husband, surprisingly, received a modest bonus at work this year, and he’s going to spend it on an AR-15 to add to his collection, assuming one of these days he can actually find one available, that is. Ha ha gungrabbers!

  21. High praise for the ESPN Home Run Tracker, it’s good for the details whatcha wanna see.

  22. OK, if you happen to like pancakes, try these Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes (note: better with blueberries): http://tinyurl.com/c9jw8vx

    Simple pleasures.

  23. So, in other words, I recommend Protein Wisdom.

    And Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.

  24. The ESPN NFL Draft Tracker, however, has Tourette’s or personality dissociative disorder or something….

  25. Good times.

    Hey, Maggie, what part are you playing?

  26. Oh, and quinoa.
    And Newton Distance running shoes.

  27. Also, Ruby, glad to have you around. Please comment more. Everyone else around here might be all wise and stuff but at least once a day I do something to prove I’m not.

  28. Loretta and Billie Fine. yes, I’m so awesome I got two parts.

  29. Hey to Maggie and RTO! Haven’t heard from you guys in awhile.

    I been reading some John Sandford, among others.

    Our drummer came down from MN so we had a band reunion show the other weekend, will link the audio when it comes up.

    Business is picking up enough that we not only got our pay cuts back but finally got a little raise, so will be once again be able to kick some bucks JG’s way finally.

    Can’t recommend any music or movies, what little new stuff I have been exposed to seems to pretty much suck all around.

  30. I am dummerer than a 2×4 on my best days.

  31. The Black Keys

  32. I just have nothing to say lately, beemoe. been reading a lot, nothing I would recommend though. unless you need trashy romance recs.

  33. you collect sewing machines

    i’m stopping @ 3 . i wanna try to make a better foot pedal.

  34. You should be able to find plenty of sewing machine parts, nr. The thrift stores in the ‘burgh are killer.

    I’ve also been reading a lot, too. Also nothing I can recommend unless you like murder mysteries.

  35. Oszkár Ökrös playing the Cymbalom. If one simply must hear the Cymbalom, he’s the man planet.

  36. I recommend this youtube channel. It’s funny and the brunette is bewitching.

  37. Book rec: The First American Republic, 1774-1789.

  38. unless you need trashy romance recs.

    Are there any murders, epic battles or grand adventures in between the romances?

    unless you like murder mysteries.

    Yes please.

  39. Anybody got a good book on html?

  40. Beemoe, she’s got cowboys, Secret Service agents, spies, and who knows what going on.

  41. Maggie, glad to hear someone else has been reading bad fiction. So much better than current events.
    Good sci-fi I’ve recently read: Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howie & Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

    Pie is always good, but this Apple Brown Butter Jalousie (w/vanilla ice cream) is yummy – and easy: http://tinyurl.com/4s9elox

  42. Oh, man, I’m gonna make that this weekend, Libby.

  43. oooh, I’ve got both of those in the reading queue, Libby. who knows when I’ll get to them. I try to alternate between good and trash.

    currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. not quite half way through, it’s not bad, but a little off the beaten path. putting off reading it tonight, next chapter is called “Life in a Red State” and I’m guessing there will be much eye rolling here.

  44. Oh man, I haven’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle because Barbara Kingsolver is a looney lefty (she wrote something really awful after 9/11 – forgot the details) – do tell if it’s worth it. I really enjoyed her books Animal Dreams and The Bean Trees when I read them years ago, though.
    I just hate finding out that writers I like are bigtime lefties. Still processing the fact that Neil Gaiman is married to the twit who wrote the marathon bomber poem.

  45. here’s the la place with lots of denim pacificblue

  46. Oh man, I haven’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle because Barbara Kingsolver is a looney lefty

    I guessed as much, but I kinda respect what she’s attempting, at least she’s living what she believes. hasn’t really been political as such, there’s the occasional dig at corporations, but it’s mostly been about growing and eating stuff.

  47. Rah. Cowboys traded their pick to SF.

    I hate my team.

