March 28, 2013

“Dem Senator Vows to Use Lanza Search Warrant in Gun Debate”

Good. I say go for it, Dick!

Because here’s the thing: the sooner people who don’t normally pay attention to politics find out that a US Senator is describing ammo in amounts less than the 2 bricks of 22LR so many gun owners have stuck in drawer for later plinking as “absolutely staggering,” the sooner they’ll determine who the real “extremists” in this gun-control debate truly are.


Search warrants on the home Lanza shared with his mother, Nancy, were unsealed today, and details a “Savage Mark II” .22 caliber rifle found at the home along with hundreds of rounds of miscellaneous types of ammunition and several knives. Reports varied about one to three more guns, including a BB-gun, being found at the home.

A BB-gun?  Quick. Someone do a mental health check on Ralphie!  Several knives?  Quick, send the ATF to raid the compound of The Galloping Gourmet!

The unsealing of the warrant coincided with a gun-control event at the White House, and spurred statements from lawmakers such as Blumenthal who are trying to keep the waning gun-control push alive.

“The sheer volume of ammunition, guns and weapons revealed and retrieved in these searches is absolutely staggering and should provide strong evidence for the urgency and importance of common sense gun safety measures. The apparent easy access to this huge trove of arms and ammunition by a clearly disturbed and deranged individual shows the need for a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence,” Blumenthal said.

“This means background checks for both gun and ammunition purchases, as well as a ban on high capacity magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition—sensible measures most Americans support,” he said.

The senator added he’s going “use this evidence” in April’s gun debate in the upper chamber.

Again, good.  A couple pistols, a shotgun, a rifle, and a BB gun, plus “hundreds of rounds of ammo” characterized as “absolutely staggering” may finally give pause to all these “I own a gun, I like to hunt, but even I support a ban on assault weapons”-type pleasers, who’d I’d be willing to bet own multiple rifles and shotguns and maybe a handgun, and have plenty of ammo stored away.

— And whom I bet didn’t realize until just now that they, too, were evil, in the eyes of “common sense gun control” lawmakers — and were being used temporarily as useful idiots by those who think them every last bit as evil as those whose rifles have a folding stock or a bayonet lug.

The fact of the matter is, several hundred rounds of 22LR is what many plinkers would shoot at a single range session.  Add to that another  3 or 4 mags of pistol ammo, which depending on the caliber may be upwards of 60-80 rounds, and you’ve exhausted the supply that the Lanzas had on hand.  In a single range session.

Now ask yourself:   if lawful gun owners happen to using this “absolutely staggering amount” of ammo for practice in a single range session in order to become safer and more reliable with their firearms,  wouldn’t that mean we should be celebrating such “staggering numbers” when they are used in lawful, earnest training by non-criminals? — or, as the founders and framers would have called them, the militia, or the citizens?

That was a rhetorical question, by the way.   Dick.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:31pm

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  1. My 90 year old mother-in-law has three revolvers, one semi-auto pistol, and one 22 lr rifle. However, I am deeply disappointed that she only keeps a few rounds of ammo on hand for each.

  2. Even sporting shotgun types who may not fancy an AR15 wouldn’t think twice about having 1000 rounds in the cupboard. On account of it’s cheaper in bulk. Works for cans of peaches as well as ammo.

  3. Not to mention how damned hard and expensive it is to replace those 200-500 rounds you might shoot on an excursion to the range.

    People ask why I need so many guns. I ask why they need so many gun control laws.

  4. So will we get to see the “7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from previous mass murders”?

    Inquiring minds yada yada yada…

  5. 2 “experts” for 1




  6. bgbear, are we related? My mom is the same way. I keep telling her to stock up and to clean her damned guns more than annually.

  7. hah, I had to buy a kit to keep at her house for cleaning/maint ;)

  8. OT: is supposed to be sticky or do I just need to empty my cache?

  9. After statements made by that particular Dick, no wonder ammunition is scarce. People hear crap like that and rush right out to buy as much as they can.

