April 4, 2013

Another East Coast Dem State set to launch 2nd Amendment attack

This time, it’s Rhode Island:

Rhode Island’s legislative response to the gun-control issues raised by the Newtown, Conn., school massacre will be unveiled on Tuesday, Governor Chafee said at a news conference on Wednesday.

— Because naturally, Rhode Island must “respond” to a crime committed in another state with guns obtained illegally.  Because because.

The governor and sponsors of school safety bills — Rep. Joseph McNamara and Sen. Hanna Gallo — panned the National Rifle Association’s call for armed officers in every American school.

McNamara said the proposal would be extremely expensive. Recalling some of the people with whom he has worked in R.I. schools, he said the idea is also “scary.”

— Whereas demanding schools be sitting duck targets by insisting they be “gun-free zones” — a sop to the legislature’s own self-righteousness and biases — isn’t “scary” at all, I suppose, nor is addressing the fact that mass shootings like the one in Newtown and the one in Aurora and the one at Virginia Tech and the one at Columbine all took place in the very same “gun-free zones” a legitimate way to “respond” to a type of crime you’re ostensibly seeking to address.

Why?  Because you are cynical, liberty-snatching bastards, every last one of you — and you know that, with the current electoral makeup in your state, you can’t be stopped.

Chafee said there should be fewer guns in the community, not more. He also reiterated his personal support for an assault weapons ban, but had no comment on whether this would be in the package rolled out Tuesday.

Exactly why there should be fewer guns rather than more — particularly if having more shifts the balance of power to law-abiding citizens and away from criminals — isn’t explained.  And it isn’t meant to be.  It’s feel-good pablum of the kind that politicians use whenever they have a hankering to take away some of your liberties.   For the children, naturally — though if it happens to given them more power as a side effect, well, I guess provenance shines on those with the bestest of intentions!

Which, how lucky is that?

(h/t RI Red)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:10am

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  1. On the bright side, anti-gun legislation seems to be DOA here. Instead. we’ll have plans and committees and teams and proposals to make schools safer, as opposed to, you know, the ability to protect the schools and the people in them. Which should work out just about as well as everything else the RI legislature does. We, the citizenry, just need to figure out who’s getting paid off in this.

  2. Look, we can’t trust teachers. Period.

  3. The 2nd Amendment attack was filed in February. It’s heinous, but it’s not going anywhere. This is just feel-good, “We’re doing something!” nonsense.

  4. Yep, people with guns are scary. I go screaming away in fright whenever I see the Po-lice.
    Of course, the idea of Governor “Missing-Linc” Chaffee having a gun is terrifying.

  5. Jeez, Pablo, they’ve taken that statute and taken it from “no record retention” to “we’re keeping an eye on you. Just in case.” I’m completely satisfied that the legitimate law enforcement need would never be abused.
    The Biggest Little Mistake in the Union.

  6. Let’s not gloss over the $100 per firearm registration fee, Red. Last I heard such things were racist.

  7. and you know that, with the current electoral makeup in your state, you can’t be stopped.

    It’s getting to the point where the electoral makeup is making less and less difference.

  8. “I go screaming away in fright whenever I see the Po-lice.”

    I’ve mentioned before that the future Marine and Navy officers used to drill near my old office.

    Sheer panic. I’d hide under my desk any time they were in sight, whether they had the shooty things that day or not.

    Actually, I was more worried about them calling me “Sir”, as they were wont to do, with absolutely no justification whatsoever.

  9. would the teachers cheat to pass their shooting proficiency tests?

    How would an armed teacher deal with a student who would refuse “help” with their standardized tests?

    I agree if a teacher can’t be trusted with a gun, they can’t be trusted at all.

  10. The University of Rhode Island went on lockdown today because of a suspected shooter. My son tells me his Facebook friends there are claiming that it was a colorful Nerf gun.
    I wonder if there’s a $100 fee for registering those.

  11. I bought my first handgun when I turned eighteen in 1968. Later that same year Congress passed major control legislation using basically the same arguements we hear today ie: it’s for the children, firearms are too easy to aquire, accessibility of weapons to madmen etc. The bullshit never changes, either repeal the Second Amendment entirely or shut the hell up. No concessions, no compromises.

  12. The Second Amendmnet recognizes a human right, it doesn’t establish it. This is *well*-established and during any such attempt would be part of the discussion.

    Repealing it ends nothing, it just makes the fight more obvious.

  13. Repealing it ends nothing, it just makes the fight more obvious.

    Right. But if that’s the game at hand, let’s have those cards on the table.