  48. man that’s keepin it real Mr. newrouter

  49. oh, saw Cindy Sheehan on the local news tonight. meeeeeem’rieeeees….

  50. Googling Wool Omnibus, the Enders Game series and anything else by Card I highly recommend. He is one of my all time favorites.

  51. iirc, I picked up Wool for free on amazon, was surprised to see it in Target the other day.

  52. After listening to Ms. Tsarnaev, Cindy Sheehan doesn’t seem quite as awful. Why the comeback, I wonder. Is it because of Bush’s library – the MSM’s gotta be sure we put all the nice things are saying about this week are put in proper context, huh?

  53. yeah, i’m in DFW so it’s been all library (and protests) all day.

  54. I’ll have to check out the remaining books in the Ender’s Game series – I’m really late to the party on these books!

    BH, if you like apple deserts I really recommend this apple spice cake – definitely do the caramel sauce & ice cream (yeah, it’s a weakness): http://tinyurl.com/6n4g2zp
    Can be made as a coffee cake in a 9×13 pan, too.

  55. Combine equal amounts of lean ground beef and mild Italian sausage. Mix in 1 5 oz package of crumbled blue cheese per 2 lbs of meat.

    Shape into a log of a circumference you will want your burger patties, wrap in wax paper or parchment and place in freezer for 30 min to 1 hr.

    Roll the semi-frozen log in a blend of cracked back pepper and course salt to coat.

    Cut the log into patties and grill, broil, or pan fry.

    Serve on toasted buns or split ciabbata rolls. No condiments are necessary, pickle slices are acceptable. Ketchup is a hanging offense.

  56. I will try that, Libby. Thanks!

  57. Heinz ketchup, doubly so.

  58. That’s within spittin’ distance flavor-wise of a meatloaf I make, RTO.

  59. it’s been all library (and protests) all day.

    Protests? Are you serious? They protested a freekin library dedication?

  60. Now, I hadn’t considered it as meatloaf. What do you add to boost the moisture?

  61. ask for the reg denny discount

    Pacific Blue Denims

  62. oh yes, beemoe. the paper had the schedule and everything. Phil Donohue is in town showing some movie about Iraq.

  63. Great book – Born To Run. I hate running, and loved it.

  64. try beer

  65. Egg yolk and Italian-seasoned bread crumbs to hold it together and then I wrap it up in prosciutto and then bacon to keep the moisture in. Put the seam side down and cover it with tin foil for two thirds the cooking time and uncovered for the rest.

    If it looks under-browned once it’s cooked through I take the blowtorch to it.

  66. k, it’s way past my internet cut-off time. been nice chatting with everybody, have a good weekend.

  67. Oh, here’s a really good cooking blowtorch recommendation. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy using it in the kitchen.

  68. Later, Maggie. Good luck with the show!

  69. Nice. Ever try it on the grill? Indirect heat?

  70. Bh – that sounds sublime

  71. Never tried it on the grill but that would add great flavor. Would need to figure out how to prevent the fat flare-ups. Maybe one of those disposable aluminum pans like you’d use for a pork butt would work.

  72. It really is good, JD. The blue cheese keeps it nicely seasoned throughout just like it’s doing for RTOs burgers I’d guess.

  73. That’d be why indirect heat. the coals are stacked up on two sides and not under the food. You could put a pan there to make cleaning up easier.

    Yep. I’m gonna do that. Thanks!

  74. I’m gonna need an outcome report on this, RTO.

  75. Wilco.

  76. I recommend George Dickel Superior No. 12 Recipe Tennesee whisky over Jack Daniels No. 7, Dewar’s 12 year old scotch whisky over Johnnie Walker Black Label, but Red Label over Dewar’s 6 year old scotch, Glenlivet over Glenfiddich, Any Canadian whiskey that isn’t on the bottom shelf, and Jim Beam Devil’s Cut or Jim Beam Black, but I’m not a boubron afficianado, so take that with a grain of salt.

  77. Yowza, I got through! Long time listener, first time caller.

    Bears pick the fruit of Howie Long’s loins at #20?