  10. still sticky for me

  11. People ask why I need so many guns. I ask why they need so many gun control laws.

    Ask them why Rosa Parks needed to ride at the front of the bus. Didn’t she get to her destination just as fast in the back?

  12. I’m willing to bet that Sen. Blumenthal has more shoes or hair and facial care products than Ms. Lanza had weapons.

  13. some folks know how to fight

    The upcoming filibuster is also an attempt to push back on the administration’s oft-repeated claim that a majority of the American people support the “common-sense measures” it has proposed. While public polling does indicate that a plurality favor stricter gun laws, support such laws has declined since December’s shooting.

    If Cruz, Paul, and Lee have anything to say about it, those numbers will decline further as the debate moves to a higher plane. “We could start to see those poll numbers invert,” says Lee’s aide, and Reid will have a tough time corralling 60 votes to pass his legislation. Even now, he is optimistic. “We don’t think the votes are there, and so we’re going to call them on it.”


  14. Why isn’t DHS’s stash of over a BILLION rounds considered staggering or alarming Sid?

  15. We all own arsenals now.

  16. Today I went over to Adventure Outdoors because Bob Barr was announcing his return to politics, and stayed to buy a weapon of war: a new Mosin-Nagant M91/30.

    7.62x54R ammo is actually rather inexpensive, as I discovered to my pleasure.

    I’m going to treat is as a project. Sporterizing, Picatinney rails, bipod, scope etc. It’s going to be a fun rifle to play with.

    My name is batboy and I am addicted to Libertarians and gun porn.

  17. I see a boating accident in your near future, batboy. Be careful.

  18. The filthy rich to Democrat Senators. Pass the gun laws or we cut off your money supply.

    Funny how those with their own personal private security want everyone else disarmed. But then their safety is part of the deal they have with the Democrats in return for the cash.

  19. They want the rabble disarmed so when the economy collapses they won’t be overrun.

  20. Staggering, in a bucket.

    1600 rounds is damn near out of ammo.

  21. Good thing this guy never got a look at my storage closet.

    Years ago, I mean. Before I sold all that stuff.

  22. Pass the gun laws or we cut off your money supply.

    Isn’t that called extortion?

  23. Damned Democrats have gone so far-Left as to be indistinguishable from full-fledged Communists.

    Mark Levin nailed it last night…”Hugo Chavez is not dead. He’s in the White House.”

  24. If he’d just come to my house before the tragic boating accident, he’d have something to be staggered about.

  25. does boat insurance cover losses to articles on the boat?

  26. Well, I found the three Renoirs, the Picasso, and the Titian I used to decorate my 13′ Boston Whaler were not covered.

    The dude muttered something about “real” losses.

    Little sod.

  27. I came across an article about the M-N. It appears to be a sort of collectors fad right now.

    The Russians made them by the millions, stored them, and forgot them, and all sorts of supplies keep coming to light.

    So, these days, you can get a well-made, high-powered rifle, with 440 rounds of ammunition, for around $200.

    Since the rifle has suddenly become popular, there are all sorts of replacements for things like the stock, plus there are all sorts of fun add-ons.

    Honestly, for about $400, you can have a really powerful rifle that’s fun to mod and shoot.

    Tarted up, it’s around the same price as a high-end stock Ruger 10/22 – what a beautiful little carbine! – but a bit less than something like a Remington 700 in .308. And, at about $100 for a M-N, you can easily buy a few to play around with.

    BTW, I’m not a salesman, or anything. I simply really love coming across fun, inexpensive, useful project items like this.

    Boys and their toys.

    BTW, next I want to get into Mauser 98s, and especially the Swedish 6.5x55mm Mauser. I hear they’re awesome. I want to try one of these before I try an M4 chambered for a 6.5×39mm Grendel round.

    BTW, the Mauser 98 action is so awesome, Remington has an homage, the 798.

