April 18, 2013

BABY WATCH 2013!!1!1! [Darleen Click]

#1 at the one month to go mark …


Posted by Darleen @ 12:10am

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  1. Healthy! Early congratulations are in order for all.

    cellphone cover clashes mightily with the horizontal stripings and those are almost crosses but PICKLES!

    /happyfeet blinds draperies curtains window dressings mode OFF. )

  2. Looks like she caught a big ‘un! Do you know what flavor?

  3. Granddaughter!

  4. Darleen,

    How many grandchildren will this make?

    As an aside, my youngest just turned 29. How scary is it that all of my kids will be over 30 in less than a year?

  5. Blake, this is #4 (or #5 since I also have a step-grandson). First girl.

  6. And yeah, I know how you feel. Of my 4 daughters I only have one under 30 now. o_O

  7. Excellent news. Congratulations in advance on another happy, healthy grandchild.

  8. Looks like the little girl might be rotating into launch position.

  9. That there is a girl, Nana. What’s her name?

  10. Congrats!

  11. Keep this up and you’ll have a football team.

  12. Leigh

    Rowan Lynn

  13. That’s a nice name.

  14. Good tidings, happy tykings!

  15. Congratulations, Darleen.

    For now, I’ve only got grandsons. The cool thing about my daughter and her husband is they don’t raise an eyebrow when grumpa (intentional, my grandsons coined the name and I think it’s hilarious) asks when the boys will be ready for firearms.

  16. Congratulations, Grandma (and soon-to-be parents).

    Her smile is almost Mona Lisa-like in satisfaction/happy expectations. Nice picture.

    But the cell phone cover really does clash with the outfit! Even as a fashion-clueless guy, I can see that.