April 18, 2013

Why a win on gun-rights is really devastating a loss

Or something. Frankly, I don’t much care. The only “win” on gun control the government and its incipient police state can ever affect will be forced confiscation, and when that’s attempted, the dynamic changes completely.

So the National Journal, which keeps pretending that it’s “reporting,” can spin all it likes. Politicians — like those in Colorado — can vote to take away our liberties.

Doesn’t mean we’ll go along with the plan.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:46pm

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  1. Ron Brownstein: can’t keep his onanism to himself but has to parade it in public.

  2. kinda skipped over 2014 n0?

  3. If they want to change the Constitution, they can do it the official way.

    What they want is tyranny of the majority, when it suits them.

  4. i’m not one to be particular about syntax but

  5. so it is ok what you that baracky is going to raise the tax on cigarettes?

  6. is he doing that again? they raised cigarette taxes for to save poor sickly graeme frost back in 2007 cause of his loser parents couldn’t afford health cares with their paltry food stamp allowance or somesuch

    I guess graeme was sicker than they expected poor lil tyke

  7. So, I turned my TV on just now just in time to hear O’Reilly opine on what Obama should have done and to declare that all guns should be registered and that possession of an unregistered gun should be a felony.

    This is supposed to be the quasi-historian who’s just looking out for the folks.


    Ooooh! The Red Sox are winning!

  8. i’m half expecting to hear a bunch of blogging ranting about a gun control rider harry red snuck onto the amnesty bill behind everybody’s back.

  9. But Pablo he’s seen Singapore and he KNOWS gun control cultures and if it worked in Singapore then it will work everywhere! (Except Mexico. And Brazil. And…)

  10. someone should assassinate oreally so he could write a book about it

  11. That looking out for the folks crap started back when he was busting the big oil price fixing conspiracy wide open by ignoring people who actually know stuff about the oil market and saying that the guy who pumps his gas told him about it. I think maybe O’Reilly is permanently mentally stuck in 1980. He’ll slip and talk about the Soviet Union someday, or Yugoslavia, or East Germany in contemporary terms.

  12. O’Reilly is a SASANACH. Don’t be a sasanach. That’s your word for the day. (Yes the “Irish” world for a clueless asshole/ blundering idiot is derived from “Saxon”).

    Oh and if you analyzed my body language as I typed that you’d conclude that I was feeling powerful and that I am craving a half plate of smokey barbecue wings.

  13. He honed his investigative journalist skills on ET wasn’t it?

  14. world -> word

  15. All I know for sure is that O’Reilly once sincerely thought viewers would want watch him interviewing the Alf puppet. I’m going to guess that happened when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog turned him down.

  16. O’Reilly really needs to get himself a new Work-of-the-Day calendar.

    The Five was joking about him the other day and wondering if he had a vanity license plate that said The One.

  17. Work – Word

    This is your fault somehow, palaeo.

  18. He honed his investigative journalist skills on ET wasn’t it?

    A Current Affair, IIRC. But alas, I don’t. Inside Edition.

    Wherefore art thou, Deborah Norville?

  19. When he was on “A Current Affair” he was substantially less full of himself. But given that he’s, what, 6’4″, there’s a lot of room for the himselfs to fill up.

    I think he’s about to pop.

  20. here is a piggy pig what for reals deserves to have his guns confiscated maybe those bell county losers could do the honors

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  22. In 2010, Dave Schmitt, the president of the Wisconsin Bakers Association, cautioned cupcake makers that they should diversify their offerings and supplement their niche.

    That sorta cracked me up in the “well, duh” way. For an entrepreneurial society, we don’t do all that much to educate first timers on the problems they’ll face.

  23. I hate cupcakes. The tiny ones are okay, but I can handle a slice of cake. I want a plate, a fork, a napkin and a cup of coffee at a table, thanks.

  24. i hate the ones where you can see cake from the top

    i want 100% icing coverage and you know what I deserve it

  25. Damn straight.

  26. did i never tell you my cupcake test leigh?

    so sorry please forgive me

    here is how you know you have a credible well-meaning cupcake:

    you have to be able to put it on a plate and eat it with a spoon

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  27. Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?

    Lance: What?

    Kilgore: Legislation, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.


    Kilgore: I love the smell of defeated legislation in the afternoon. The smell, you know that legislative smell, the whole Hill smelled like

    [sniffing, pondering]

    Kilgore: LAME DUCK. Someday this administration’s gonna end…

  28. Jeff I agree on confiscation being the end game and I’d be hard pressed to imagine any way in hell the statists can pull that off without a whole lot of bloodshed.

  29. via facebook:

    Jo is listening to the Boston area police scanner via internet and big things are happening right now. Two middle Eastern guys carjacked someone at a gas station – 2 police officers are down – shots have been fired – explosions as well. Channel 7 news in Boston has live coverage now.

  30. bh linked a Twitter feed on that here.

  31. sorry i thought i posted on that thread , multi tasking done me in.

  32. Watertown shootout suspects are marathon bombers, one in custody/or dead.

    UPDATE: 2:50 AM EST
    The Boston Police Department has identified the suspects by name.

    Suspect one is Mike Mulugeta and suspect two is Sunil Tripathi. They have also confirmed that the suspect not in custody is suspect two (identified by his white hat in the FBI photos).

  33. Wonder if Tripathi was an Occupier