April 1, 2013

Congrats to Satch, 2nd-place winner at the Northeast Classic

Don’t care? Skip the post. But save the commentary.

Over 400 kids competed this Saturday, with many coming in from across the state and Nebraska. It was a two-hour drive to Sterling — and I was sick in bed, so his Mom had to tote him there and coach him — so I’m especially proud of him for how he competed this week, with his loss in the championship more a product his having been awake for 9 hours by then (the tournament started late and his bracket was huge) than any real superiority in his opponent — who was very good, but definitely beatable without Satch’s end of day meltdown.

Still, as I reminded him, 15 other kids in his bracket — including a nephew of Bronco’s DT Mitch Unrein — didn’t win a 2nd-place medal. So he should hold his head high. Which I’m sure he’ll do once he gets over the same stomach bug that had me cozying up to a toilet for about 20 hours straight.

In the second pic below, Satch is shown with the Broncos’ Unrein, who was very kind to pose with him. Satchel is the one wearing the blue singlet.



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  1. Way to go Satch!

    I’m glad you got that pic of him with Unrein. He’ll have talking/bragging rights for ages.

  2. That football player must be 9 feet tall!

  3. I’m assuming that’s the uncle Unrein, and not the nephew Unrein.

  4. When Unrein played for the U of Wyoming it sometimes seemed like he was 9 feet tall, but he’s just a little guy, 6’4″ and 291# according to his official bio. I didn’t know he was from Eaton, CO, bain of the Fightin’ Whities.

    Congrats, Satch!

  5. Congrats to Satch and to Coach Mom!

  6. That Fighting Whities link proved that some folks are just incapable of learning. A severe lack of awareness of the ironic seems to be a symptom.

  7. there is no humor in islam proggtardia

  8. Alright, Satch! He’s amazing! If I ever meet the future Olympian, I’d like to give the little cutie a hug. He might get me in a full nelson before I got my arms around him, though. So forget that. I’m too old to cry in public.

  9. The second picture is entitled Two Exceptional Athletes.

  10. Unrein was a real class act, according to my wife. That he was even there to support nephews (?) is pretty cool, because even from Eaton it’s a decent trek.

  11. Incidentally, Satch had two pins, the first in 23 seconds (half nelson), the other — in the semis — in 28 seconds (cradle).

  12. Looking at Unrein you can see why they call it the Garden of Eaton. 291#? Crikey!

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