    I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.

  78. Break a leg, MK!

  79. - If you just want a relaxed easy evening without getting wiped out, Bacardi purple label over lots of rocks, slow sipped.

  80. I’d like to recommend an unusual film. Talvisota – The Winter War. This film concerns the war in 1939 between Finland and The USSR. It is available either in two parts on Youtube or as a DVD in Finnish with English subtitles which is what I have.

    This is one of the few war films which has everything historically correct, uniforms, equipment etc. It is a wonderful piece. There is also another done by the same people about the later clash in 1941 called “Ambush” which I have been told is also good but I have not seen it at all.

  81. I’m going to have to try both the burgers and the meatloaf. I’ve been doing blue cheese ones, both types, by putting a mixture of 1/2 cream cheese-1/2 blue cheese as a small patty sealed between two burger layers and as a filling inside a meatloaf but have trouble keeping it from coming out during cooking at times.

  82. The Searchers is the greatest western ever made.

  83. That was supposed to be italics. Here’s a link

  84. Yep, same here. That’s pretty close to my meatloaf recipe, except I don’t put in cheese and do put in oatmeal. But… I may be putting in cheese from now on. Heh.

    Here’s a super fast and easy one:

    Take pieces of biscuit dough about 1/4 the size you’d use for a real biscuit. Flatten ‘em out.
    Add a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese and fold it up, sorta like a rav.
    Wrap in bacon so it’s completely surrounded on all sides and secure with toothpick.
    Deep fry and serve hot.
    Make at least 2x what you think people will eat.

  85. in the sci-fi book department, i recommend Twisted Metal and Blood And Iron by Tony Ballantyne.

  86. A couple more points:

    1. The dough needs to be THIN in order for it to cook all the way through.
    2. If you do have any leftovers, reheat under the broiler or in a toaster oven rather than the microwave.

  87. Orson Scott Card fun fact:

    He wrote the novelization for the movie The Abyss. The first 3 chapters were the back stories he came up with for the Bud, Lindsey and Coffey characters. James Cameron liked them so much he gave them to the actors to study as their “history” and motivations.

    That is all.

  88. I had given up on Stephen King long ago … but got pushed into reading 11/22/63

    and I liked it. Some real suspension of disbelief is needed, but once you’re hooked into the story, you can’t let it go.

  89. Sci-fi book recommendation is the 3 book “Troy Rising” series by John Ringo. Leave out the aliens and you have a plausible and practical plan to mine asteroids using solar energy. But entertaining.

  90. Book recommendation:

    The Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. They are the equal of C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower (I’d even say superior).

  91. Moar reks plz.

    More Maggie and RTO, for starters.

    And, restaurant, bh? Well, make this Dopiaza. It’s kinda death-by-onions. Works just as well with chicken.

  92. I saw Oblivion. Tom Cruise is starting to show his age. Morgan freeman is more of a cinematic novelty now than an actor. They have a sort of helicopter shaped jet that lookes like it was designed by Apple iDefense Ltd. and a combat drone that seems to be sort of the whole special effects budget. I think it might be slightly pro terrorism in a free your mind sense. It tries to weld elements of of a lot of other sci-fi movies together. I think it telegraphs WAY too much of its plot too soon. I had 80% of the twist figured out a long time before hey sprung it. Think of it as sort of Phillip K. Dick for babies. Still it was pretty and I liked the music so I’ll say it was worth the ticket price over all given that no other big blockbuster attempts have hit yet. It’s only about 20% as stupid as prometheus. It had some of that 70′s ‘future is probably hell’ angst in it again.

  93. Water.
    Bombay Sapphire.
    That is all.

  94. E J Manuel was the first QB taken? Did I miss something during the regular season?

  95. a now defunct blog i used to frequent had a side post every week for the 9/11 conspiracy nuts. don’t do that. the blog became lousy with trolls. don’t do that.

    -free tip

  96. -Glass.
    Whiskey Stone [summer only].
    Maker’s Mark
    That is all.

