April 24, 2013

More controls imminent

Muslim extremists living among us bomb a foot race with pressure cookers, nails, ball bearings and chemical reactions — and the first reaction on the left (and the risk averse right) is to hide away the pressure cookers, then, having defended a city-wide shutdown to accommodate a militarized police presence, call for “re-interpreting” the Constitution to create a surveillance state, along with measures that would target gun ownership, gun powder, and fireworks.

— Okay, maybe that’s the second reaction — the first being, how can we blame this slaughter on the TEA Party?

So the question becomes, why not  also do away with tempting targets, like Patriot’s Day foot races and sky high buildings stuffed with westernized infidels?

Because if you think about it, Boston was just asking for it, wearing its skirt so short and its pumps so high — and then traipsing through an entrenched and copious academic culture that preaches American perfidy and criminality and oppressiveness and hate.

Why, what are a couple of poor adrift Muslim boys to do…?

Look:  the left, part of the right, the mainstream press, et al., can try to pressure us into surrendering individual liberty to their hearts’ content. But the truth is, there are a great number of us who will resist such attempts.

The conversation is over.  Now it’s all about choosing sides.

(h/t geoff b)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:00am

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  1. Announcing sides, not so much. Keep ’em guessing.

  2. ” “re-interpreting” the Constitution ”

    I’m planning to reinterpret the validity of their authority.

  3. Don’t forget drone strikes on Americans.

    Just don’t rob any liquor stores.

  4. Just heard on Rush – Speedbump and his brother did it not because they hated America, but becuse they hated our government.

    But – they didn’t attack the government. They attacked the people.

  5. He’s just a poor boy. He needs no sympathy.

    Mamaaaaa! Just killed a mantwo women and a child…

  6. Billy Beck: Look Around You :

    All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

  7. Carin, that’s because the government makes it really hard to target them, what with all the armed guards, barricades, detection devices, etc.

    Schools, and other places where the little people gather? Meh. Not worth protecting.

  8. I have assumed that pressure cookers were (are) used because they are easy to seal up compared to pipe bombs.

    IIRC people blow themselves up screwing caps on bombs and getting shorts in the wiring, friction sparks, or static discharges etc.

    So, move on to another easy to seal container and move on.

  9. “So, move on to another easy to seal container and move on.”

    Propane tank.

  10. Carin, that’s because the government makes it really hard to target them, what with all the armed guards, barricades, detection devices, etc.

    Schools, and other places where the little people gather? Meh. Not worth protecting.

    I personally believe that’s a lie – that they don’t hate “Us” , they hate our government. Or what the government is doing. It’s all a lie.

    No. They hate us. They hate our traditions and holidays. Our freedoms and the way we think. That’s why they bombed US.

  11. For them, it’s all the same. The people, religion, government – they’re all supposed to be one. All together bowing down to Allah.

    So, just as they don’t separate it in their life, they don’t separate it in ours.

  12. Face it Carin: everyone hates us. Including our own government or they would get off our backs and leave us the fuck alone.

  13. everyone hates us. Including our own government

    Could be fear even as much as hate, the one coming prior to the other. It’s difficult to disentangle, anyhow, not so simple as I might make it appear. In any case, fear makes a good motive for the desire to control. People possessed of their own means of self-defense, for instance, are notoriously difficult to control . . . so remove the means and remove the fear, so to speak.

  14. Propane tanks seem hard to seal up too but, I don’t make bombs for a living (I would be Greenwich townhouse part II). I was thinking about those fire proof boxes you put important documents in, they sell them at Costco and Staples.

  15. Anyone or anything that is a check on their power is the problem. Hate is just a tool for motivating action.

    They could try love: help send your Christian brothers to Heaven today with things you find around the house

  16. Agreed sdferr. The two, fear and hate, go hand-in-hand.

  17. That’s the thing, bgbear. Today the pressure cooker, tomorrow who knows what?

  18. tomorrow who knows what?

    air compressors and scary nail-guns.

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  20. Zonoes !

    Not the pressure cookers !!

