April 8, 2013

All gun free zones are criminal hunting preserves and death zones for the law abiding


If gun grabbers claim that places like Chicago and California suffer from seepage of guns from other states that causes their crime rates to rise, then why do the places the guns originated from have lower crime rates? Here’s why: it doesn’t matter where a gun comes from. Chicago and California have higher rates of crime because those areas are more conducive to criminal activity.


Criminalizing the ownership, use and carriage of firearms increases crime to those areas. It’s proven that an inability to resist criminals is what they seek when looking for a hunting ground. Chicago makes it so difficult to arm and defend yourself that criminals have no trouble finding victims. It’s a simple equation.

Marching on Capitol Hill will not stop criminals. Laws passed with emotional fervor and tears won’t stop criminals. Making law-abiding citizens into criminals will not stop criminals and actually creates MORE of them. Yet that’s exactly what’s being proposed in so many ways with new gun control legislation.

Is the math not clear? Law abiding gun owners aren’t part of the problem. They’re one of the elements of the solution.


Many of the people arguing for more gun control laws are asking for “real solutions” but don’t seem to understand that there’s not – and never will be – a substitute for lethal force when lives are at stake. The main reason that police are effective at all is that they’re armed and travel in groups. It’s standard procedure for any call with any possibly armed threat.

Bloodshed is not stopped with words, declarations or edicts. Not even the presence of badges stops bloodshed. The imminent threat of bodily harm and inflicting said bodily harm is all that there is, has been and will be when faced with people bent on harming others senselessly. If there was another solution then calling the police wouldn’t be needed.


Guns don’t make good people go bad, or bad people any worse. They’re the only thing that a good person can count on when faced with a deadly threat.


You can’t decrease the lethality of a gun. You can’t strip it of features, lower its ammunition capacity, pad it with foam and declare it safe for the masses. That only makes it less effective but still just as lethal.


That’s why they’re useful to those who serve and protect, why only state of the art firearms are used by security personnel protecting politicians and why we as citizens (because everyone is a citizen) deserve access to the best. Trying to legislate firearms advances back a century or so won’t make this country any safer. It will only make armed self defense less effective by forcing the law abiding to use inferior tools. It won’t stop criminals, it will only impede those bound by the law who choose to comply. Which will not be cops, soldiers, politicians and their security details, or criminals. Just your average citizen.

Heh.  Like to the ruling class, this is a bad thing.

Face it:  for all their talk of egalitarianism and fairness, what irks the political leftist more than anything else is that the US attempts to create a system in which anyone can rise — one in which the Duck Dynasty crowd can own the same kinds of helicopters as a well-bred NY City Mayor, or a pawn shop owner in Vegas can grow wealthier than an Ivy League educated government Czar.

Some pigs were born to be more equal than others.  This is an unspoken article of faith for “progressives”.  And free market capitalism and a constitutional republic makes it more difficult, in the left’s estimation, for the real cream to rise to the top.  Namely, them.  It’s ironic, of course, that collectivists would desire a clearly demarcated and permanent class system.  But it’s not at all surprising.  Because the only reason they preach collectivism is that they believe in a collectivist society, they’ll be part of that small,  crucially important ruling-class cabal that will permanently manage the masses.

It’s a longing for aristocracy, only the inbreeding occurs less in the flesh, in this updated version of centralized power and a permanent ruling elite, than through academic and political self-selection and cronyism.  And as a result of all the laws and regulations churned out to molest the great unwashed into submission and compliance.

Nice work if you can get it, you have to admit.

(h/t geoff B)



Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:22pm

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  1. Mr. Speaker, wars are not caused by the build-up of weapons. They are caused when an aggressor believes he can achieve his objectives at an acceptable price. The war of 1939 blood in Chicago’s streets was not caused by an arms race; it sprang from a tyrant’s gang leader’s belief that other countries people lacked the means and the will to resist him. Remember Bismarck ‘s B-Dogg’s phrase: “Do I want war? Of course not! I want victory! everybody’s shit!

    Just tying the day’s threads together.

  2. All gun free zones are criminal hunting preserves and death zones for the law abiding

    If that ain’t a bumper sticker, it should be.

  3. Remember kids: gun safety is about keeping the ruling class safe from your guns.

    Effin’ Visigoths.

