April 1, 2013

“Happy Easter! Maryland Democrats Ram Through Sweeping Gun Control over Holiday Weekend”

Fortunately for us they didn’t think to do this sooner else HBO never could have made “The Wire.” You need gun crime to make a show like that compelling, and now that the Maryland Democrats have banned gun crime and gun violence, well, the raw material just wouldn’t be there anymore.

On the plus side, though, it’s now safe for white professionals once again to move to West Baltimore and enjoy urban culture without fear. Because take away the guns, and we’re all just people, living together, from which a harmony and kinship will naturally flow. Why, it’s like a multicultural Utopia with the stroke of a pen!

Just like Jesus would have done, had he not been hammered to a cross first by Roman republicans.

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  1. Making Baltimore “Chicago Safe.” Connecticut to follow soonest.

    Once we’re all “Chicago safe” then Chicago will lose its fame as the safe streets place to “shop till you’re dropped.”

  2. There aren’t any sharks in Star Wars, but the Yankees — in a town which was once vaunted for a certain sort of knowing if pugnacious classiness — managed to find sharks to jump anyhow, mounting introductions of the pitiful RedSox as Imperial Storm Troopers, their beloved Yankees’ entrance as the Rebel Alliance, only to lay the whole show prostrate on the altar of the Newtown massacres. What country has this become?

  3. If you need a little cheering up, this might just help. Emily does great.

  4. Another reason why we must have Americans disarmed as quickly as possible. To protect the Democrat’s friends and suppliers of two of their essential products, new voters and soma.

  5. Ugh though, SW, if having to wade through all the saccharin drivel coming from Cooper and Belcher (belcher! sheesh) merely to get to Miller’s thoughtfulness. I confess I couldn’t last it out.

  6. True, waiting on a lady is no great hardship, but the idiots with the drool cups are hard work. Effective contrast with the only IQ above room temp.

  7. who would Jesus shoot?

  8. President Buchanan looking the other way? Of course he is.

  9. If any white professionals from Ballmer moved to my neck of the woods — or even to their double chin — they’d still need to fear the wedgie.

    Ban underpants! When everyone is commando nobody is!

  10. Connecticut:

    The Hartford Courant reports Connecticut’s “compromise gun law” whose specifics will be released later today will allow owners of Sport Utility Rifles and standard capacity magazines with greater than ten rounds capacity can keep them – if they put themselves on a list of gun owners by registering their magazines.
    In addition to this idiocy, gun owners would face “tighter” gun registration requirements, universal background checks, the historic precursor to tyranny, and be forced to present a “certificate of eligibility,” a permit to buy ammunition.

  11. Colt, Mossberg, and Ruger are all based in CT.

    Time for them to pull a Magpul, I think.

  12. ct fu heller

  13. Connecticut is considering gun-control measures that include a potential ban on assault weapons of the sort made by Mossberg.

    “All things being equal, we don’t want to move,” Mr. Bartozzi said. “But we have to consider that the Legislature here could do things that make staying here very difficult.”

    Mossberg & Sons already has a toehold in Texas. The company recently expanded its roughly 20-year-old facilities in Eagle Pass. “It’s coincidental,” Mr. Bartozzi said, “but it certainly takes on much bigger import now.” *

  14. Colt, Mossberg, and Ruger are all based in CT.

    Time for them to pull a Magpul, I think.

    I think some Baretta’s come from Maryland.

  15. Colt makes some clear insinuations that appear to have been ignored. Eh. What’s 175 years?

    I think some Baretta’s come from Maryland.

    Yup. Their only US plant is in MD, for now.

  16. Given the noises Baretta USA was making only a short while ago I believe we can safely assume they are at least laying preliminary strategic plans for getting out of Maryland. They’ve made themselves clear to the legislators, I tink.

  17. Yeah, that’s pretty straightforward. The more fool Connecticut.

    Other states will be happy to have the jobs.

  18. Summary of Connecticut law.

  19. And in Maine a different way to deal with guns is proposed in a letter to the editor. Appropriate for this administration.

  20. “Immediately upon passage, no pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun can be sold to any Connecticut resident until the buyer undergoes and passes a national criminal background check ”

    Good luck with that — Vermont

  21. I saw somewhere (and now can’t find the link) that one of the Texas reps is flying around the country to lobby the manufacturers in person.

    It sounds like the guy is doing an excellent job for his state.

  22. Re: geoffb @ April 1, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Immediate ban on sale, purchase or importation of LCMs: effective on passage, it will be a class D felony to sell, buy, transfer or import an LCM into the state (other than to turn it in or trade it in to law enforcement or a licensed gun dealer). Going forward, possession of any LCM not possessed as of the effective date will be a class D felony.

    LCMs that are currently possessed must be registered with DESPP by January 1, 2014 to remain legal, and even when registered will be subject to extremely strict usage limitations:

    · Possession of such magazines must be declared to DESPP by January 1, 2014. After January 1, 2014, any LCM that has not been the subject of such a declaration cannot be legally possessed under any circumstances (even if it had been possessed before the effective date).

    So, failure to register your magazines makes you a felon. Guess what felons can’t do?

    I wonder what probable cause to search for illegal magazines will consist of.

  23. That’s easy, Pablo: Do your credit card records show you’ve shopped at a gun / ammo supplier in your life? You’re on the list.

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