  21. tomorrow never knowshttp://youtu.be/UkGXUn0Kuuw

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    test http://youtu.be/UkGXUn0Kuuw

  23. booby orr

  24. Just heard on Rush – Speedbump and his brother did it not because they hated America, but becuse they hated our government.

    See, just like those nasty, nasty teabaggers. The poor misunderstood immigrant lads were probably radicalized by Sarah Palin, Witch-Goddess of the Frozen Hinterland.

    There oughta be a law.

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  26. just trying 2 lurn embed
    ignore or not

  27. Reid introduces bill to require background checks to buy “explosives”. Such as the low-explosive black powder and the non-explosive black powder substitutes and smokeless powder which do not explode but burn.

    Next up should be fireworks, propane, gasoline, matches, and countless other things which might be used by evil people to cause harm.

    Wouldn’t government’s job be so much easier if they could just eliminate “the people?” They always seem to be the problem.

  28. More:

    Depending on the bill’s language, it would include not only loose gunpowder (such as that used by handloaders) but could also cover standard ammunition cartridges.

  29. Missouri will give up its year-round fireworks sales when they pry them from their smoldering remains.

  30. Why seconds count when police are minutes away, and why everyone should be armed.

  31. Reid introduces bill to require background checks to buy “explosives”.

    Oh, like flour or grain dust? Coal dust? Non-dairy creamer? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_explosion)

    Friggin moron.

  32. Friggin moron.

    Evil “Friggin moron[s]”

  33. flint and tinder control !

  34. All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

    Yes. There’s more than a hint of that. The Boston Lockdown as dress rehearsal. The militarized police, heavy-handed then applauded for it. Thousands of ’em failing to find a shot-to-pieces 19 y/o kid with no gun, more dead than alive, but even in that state making mockery of our ‘finest’, who’s only successes that day included forcing middle-aged white people out of their homes at gunpoint and searching their properties. And still they missed the boat.

    Yes, this little Republic is a joke, a laughingstock, compared to earlier formulations. Civil war seems inevitable, predicted and welcomed by the Upper Left. They are the original and most Forward Preppers.

    Americans are being herded toward their cattle car dooms.

  35. Beck begins to rope in the dopes

    Apparently, some reporters at Big News Agencies filed reports on the same stuff as Beck is doing here and the stories were spiked for no given reason. They’re pissed as hell.

    Glenn’s response? “The Blaze is hiring…”

    He’s pulling a Breitbart-on-ACORN, revealing the info bit by bit, giving them time to lie and lie about the stuff, then revealing the evidence that they’re lying.

    I wish Glenn the best, but I’m pretty skeptical anymore about the power of information to bring these menaces down. It always depends on Good People Not Taking It Anymore, which requires that people be good and that they care about corruption.

    This business about our being extra-cozy with the House of Saud (yes, going back to Bush II and previously) is nasty stuff (student visas for Saudis having increased 10x since 9/11). And yet I keep thinking about some poor sap being impaled through the torso by a pole—the pole isn’t supposed to be there, and it’s caused plenty of damage already, but when you yank it out, the guy dies from exsanguination.

    Or crush trauma in earthquakes, when someone’s been pinned by the legs for so long, when you finally lift the cement block off the legs, the now-dead tissue floods poison into the rest of the body, killing the patient.

    Yay us.

  36. And still they missed the boat.

    I see what you did there.

  37. Serr8d, I’ve read that Nashville did their own “lockdown” with just as much success.

  38. Don’t despair, di. The forces of karma are converging to crush the Won and his legacy to dust beneath its heel.

    His gun grab when down in a hail of gunfire, betrayed by Red State dems who wish to keep their phoney baloney jobs.
    Immigration reform is facing some formidable obstacles thanks to the Chechens.
    He moved his speech to abortion advocates from a marquee appearance to a breakfast meeting on Friday morning following the gruesome reveal of Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors.
    The various states are marshaling their forces to say “Be gone!” to the ACA, which is proving to be a logistical nightmare even when mathamagic is applied.

    He’s making James Buchanan look stellar.

  39. geoffb says April 24, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    I have no words. People shouldn’t have to risk arrest or death by cop just to go to work or come home from same.

