April 18, 2013

A note to David Sirota, who is still hot on the trail of white privilege

Dude: if you’re looking for disaffected, anti-government white people who build nail bombs, I think I have a lead for you.

But let’s keep this between us right now — at least until we’re able to do some further digging. Like for instance, has anybody checked to see where certain college professors / political mentors were on the day of the marathon bombings? Or if any of them showed up later that day with a broken hip?

They likely weren’t in Boston, I grant you. It’s not a big college town. And besides, plausible deniability.

Still. Worth looking into, don’t you think?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:36am

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  1. Don’t poke the bear, Jeff. David “Mr. Ultimate Bad-ass” may point at you, or overbite-punch at you. Because he’s Bad-Ass.

  2. Speaking of overbite, has anyone else noticed that Obama dances like a white guy? White man’s overbite and all?

  3. Good lord.

  4. David Sirota.

    David Sirota on David Sirota losing it.

  5. Darth,

    Why do Sirota’s pictures remind me of Captain Kickass?

  6. And yet he probably thinks all those white, privileged Weathermen were totally right to take on (and bomb) the military industrial complex. How dare we claim Obama palled around with (white) terrorists.

  7. It is best to remember that the Weathermen were planning to bomb the ‘military industrial complex’ and their dance dates as well.

    The left having no problem with guilt by personal association.

  8. I like the pigeon simile.

  9. Sirota appears to be one of those people who think righteous anger not only can substitute for reason, but is actually superior to it.

  10. So screaming, “You’re not answering the question!!” ad infinitum constitutes valid debate to this deebag? And the “motherfokker” football spike was especially sublime rhetoric, too.

  11. Sirota appears to be one of those people who think righteous anger not only can substitute for reason, but is actually superior to it.

    He probably learned that from Mr. Obazm hisself.

  12. I like the other guy mocking him. Sirota looks like he’s going to burst into tears for a second.

  13. The ugly debilitating effect of Douchebag Privilege™.

  14. Sirota actually had a radio show with Mike Brown (he of FEMA fame) for a while on a local Denver talk radio channel.


    A – Keep your mother off the street.

  16. I don’t know about you guys but I find this Sirota fellow to be very alpha and scary. He exudes the quiet calm that only Kung Fu masters and rugged mountain men normally exhibit.

  17. Yeah, he’s the WFB of the left.

  18. LOL

  19. David Sirota IS Johnny Badass!

  20. If Billyjack had been kidnapped off the res, adopted by upper middle class white urban professionals and raised to be a slightly butch chick, he’d be David Sirota.

  21. geoff, Slart, & Ernst, you guys are killing me.

  22. From the Johnny Badass clip above:

    “I don’t have the skill set necessary for a situation like this.”

    That’s a keeper!

  23. You know what pisses me off? That shirt Sirota is wearing. I have that shirt. I liked that shirt. I don’t think I can wear that shirt any more.

  24. I like the little head roll-back and snore he does at about 3:00 in.

  25. Wear it when you’re doing something that will get it really dirty, like greasing up the pulleys on your lawn tractor or sharpening and changing out the blades. Then you can still wear it with some pride.

  26. JohnInFirestone, he was off the show the next day. I sometimes listen to Brown as I pick up the kids from school.

  27. Oh, my sides, they hurt.

    I especially like Dan’s first one (second one down).

  28. Good idea, leigh.

    It would certainly need to be some kind of activity with a high testosterone coefficient.

  29. Anything that is going to get grease and oil on it, making it a no more washing machine garment, would be good. When you get it good and filthy, put it on the scarecrow in the garden. That way, the scarecrow will have self respect.

  30. I think I saw that guy Sirota working as a barista in Starbucks. He looked more manly in that little apron.

  31. David Sirota

    Derek Zoolander

    Separated at birth?

  32. Both have Gay Face and look like they use guy-liner. NTTAWWT.

  33. Man, that guy in the plaid shirt sounds exactly like my friends, and I mean exactly. Except he was wired in and couldn’t properly flounce. You know, hop up off is chair and flap around then plunk back down in exasperation. Had the video continued, I guarantee the rest is repeated rumination, where were you when ___, ___, ___.

    Did I ever tell you our Boy Scout troop camped out at Nikko where there is a hot springs nearby and we went in that too? In the little tourist town proper there are carved wooden monkeys all over the place. And carved bears too, for some reason. Three monkeys, and bears. The shops are devoted to them. See no, hear no, speak no evil.

    So I want to do a photoshop of the opposite 0f that and I did find photos of cement statues of monkeys with binoculars, holding their ears like funnels, and gabbing on the telephone and with a megaphone. So whatever I think of people beat me to it so long ago they could carve a statue and have it become famous contrarily.

    But it needs a monkey that closes its eyes and sticks its fingers in its ears and goes, “lalalalalalala” for this situation.

  34. impertinent monkey

  35. O/T Remember when Syrian use of chemical weapons was a red-line-game changer? No, me neither. My guess, Dear Leader gets a sudden attack of incredulity.

  36. Why do I have this feeling like Dave Sirota heard about this post, got as far as “A note to David Sirota, who is still hot,” and added Jeff to his spank bank? NTTAWWT.

  37. Jeff, your link to the townhouse bombings says that crazy bitch Kathy Bouldin wanted to use antipersonnel bombs at the dance at Ft. Dix and now she’s a distinguished professor at Colombia. Too bad she’s not burning in hell with the rest of the “collective”

  38. Meanwhile, here’s your next headline:

    Boston Bombers identified; David Sirota hardest hit
    Last seen sucking his thumb and muttering “i’ll get you next time whitey”