    -Beemoe asked: Are there any murders, epic battles or grand adventures in between the romances?

    Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories series set during the time of Alfred The Great. Rip-roaring reads.

    See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saxon_Stories

  97. I recommend sentencing terrorists to be run over by other terrorists.

    Vehicle choice optional, though I don’t recommend giving a terrorist yhe keys to a bulldozer.

  98. “the” keys. Or maybe ðe keys.

  99. I’d like to recommend an unusual film. Talvisota – The Winter War.

    Thanks, Geoff, I’ll give that a watch tonight.

  100. Bh – try Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

  101. I’m just starting to re-read Tony Burgess’ “Pontypool Changes Everything”– it’s kind of a disorienting read because it’s told from multiple POVs, and some of the characters aren’t quite right in the head. It’s about a “memetic virus” that is spread through language and makes people act like zombies; there’s a movie adaptation out (you can find it on YouTube), and apparently they’re working on a sequel.

  102. If you’re depressed, I recommend a dose of Rep. Hank Johnson. “Imagine a world without balloons”

  103. So can we forget about the M-4, one out of the two pistols, and the BB gun?

    Several law enforcement officials said that because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did not have a gun when he was captured after the shootout, hiding in a boat in a nearby backyard, the gunshot wound in his neck could not have been self-inflicted, as some law enforcement officials had said they believed earlier. Contrary to initial reports that the police had “exchanged” gunfire with the suspect, the official said it appeared that police officers surrounding the boat had apparently fired into it after they saw something push through the boat’s tarp, and feared it might be an explosive device or a gun.

    Duh. So basically scrub everything you’ve read in the last week.

  104. So basically scrub everything you’ve read in the last week.


    Like. for instance, three days ago SecDef Hagel says “we don’t believe chem weapons used in Syria” — then a day later says “we believe chem weapons were used in Syria” — and now, since that finding invokes an Obazm “Red Line” which isn’t a Red Line, will determine in a few days [weeks? months?] to return to saying “we don’t believe chem weapons were used in Syria”. Fixity is so yesterday in a fundamentally transformed American.

  105. And you can go outside again – Sunil’s been found.

    sdferr, possibly Dear Leader’s red lines are in a lighter shade of pink.

  106. Charlie LeDuff’s “Detroit: An American Autopsy” is a must-read.

    One of the last real shoe leather reporters, he writes a haunting story about the fate of Detroit (and quite possibly the US), and spares no one, including himself.

  107. Oh, and Fonseca Bin No. 27 is an excellent port, available at a steep discount from Costco.

  108. A gentleman cannot have too much good port in his cellar. For to go with his cigars.

  109. Just how fersh is the ricotta?

    I have been know to make, (on occasion), molinari rolitinni.

    Basically peeled, thinly sliced (length wise), eggplant dipped in beaten egg, then italian bread crumbs and fried. I then mix the ricotta, mozzarela, romano, (as much as I can afford), and parmesian cheses into a paste. This mixture is rolled inside the eggplant and place into baking pan then covered with a bitter marinara sauce. Top with a light spinkle of romano and parmesian cheese and bake for 15 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

    Very labor intensive, but a great traditional Italian dish.

  110. fresh

  111. How about a recommendation that Islamic preachers such as Feiz Mohammad — by happenstance, of course — turn up stone cold dead on a public street mere days after they’re identified as inspirations to Islamist radical murderers? This, for the entertainment of the jihadis disposed to follow such folk.

  112. My cigars are to for going with 12 yr. old scotch.

  113. “So basically scrub everything you’ve read in the last week.”

    times 17.3.84 bb speech malreported africa rectify

    times 19.12.83 forecasts 3 yp 4th quarter 83 misprints verify current issue

    times 14.2.84 miniplenty malquoted chocolate rectify

    times 3.12.83 reporting bb dayorder doubleplusungood refs unpersons rewrite fullwise upsub antefiling

  114. I’m going to join the food recipe chorus:

    Take one turkey, put in aluminum roasting pan, stuff with onions, garlic and rosemary. (cavity should only be about 2/3 full and leave open)

    Soy sauce, cracked pepper and bacon on the outside.

