March 31, 2013

Peeps vs 50 caliber [Darleen Click]

Posted by Darleen @ 3:17pm

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  1. Spari la Violenza contro i pulcini! Che terrori seguente?!

  2. I didn’t think chocolate would deflect a bullet that much, but then again I never thought about it either.

  3. There aren’t enough .50 rounds in the world to kill all the Peeps. All marshmallows must die.

  4. Peepers should be shot.

  5. @ cranky…Peeps are Marshmallow. I think they’re like Twinkies in that they will last nearly forever.

  6. In the video, he first shot a lot of Cadbury chocolate eggs.

  7. Cadbury chocolate eggs (especially milk chocolate) are an abomination. You should try Laura Secord.

  8. Homemade marshmallows are little pillows of heaven. Peeps? Not so much.

  9. I didn’t think chocolate would deflect a bullet that much

    We can blame it on creme centers cranky-d, leaving the chocolate in the clear.

  10. I’m still waiting for Mike G’s lavish apology.

  11. These here are hardened criminal peeps, for sure.

  12. ps: we can see the ‘creme’ centers at 0:51-54 of the vid. Funny thing though, that ‘creme’ looks suspiciously like a finish nail.

  13. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is bringing a gun control bill including provisions to expand background checks and tighten penalties on straw purchasers to the floor. But the measure excludes proposals to ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.

    With the shortage of ammo ongoing I need to find some of that “high capacity” stuff. Preferably in a caliber I can use.

  14. Is anyone noting that they only investigate a tiny fraction of failed background checks?

    It’s all about punishing honest citizens.

  15. Again with the “high capacity ammunition”.

    What do they have against 3 1/2″ shotgun shells?

  16. Why the delay between penetration and explosion?

    The friction from the bullet superheated the creme/marshmallow and that caused the explode?

    All marshmallows must die.

    I will keeel them with my teefs and hydrochloric acid.