April 1, 2013

April fundraiser begins today [sticky; new posts appear below; THURSDAY UPDATE; MONDAY FINAL UPDATE]

Monday update: Thanks to all who contributed this month. It looks like I’m going to fall a bit short, but that’s what happens when the government raises taxes, I guess.

I’m going to keep the post sticky for its final day today. Again, thanks to all of you who have supported and continue to support pw.

As our few threads on same-sex marriage over the last several days have confirmed, protein wisdom is, as a venue for encountering competing ideas, nothing if not the worst sort of right-wing, social con echo chamber — where opposing viewpoints are disallowed, and any real intellectual conversation is strictly verboten.  Because fascism / racism / sexism / nativism / ageism / homophobia / xenophobia / misogyny / pro-gun violence-ism / pro-dirty air and water-ism / anti-kids with autism-ism, et al.

For this reason alone — here, you don’t have to ever test your convictions, or stretch your mind out of its comfort zone — you might consider supporting the site.  Otherwise protein wisdom may just decide to go rogue and start pushing your buttons a bit, testing your convictions, pressuring your most deeply held beliefs and challenging your most preciously held assumptions, calling you out even if you happen to vote Republican — and as anybody who reads leftwing sites can tell you, that’s some of the worst psychical pain there is.

In fact, there’s no recovering from it.

And no, this isn’t a threat.  I’m just sayin’, is all.  Friendly, like.


Thursday update:  this month’s fundraiser is about half-way over, and I’m a bit less than half-way toward my goal.  I know:  tax month.  Spit.

Thanks to all those who’ve contributed thus far.  Much appreciated.  The lefties (and some on the right) like to use these fundraisers as a bludgeon against me — how dare an enterprise ask for voluntary funding!  Why, it’s practically unAmerican! — but I’m pretty comfortable in my own greedy skin, so I’m going to keep on doing what it is I have to do in order to keep the site running.

I mean, it’s not like I can rely on GOP dollars, is it?  After all I’ve written?



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  1. That’s a nice blog you have there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.

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  13. 200 tjings

  14. 200 tjings i have been.. adridf.. i/ve been beati..
    adrift…well.. u motherfuckers got an excuse fox mulder
    lets glow

  15. did i tell u u suck?”
    cuz u do

  16. booby oar

  17. WHAT IS DAVID THOMPSONMYkinda wise so
    sis says he funny

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  28. please please me
    if not 50 comments/donations
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    love me do

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  31. I think I goofed by not using the link here to contribute. Will rectify.

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  34. Jeff, your PayPal hates my MasterCard… I will try again from a different machine tomorrow.

  35. Aw screw it, used a different card – buy some ammo…while you are still allowed by your State.

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