    Cover with foil.

    Fire up the charcoal grill, create a ring of coals around the outer edge of the grill and put the roasting pan in the center of the grill.

    Cooking time: depends on the size of the turkey, say, 2 to 4 hours.

  115. I’ve got a recommendation for something a little unusual. Back last summer I came across one of those internet crowd funded projects and put down some money toward it in return for one of the items when they were finally produced. The thing is called “Bug-A-Salt” and is an air-gun which shoots table salt in a shotgun manner to kill bugs.

    Mine came in mid-winter so I have tried it only at targets but now with the coming of the non-Gore-effect weather I figure it will get some real use, especially around the grill.

  116. Assault flyswatters will soon be banned.

  117. Battle Born by the Killers. A little libertarian rock tune. Better watch those guys.

  118. Food — quick, easy mini-tarts to take to any potluck:

    refrigerated pie crust (need 3 crusts to make 2 doz tarts)
    2 small boxes Jello Instant vanilla pudding
    3 cups whipping cream
    seasonal fresh fruit (e.g. strawberries, raspberries, peaches)

    Lightly oil two muffin/cupcake pans

    use a round cookie cutter or a water glass (approx 3″ diameter) and cut out rounds from pie crust. Gently push rounds into muffin pan. Prick bottoms of crusts (so they won’t swell up in the oven) and bake for 9-10 minutes until lightly browned. Remove and cool.

    Put two boxes of pudding into bowl with 3 cups of cream. Using wire whisk, beat until very thick consistency. Spoon into tart crusts and top with fresh fruit.

    Ran across this when I was putting together an “english tea” set for a photoshoot and needed some simple & pretty things for the table. Of course the set piece was just background but the models loved having snacks after the shoot.

    I’ve made these tarts since for my office and for a baby shower and everyone loves ‘em.

  119. btw … the pictures came out great, too! :-)

  120. - My youngest son, the erstwhile budding chef, came up with a killer burger that uses the stuffed approach, Feta cheese, topped with a giant mound of sautéed mushrooms and onions, all on a seven grain wheat bun. Large and in charge. Feta not only tastes fab, its stays put during cooking.

    - Soooo good. Soooo rich. I can almost hear my arteries slamming shut, as I immerse myself in its decadent flavor.

  121. - I had an idea for a similar combo, Feta stuffed burger, but topped with sauerkraut and bacon instead. Perfect lager beer mate?

    - I’ll let you know how that works out.

  122. Dang, there are some fine burger suggestions here. Blue cheese, feta, bacon – yum. Will be passing them off to my hubby since he is the official grill master.
    Darlene, I am so making those tarts. I’ll find an occasion…

  123. Stuffed pork chops: (original recipe, still a work in progress, try at your own risk)

    Cook a small quantity of wild rice.

    Peel and slice green apples and sauté down to the point of being apple sauce. Add cream cheese and bleu cheese (50/50 mix) and cooked wild rice. Simmer for a bit, let cool.

    Stuff pork chops with mixture, season outside of chops to taste and grill.

  124. I don’t care for bleu cheese. Could you swap out something like a smoked gouda since you’re using apples, Blake? Kind of go for a Swiss vibe?

  125. leigh, originally, I used just cream cheese, which was good, but a little bland. My point being that some sort of a sharp or medium white cheese should bring out a little more flavor. Feta cheese might work. Also, I’m hesitant to try using a cheese that needs to be grated.

  126. That’s why I was thinking gouda since it can be sliced. I use grated parmesan in meatballs and meatloaf and throw it in minestrone, too.

    My question wasn’t very clear. I was wondering if you had a theme you were going for or are these just flavors that you like together? (I used to like bleu cheese, but they smell like athletic shoes to me now.) Cheese with apples is classic for a French/Alsatian/German kind of a profile. I have stuffed pork chops with this combination, pan-roasted and deglazed with cider and a little mustard for a pan sauce. Very tasty and only needs a green vegetable side to round it out and some chunky applesauce.

