April 4, 2013

“Denver police DISGUSTED at being used as props by Obama to push his ‘gun-grabbing’ agenda”

Courtesy TRS and Gretawire:  Cops as props.

Fortunately, not all law enforcement officers in Colorado were interested in being used as backdrop puppets by a rank political partisan whose entire tenure in office has proven he is interested in representing only those Americans who support his agenda.

The rest are enemies who can get stuffed.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:29pm

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  1. Maybe PW should be using this.
    I kid.

  2. Scott Pelletbrain on SeeBS news is interviewing a couple of the Newtown parents — asking them what measures they want. Oddly, and just coincidentally, the same ones that the Little God King wants.

    Oh, and they’re “against straw purchases”, which Pelletbrain helpfully informs the audience are “someone with a clean record buying a gun for someone who isn’t allowed to have one”.

    Which, of course, has been illegal since forever, but let’s just lie about it, okay?

  3. RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots

    WIN buttons for everybody!

  4. aurora happens. guns are blamed.

    obama et al start gun grabbing. Colorado police are used as a prop. guns are blamed.

    We find out that prior to the aurora incident, the colorado police were tipped off. guns are still blamed.

    this is like saying planes were responsible for 9/11.

  5. Damn forks caused my weight problem. Ban forks!

  6. If we ground all aircraft, forever, no more airplanes will crash into buildings. The terrorists will have to blow them up another way.

    It’s the same story with guns and mass killings, and everyone with a functioning brain knows it.