    This has to stop, now!

  40. Yes, well, the fall of Nixon gave us Ford, which gave us Carter.

    Oh yes, it most certainly CAN get that bad!

  41. Meanwhile the Crony-villeins march on, in lockdowned step.

    General Electric Co. is quietly cutting off lending to gun shops, as the company rethinks its relationship to firearms amid the fallout from the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

    This month, Glenn Duncan, owner of Duncan’s Outdoor Store in Bay City, Mich., said he received a letter from GE Capital Retail Bank in which the lender said it had made “the difficult decision” to stop providing financing services to his store. Other gun dealers have received similar notices.

    “GE, we help put good people to death”, [see 1:24 pm.]

  42. Wouldn’t government’s job be so much easier if they could just eliminate “the people?” They always seem to be the problem.

    Or at least focus on interdicting people instead of interdicting things.

    It’s not that hard to develop a profile (OMFG!) of the type of person willing to shove a stick of dynamite, or homebrewed substitute, up his rectum before trying to board an airplane.

    But no. That would be discriminatory, and perhaps even racisssss, or religion-of-peace-ophobic. So bend over granny, her it comes again.

    Because, while our deeds are corrupt, our thoughts remain pure.

  43. Damn. There I went and got all literal and earnest again.

    This bemused detachment thing is hard.

    No wonder hipster douches never learned any useful skills.

  44. De Tocqueville spoke of a pantheism — which he found quite pernicious to liberty — and turning to him, I find myself wondering how far Islam, while distant in its way from the distinctive European pantheism de Tocqueville marks, isn’t in some sense infected by the same absolutist monistic spirit, and therefore dangerous in the same sense? But I do not know. Or, that is, am uncertain at sorting out the phenomena as these present themselves.

  45. Ernst, I was thinking more along these lines, but I do get what you are saying.

  46. Hence my self-deprecation.

    Couldn’t agree with you more about everyone needing to be armed when seconds count. The only “effective gun-control” is proficiency.

  47. [Obama’s] making James Buchanan look stellar.

    You’d better pray not.

  48. Airgun control!

  49. “Wouldn’t government’s job be so much easier if they could just eliminate “the people?” They always seem to be the problem.”

    After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writer’s Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

    — Bertolt Brecht

  50. Would it not be easier
    … for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?
    – Bertolt Brecht

    What do you think they’re trying to do?

  51. “To dissolve the people
    And elect another?”

    who’s counting the votes

  52. Ahhhh, geoffb, you speak of the murder of Dr. Rachael Elizabeth Frisbie Maidens by her husband in the exclusive gated community ‘The Governor’s Club’ (featuring an 18-hole Arnold Palmer golf course) in Brentwood.

    If one of it’s residents finds you’ve called it ‘in Nashville’, you could be sued.


  53. Napolitano: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws to Enforce

    At least they’re upfront about it now.

    I keep wondering, at what point does America throw up its hands, honk the bullsh*t horn and say “Enough!”?
    It looks increasingly like the answer is “Never”.

  54. Oh, and every day Marco “Vote for me in 2016!” Rubio is becoming deader and deader to me.

  55. Fed. Judge, “Dammit Janet.”

  56. Gated makes lockdowns so much easier.

  57. Listened to part of Special Report and heard Charles Krauthammer say what I’ve been thinking but haven’t heard form any of the media up to this point:

    (paraphrased) Not only did Bush keep us safe for the 7 years following 911 he also transformed the structure of the security agencies to ensure that they shared information. But the current administration has managed to botch both responsibilties.

  58. Doctor K speaks the truth.

  59. If the government can pick which laws it’s going to enforce, and when, does that mean I can decide when and which I’m going to obey?

  60. Here’s a thought: Control the damn borders!

    The first mistake was letting the family come into our country. Had they gotten that one right these dudes would have been making mischief in Russia or Chechnya or fighting with their fellow jihadis in the Middle East. And a lot of people in Boston would still have their legs.

  61. Prosecutorial discretion + 97 bazillion intercontradictory laws = arbitrary + capricious

  62. ” I can decide when and which I’m going to obey?”

    if you don’t know what the “laws” are steppin’ in hickenlooper ain’t hard

  63. “who’s counting the votes”

    Eric Holder, apparently.