  4. It is amazing that so much effort goes into trying to recreate feudalism.

  5. Come now, bgbear. Who doesn’t want his own little fiefdom, complete with serfs and a castle keep?

  6. I don’t know, it always looks kind of smelly.

  7. It never appealed to me, either. Too much like living around hippies.

  8. I keep clicking on “castle keep,” but it doesn’t take me to Stately Gore Manor. Or perhaps Chateau Bloomberg.

  9. Try one of the Maisons de Heinz-Kerry.

  10. Would those be the garish mansions that showed how evil and greedy the Heinz family was (before T’rayza threw the in-laws’ fortune into the Progressive machine)?

  11. Are you registered?

    All of life to be a queue at the DMV.

  12. Y’know, it occurs to me that there’s too much heteronormative patriarchal white-privileged logic in this argument to be effective.

    After all, this isn’t about what will or won’t work; it’s about what’s going to make us feel better.

  13. Squid, having multiple mansions is only problematic when one is a Republican, silly.

    John Heinz was a Republican, but he’s dead.

  14. You shouldn’t criticize T’rayza, she’s African-American, even more so than Barack.

  15. Survey of 15,000 Law Enforcement Professionals about U.S. Gun Control Policies” link found here.

  16. On a mostly unrelated note today I finally joined the fraternity of gun owners. One of those things we’ve thought about for ages but (ironically) only went through with because of the Colorado government’s recent actions.

    It’s been about 8 hours now and the PPS hasn’t up and murdered anyone yet, but I’m keeping an eye on it just in case. Maybe it waits until after midnight – I’m just not sure.

    I keep thinking if its not loaded – and in fact the magazines aren’t even in the firearm – it’s not going to hurt anyone. But can we know for sure? Won’t someone think of the children?

  17. 9mm or .40 S&W?

  18. Nevermind. Forget I asked. I don’t want to know. If that evil piece of metal hasn’t started punching holes in defenseless bits of paper, it soon will. Better to cast it into a lake and spare your conscience.

  19. I keep thinking if its not loaded – and in fact the magazines aren’t even in the firearm – it’s not going to hurt anyone

    Guns are ALWAYS loaded. Especially when you think they aren’t. So always treat a gun like it’s loaded.

    Also, best to just always keep’em loaded since you’re going to treat them like they are anyway. An unloaded gun is about as useful as a hammer with the handle broke in half…

  20. No no no throw it in a lake before its too late

  21. The right of the people to arm lakes shall not be infringed.

  22. I treat it like its loaded, but at the time of my post it wasn’t. Also the joke wouldn’t have really worked had it been loaded in the example. And it’s a 9mm, mainly because its going to be the wife’s carry piece once she gets her CCW and she’s a little edgy about recoil, etc.

    Rather, all that stuff was the case until it jumped into that damn lake. Freaking lakes.

  23. “only the inbreeding occurs less in the flesh, in this updated version of centralized power and a permanent ruling elite, than through academic and political self-selection and cronyism.”

    The Chinese had a system much like that. Immediately after it was put into widespread use, China fell to the Mongols.

  24. PPS would be 380 ACP, still one of the most difficult rounds to obtain. Well, they all are. I searched in vain for even some .38-40’s for my vintage Colt New Service; alas, they’ve fled as well. The only thing on shelves around here are 30-06 and .243. Oh, and some nice 7mm Rem Mag, because they still scare the bejesus out of people’s shoulders.

  25. You wouldn’t be confusing the PPS with the PPK/s, would you?

  26. Would that be a PPK/S? The term PPS doesn’t trigger any thing to me.

    Walther made the PP and the PPK, Police Pistol and Police Pistol Kurtz [short], in 32 ACP and 380 ACP. GCA-68 made the PPK un-importable as it considered it to be a “saturday night special” so the PPK/S was born. Frame of a PP and slide/barrel of a PPK to get around the import rules.

    Recently got a nice PPK/S in 380 ACP.

  27. Ernst beat me.

  28. Ernst beat me.

    Walther PPS

    I got bored with listening to the tree limbs crack and crash and waiting for the lights to go out, so I decided to help things along by firing up the the ol’ eMac again.

    Anyways, looks like an interesting firearm. If I was interested in firearms. Which I’m not.

    they’ll steal your soul, you know

  29. 9mm, ok, thanks Ernst.

    My wife has the pink slip on my soul so I’m not worried.

  30. Whereas mine is an agent of influence for the Jesuits.

  31. I have to admit, though, I really like the aesthetics of the PK 380.

  32. My nephew recently acquired a Walther PP Super in 9×18 Ultra. Lovely little pistol, but I think he’s going to have to learn to reload if he wants to keep it fed. You can’t exactly find 9×18 Ultra at your local gun store.