March 31, 2013

To all my Christian friends

Wishing you all a happy Easter.

May it be filled with family, friends, relaxation, and delicious (though perhaps inappropriately-named) deviled eggs.

And of course, pie.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:04am

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  1. Indeed, Happy Easter.

    And to you Baseballians, a freakishly early happy opening day.

  2. He is risen!!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind Easter wishes, Jeff! And I hope you and your family had a wonderful Passover.

  4. Thank you , Jeff.

  5. it puts the eggses in the basket

  6. God bless you all, each and every pwer.

  7. I’m about to get started on a half assed ham dinner for my parents.

    Store bought sliced cured ham -> to be heated up

    Some glazed sweet potato cubes cooked in a steamer

    Some creamed Spinach (boil in the pouch type0.

    A thawed perviously frozen cheesecake that I put some strawberry slices on.

  8. Celebrating the rise of the original Outlaw here in the Panhandle.
    Keep up the good fight in the Rocky Mt. Division!

  9. I think last Thanksgiving was the last holiday I really “felt. ” And it had a weird “and now the curtains come down” quality then. I am very much a zombie going through the motions now.

  10. Happy Easter, folks.

    Wasn’t able to see my siblings so I sent hams. The idea of them trying to make use of all the leftovers without being able to give it away to each other sorta cracks me up.

  11. That sounds rough, palaeo.

  12. Usually my troops gather at my parents’ home for an Easter soiree.

    Not this year as they are having their kitchen remodeled (they’re having pizza), #2 is working, #4 is out-of-town, #1 is going to her in-laws and I’m sick with the upper respiratory thingy my 16 m/o grandson decided to gift me with.

    We all chatted via phone, though I sound so bad I had to i.d. myself to everyone.

  13. I spent the holiday alone, but I will be flying to San Diego on Wednesday to visit my father for a few weeks, so it’s not bad.

  14. San Diego is probably uncomfortably balmy this time of year. And sunny. Snowless. Blue-skied.


  15. A village girl was recently seized by direwolves here. As it should be.

  16. Happy Easter! I spent the holiday alone as well, but May is just around the corner and I’ll be visiting family then.

  17. San Diego will have highs of low 70s and lows of mid 50s.