  64. So, when the cops dumped 40 rounds into the boat #2 was hiding in? He was unarmed.

    Law enforcement officials described the 30 minutes before the arrest of Tsarnaev as chaotic. One characterized it as “the fog of war” and said that in a highly charged atmosphere, one accidental shot could have caused what police call “contagious fire.”

    Right. One wounded, unarmed 19 year old under the shrink wrap on a boat in a back yard in suburban Boston versus all the law enforcement that area has to offer is just like walking an alley in Fallujah. That little bastard was laying so chaotically in the bottom of that boat. And only cops should have such firepower because they’re trained so well.

  65. So, when the cops dumped 40 rounds into the boat

    Every last one of which was a miss. Amirite?

  66. no they got the boat pretty good i hear

  67. Can’t say with certainty, Slart, but clearly the vast majority of them missed.

  68. I wonder if the guy’s boat insurance will cover the damage.

  69. and i saw a pic of someones desk chair that was put down

  70. I wonder if the guy’s boat insurance will cover the damage.

    Usually if it’s not on the water, sitting covered at home, homeowner’s has to pick up the tab. Here, anyways.

    Likely he could auction the thing on 3bay and net much more that it’s original cost. Or donate it to the Bomber’s Wing of the Democrat Party Hall of Fame; placed right next to memorabilia from Bill Ayers’ ‘Fugitive Days’.

  71. Cue obligatory: “that’s funny; the damage doesn’t look as bad from out here”

  72. Every last one of which was a miss. Amirite?

    Shame a round didn’t hit the fuel tank (usually kept full to prevent water condensation). Hell on Earth.

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  74. Barbara Bush, the voice of reason.

  75. OT…

    Be sure to welcome @BillClinton to Twitter. )

  76. -In his interview with WCVB, the boat owner said the fuel tank was half-full.

    -Also in the interview it was reported that people are donating money to the owner so he can replace his boat. He said he would turn over the money to the One Boston Fund.

    [I can’t link the interview because the WCVB site is blocked where I am now.]


  77. Here’s hoping Bill knows the difference between “@” and “DM.”

  78. I know I don’t.

  79. Here’s hoping Bill knows the difference between “@” and “DM.”

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t.

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  81. So, when the cops dumped 40 rounds into the boat #2 was hiding in?

    I’m a little confused. When did we decide it’s perfectly okay for the police to attempt to execute unarmed suspects (or newspaper delivery women) with massive firepower? That they’re apparently incompetent at it as well is hardly a point in their favor.

    I don’t recall seeing that part of the Constitution. Is it one of those emanating penumbra thingies?

  82. John, it’s in the Constitution as a concept, but under ‘color’, as Madison likes to say, of the powers of war. Take Federalist 41, where Madison says: “With what color of propriety could the force necessary for defense be limited by those who cannot limit the force of offense? If a federal Constitution could chain the ambition or set bounds to the exertions of all other nations, then indeed might it prudently chain the discretion of its own government, and set bounds to the exertions for its own safety.” Hence the confusion present on all hands.

    Is this just a common criminal in flight, or is this a warring enemy on the assault? And under the hypotheticals readily adduceable regarding more serious weapons [chem, bio, nuclear] such behavior on the part of the war fighters acting to protect the country (understood as acts of war), we’d hardly be surprised. Even the police spokes-people invoke the “fog of war” to explain their shoot up of the boat.

    The confusion abounds. And in a sense, the confusion is itself a tool of the jihadi.

  83. It’s next to that section that allows illegal search and seizure, John. It’s in the fine print.

    I hope the next time this sort of martial law crap gets pulled, they decide to billet soldiers in people’s homes. If their going to break the law, break it into tiny little pieces and jump on it.

  84. their = they’re


  85. But crazy black ex-cop in CA was in no way arguably “a warring enemy”. His only real crime, from their perspective, is that he killed cops and/or cop-related people.

