April 24, 2013

It isn’t all misery in Obama’s America

For instance, it was exactly one year ago today that our youngest, Tanner, gave us a scare — and my wife a memorable scar — when he entered our world by way of emergency C-section.

Happy Birthday, littlest one!  The joy you’ve brought us is exceeded only by the infinite sprawl of space.  And even there it’s almost too close to call.



tanner and dad

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:44am

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  1. It’s always nice to remember the really important stuff.

  2. Now there’s a picture of a couple of happy clams!
    Nice picture

  3. Grunge and Teen Spirit, so that’s what I’ve been smelling everytime I reload these pages.

    Happy birthday to Tanner.

  4. McGehee almost made me snort Diet Dr. Pepper all over my screen.

  5. Happy birthday Tanner!

  6. Reminds me of a passage from that Caroline Glick article, Israel: The Happy Little Country, where she says that when you have children, you have a future. And when you have a future you work hard to secure it and are generally more optimistic.

    Happy birthday, kiddo. Daddy and lots of other people are working hard to make sure you don’t inherit a craphole when you get bigger.

    (and by the way, Jeff, you spelled your name wrong on your hat.)

  7. The babies seem to come — or at least, as Aristotle liked to say, for the most part, if not universally — with an instantly transferable teleology attached: no sooner see, touch, hear and smell one’s own, ends pop up all over creation for to obey. Which we can call the good.

    Modern, non-teleological science wants to say different about the world. Stuff, matter in motion, isn’t supposed to have ends. Modern, non-teleological (natural right) politics thereby inherits a problem. Sometimes the various solutions don’t appear to be working so well. Hiding the problem, or ignoring the problem, thus makes its appearance on the stage as the newest form of ‘solution’.

    Can it be any wonder politics has run itself off a cliff?

  8. Happy Birthday, little man!

  9. Happy birthday, kiddo!

  10. A Very Happy Birthday, Master Tanner.

  11. C-Section, huh? So he’s not a “natural born” citizen? Can’t grow up to be Prez, then, Tanner.

    Don’t worry, I hear the job sucks.

  12. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

    Good job, Jeff and Mrs. Jeff.

  13. And Jeff? Just for Men Mustache and Beard, Natural Dark Brown (the dark blue box).

    You’re welcome.

  14. Happy birthday, little man! You’ve got a really cool family; hopefully, you’ll realize how lucky you are.

  15. Happy birthday, little dude.

    Jeff, you and the wife done good.

  16. like

  17. Scott Hinckley says April 24, 2013 at 11:48 am

    And Jeff? Just for Men Mustache and Beard, Natural Dark Brown (the dark blue box).

    Too much trouble. Just go for the full-blown ski mask for future pics…

  18. He belongs to The Community. The Community wishes him a Happy Birthday

  19. Happy Birthday tiny Tanner.

  20. Happy birthday, Tanner. You’re a cutie.

  21. Just go for the full-blown ski mask for future pics

    A funny story, in that regard: One time, while my mom was traveling, a friend of the family passed away. My brother and I, with our wives, returned to our home town for the weekend to attend the funeral on behalf of the family. My mom had some of those spare disposable cameras – she asked us to take a bunch of pictures since we didn’t know when the four of us might get together again. This wasn’t too long after the heyday of the Unknown Comic – being a bunch of smart-asses, we fashioned some masks out of paper bags, and wore them while taking the pictures. We took the bags with us to a restaurant and to our old watering hole, and donned them for a couple of photos there too. We left the cameras for my mom to get developed. She was NOT amused.

  22. Happy birthday, kiddo!

  23. It takes a collective to raise one of those in Obama’s America. I heard it on MSNBC.

  24. Happy birthday indeed!

    And may all the Goldstein family enjoy many more just like it!

  25. Cute kid and happy dad.

    Have a great celebration, everyone.

  26. Berry berry adorable.

    The kid, not you.

    Sorry, but there it is.

  27. Happy Birthday to Tanner. Such a cutie!

  28. Always sobering to think that many families have “emergency C-section” stories today – and I’m thinking primarily of my own first son – with happy endings, then thinking that those same stories, when told 100 years ago, likely ended in 1 or 2 deaths.

    Not that you need any extra reason to value the little man…

    Happy Birthday!

  29. Oh GOD…crying with laughter if that makes any sense Jeff…Hapy Birthday Tanner, and welcome to the world. Your Daddy will help you navigate the pitfalls and may even include some pratfalls!!

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  31. Happy #1
    Bro #2

  32. If you were Great Blue Herons, you’d be all about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfrSIahWIK0&feature=youtu.be

  33. Big Red’s baby hawks are hatching out too, two just yesterday morn, one today.

  34. Happy birthday, Tanner. And congrats, Jeff!

  35. Happy Birthday, little fellow.

  36. Oooh, I didn’t see the hawk hatchlings.

    That livecam is much more gruesome, though, because the parents bring in dead things and peel off strips for the bebes.

    The heron hatchlings are the most comical things evar, all beak and leg and eyeball and clackity-clack into the night.

  37. Happy First Birthday, Master Tanner! You got some pretty awesome parents, treasure ’em, honor ’em. (not that during the years of teendom when the aliens take your brain you’ll remember, but eventually, when your brain is returned, you will)

  38. Happy Birthday Tanner!

    :: Snoopy dance ::

  39. Happy Birthday, Tanner!

  40. Congratulations! Happy birthday!

  41. – Happy BDay Tanner.

  42. – Now Satchel has a co-pilot!

  43. – Now Satchel has a co-pilot!

    …and a henchman? Partner in crime? ;-D

  44. “Tanner” – clearly, that’s one of those irony things you’re always doing, Mr. Goldstein.

    He’s way paler than his ruddy old man.

  45. What a delicious little man!

  46. henchman?


  47. Wingman!

  48. Awww, teh cuteness! And to think, one day the little guy, either professionally or as a tourist, might just go into space and See Neat Stuff.