April 15, 2013

“High court rejects challenge to NY gun law”

Because while compelling people to buy uniform, government-written health care policies is of course something the founders and framers intended, states using the force of government to make it nearly impossible for people to keep and bear arms to protect themselves — in direct contradiction to the Bill of Rights — is naturally none of the Supreme Court’s goddamn business.

Chief Justice Roberts has a legacy to consider, after all, and he’ll be goddamned if he’s going to have to rule in favor of gun owners while the President and the Democrats are trotting out grieving parents and pictures of dead children. How would that look?

The time is coming, people. This is not the republic it’s being sold as, and increasingly, politicians are learning that, if they stick together, they needn’t really answer to their constituencies. Because they’ll give you a pair of evils to choose from, and you’ll choose the lesser of the two.

Checkmate, subjects!

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:55am

Comments (2)

  1. Cowards. Quislings. Collaborators.

  2. When we on the right have to, finally, admit to ourselves and others that the “court of last resort” is truly illegitimate, and operating outside all constitutional boundaries – with all the dread realizations that this entails – this nation will truly start to crack wide open; or else surrender itself completely to tyranny finally unmasked.

    Righties are too afraid to go there right now – why shouldn’t they be? The implications are huge, beyond imagining.

    But they keep buying guns and ammo, because somewhere, deep inside of themselves… they know.