    If he’d have just limited his targets to “little people”, there never would have been a giant national-news-making manhunt, and the cops wouldn’t have felt the need to shoot up random newspaper-women and/or early-morning surfers. Sure, they might still want to, but even they know that they’d have a hard time justifying such actions. Yet.

    But kill one cop… “Everybody cower in your basements! A cop has been killed, and no one is safe from the gangs of dangerous armed lunatics until they get their man. Or a man, at any rate.”

  86. True enough about southern California. Or down here, for that matter.

    But we do have a cloudier picture with the jihadi, most especially when the office of the Presidency granted the power to act with dispatch where it comes to the nation’s defense at war won’t treat jihadis as warring enemies, but only as common criminals.

  87. And ya gotta like Sheriff Judd’s remark: “I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had,” Judd said. “We were not going to take any chance of him shooting back.”

  88. Perhaps they should’ve asked former Mayor Wilson Goode to drop a couple of pounds of C4 on top of the boat for good measure.

    Just to be safe.

  89. Now there was a war that dared not be spoken of by name.

  90. And they still only hit him 68 times. Sheriff Judd’s men need to spend a little more time at the range. It’s amazing they didn’t have any collateral damage with all that firepower into such a tiny dwelling.

  91. Come now. Leveling an entire city block in the name of public safety? Totally justified.

  92. That Angilo Freeland cop-killer fellow wasn’t holed up in a dwelling though — he was in the woods hunkered down by a fallen tree trunk.

  93. Ah. I saw a shack and some doors leaning against it in the picture at your link. Well, that changes the whole complexion of the showdown, then. A man hunkered behind a fallen tree might do anything when faced with a posse of Deputies. He might even surrender.

    I guess the Sheriff figured he was saving tax dollars by eliminating the threat right there.

  94. As I recall the incident though, Freeland was shooting from the get go, though I’d suspect he may have eventually run out of ammo himself. Still, if he’s shooting, he’s dead meat under a reasonable understanding of self-defense.

  95. Agreed. I am unfamiliar with the incident, but it is not unlike the confrontations that happen quite often in the surrounding counties in my state.

  96. Man killed a dog? Getting shot back 68 times was getting off lightly. I was thinking of more severe treatment.

  97. “former Mayor Wilson Goode ”

    For some reason I had that one in my head as Frank Rizzo, but upon checking Rizzo was the mayor during the first MOVE shootout. The second one that culminated in the bombing was indeed Goode.

    Stuff just blends together over the decades, I guess.

  98. I’m a little confused. When did we decide it’s perfectly okay for the police to attempt to execute unarmed suspects (or newspaper delivery women) with massive firepower? That they’re apparently incompetent at it as well is hardly a point in their favor.

    The cops were afraid for their lives. That’s the line they’ll use anyway, in the unlikely event it comes under review. But don’t you dare try using that line on your D.A. You’re just a citizen. Which is to say a nobody.

  99. I don’t care what you’re wearing or carrying; being hit 68 times is probably going to leave you at least mostly dead.

  100. They fired at him 110 times and hit him 68 times. Dead? Sure, but a massive amount of poor shooting.

  101. Hell, as memorably demonstrated, it’s not even a good idea to say “I’ll bring the tree” to a DA. Or interact with a DA in any way, shape, or form.

  102. That the police feel compelled to shoot 30, 40, 110 times at lone suspects and/or inconveniently located innocent bystanders is just proof positive that they’re woefully undergunned, with their dinky little 9mm and .40cal pea-shooters.

    What they need are RPGs. * Bonus: takes away most of that whole ‘needing to aim’ thing that seems to elude them.

    * Damned straight you’ll be cowering in your basements when the cops are running around shooting grenades at squirrels, shadows, or nothing whatsoever. It’s the only safe thing to do!

  103. Microton grenade, fired from a shoulder-mounted launcher.

  104. Yeah, well, that’s your answer to everything

  105. Massed firepower is meant as a cautionary example to any bitter clingers hoping to defend their “liberty” using weapons of mass destruction with their amplified magazines and high-capacity ammunition.

  106. 68/110? That’s like 2 out of 3 shots. Damn perfectionists.

  107. Matt Niskanen !!

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