  127. Leigh, I was looking for complimentary flavors to create a stuffing that is a little different than usual for pork chops. Anyone can make stuffing with bread as a binding agent.

    My initial experiment got excellent reviews, but I know it isn’t quite there yet. Hence the sharper cheese.

    I would like to try using a pumpernickel/rye bread in a stuffing, but my wife isn’t a fan of pumpernickel.

  128. Cool, ccs. What a pain in the ass, though. I’ll stick with finding a crooked unlicensed gun dealer if the need arises.

  129. I don’t think that I would try it myself either, but it was interesting.

  130. Do you have any Panko bread crumbs? They are a great medium for breading/binding things since they have no flavor of their own and are flaky not ground like regular bread crumbs. I use them in everything that calls for bread crumbs now since they are much less dense. I bought a huge amount of them from Amazon for next to nothing. They’re packed for restaurant service in 6 ounce packages by Wel-Pac.

  131. Stupid Blues , that’s the ticket

  132. How very odd, were you peeking at my site? I had leftover risotto this very day! And man, is it good too. Here’s what I dun, put breakfasty things in it, eggs and bacon and chopped up mushrooms and onion. But it was wet and loose so panko breadcrumbs top and bottom and pushed wobbly patty onto hot butter pan to delicate crispy cakes.

  133. Shovel Modifications

    ccs, that is simultaneously the coolest and most pointless exercise I have ever seen. Congratulations, you have won the internets.

  134. How very odd, were you peeking at my site?

    Heh. It’s one of those great minds things, bour3. I use panko to dust the outsides of potato pancakes made with chives and leftover mashed potatoes fried in butter and olive oil making them crispy and golden. My potato loving son loves those things.

  135. - Umm…Feta is available pre-grated since it is so often used to garnish Greek salads and such, absolutely required with Gyros or Damadas.

  136. Feta is too soft to grate, isn’t it? Unless there is a version like ricotta salata that is harder and salty. I find feta to be easy to crumble. I love it and use it in a lot of things like Greek salad and garnishing Greek-style fish.

  137. BBH, how is kiddo doing? Is he in a cooking school or still deciding if it’s for him?

  138. Delurking. I used to comment a little ( probably ) using the handle backhoe during the Frisch affair. I still use that at most sites. The link in my nick will take you to my main hangout. It has some things about losing my wife of 25 years nearly 3 years ago. It’s more my daily blog now. Regards to all.

  139. Lots of great recs here, folks. Cheers.

    Hey, backhoe, don’t be a stranger. I read some of your writing from your link and was touched.

  140. .380 ACP and 9x18mm (9mm Kurz) rounds are not interchangeable.

    Don’t ask me.

  141. Sorry. I meant 9mm Makarov. It’s 9x18mm, rather than the 9x17mm Kurz.

    In any event, the previous comment stands.

    Horses for courses, .380 ACPs for .380 ACPs, and 9mm Makarovs for 9mm Makarovs.

  142. SW, I don’t know that I won anything. I accidently stumbled across the link, then JG mentioned shovel modifications, so…..

  143. Sorry Leigh – Just got home. He’s got til June to decide. Then its school time.

  144. “bh says April 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Lots of great recs here, folks. Cheers.

    Hey, backhoe, don’t be a stranger. I read some of your writing from your link and was touched.”

    Thank you. If I can figure out this different format I’ll show you my Avatar, which is myself.
    Old brown Guy. Leaning on The Devil’s Walking Stick….

  145. That’s plenty of time for him to make a decision, BBH. I hope he makes the right one and doesn’t end up being disillusioned.

    Say! I don’t know if you saw my post the other day, but my youngest has decided to major in Math when he heads off to college in two years. He got excepted to an advanced placement math and science program that will take up half his school day for the next two years and earn him college credit at the same time. At least one of my boys will be a doctor. ; )

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