  28. When the USA adopted the 03 Springfield the design was so similar to the Mauser 98 they had to pay Mauser a license fee.

    The Mosin-Nagant is a cheap, reliable, and accurate rifle very similar to a 30-06 ballistically.

  29. Dang, batboy! 44o rounds for $130. Russian-made and corrosive-primed, but dang!

    Looks like it would make a decent deer rifle, too.

  30. Get while the gettin’s good.

    At Blue Steel Guns & Ammunition in Raytown, the ammo truck rolls into the parking lot on Fridays. Last week, a crowd of customers was waiting for the shipment, and all 60 boxes of .22-caliber and 9 mm ammunition — thousands of rounds — were gone in 18 minutes.

    “They never even made it to the shelves,” said owner Steve Brackeen. “We just had enough time to slap a price on them and sell. And we ran out before everybody in line got some.”
    The supply side isn’t likely to catch up with demand anytime soon.

    “We are sold out for 2013,” said David Shaw, marketing director for Fiocchi, an international ammunition manufacturer with a plant in Ozark, Mo.

    Fiocchi added an extra shift to increase production, but Shaw said the plant can’t get in front of the demand.

    This isn’t the first time Shaw has seen a spike in demand.

    “But it has never happened to this degree,” he said. “Industrywide, we are not able to keep up.”

  31. Honestly I think we need to stop answering stupid questions.

    Just say no, loudly and often. In groups or alone. In public or in private.


    Seriously, have they listened to anything else for the last several decades? No. So just put your foot down.

  32. I own two Makarovs, one in .380 ACP, and the other in 9x19mm (9mm Kurtz, they call it, I believe). They truly are fun pistols to shoot. Really. They’re solid, and heavy enough not to give too much kick, ever though they’re “blowbacks.” (Sorry. Being silly.)

    I usually shoot the 9x19mm round, because it’s so cheap. All you need to do after is to clean the pistol really thoroughly to keep the barrel from corroding.

    I’ve had these pistols going on 20 years, and they work just fine. I shoot them ever month or so, and they’re just fine.

    I would say you ought never try to disassemble and reassemble what’s behind the actual trigger mechanism without taking pictures and notes.

    (So you can reassemble the how thing, dammit!)

  33. If you look around, you can find 440 rounds of 7.62x54R for under $100.

  34. And, BTW, 7.62x54R is a very powerful round.

  35. 9mm Kurtz is .380 ACP, 9mm Makarov is 9×18. 9×19 is 9mm Luger.

  36. OK. Back from the basement. The all-Russian Makarov is an IJ70 Baikal 9×18.

  37. 7.62x54R is a good round and ballisticly a match for the .308 Winchester and the 7.62x 51 NATO.

    I should pick up one of those M-Ns myself. A couple months ago I got two Chilean Mausers. One a 7×57 short rifle and the other a 7.62×51 short rifle. I like Mausers.

  38. I used to own a 9×18 Mak (years ago, when I still had guns). Mine was technically a “Baikal”, though.

    Fun, for sure.

  39. Further, I never thought to put .380 ACP in a 9x18mm pistol, or vice versa.

  40. There seem to be a lot more Chinese M-Ns than Russian ones on gunbroker.

    I kept thinking about getting a mauser from Mitchell’s Mausers, and now they are just about all gone. Oh well, I would have lost it in a boating accident anyway.

  41. If you happen to be in Atlanta, Adventure Outdoors has the M-N at about the $100 price point.

    (OK, if they didn’t sell out today.)

  42. I know nothing about Chinese M-Ns. Sorry.

    For the Russian M-Ns, I want to build a complete collection, including hexagonals. Just for the looking, mostly.

    For all my needs I go to Adventure Outdoors, and depend on the staff.

    Yes. I know. I am a moron.

    But. You know. Guns. Sorry.

  43. If you are near SW Michigan the Mausers and some M-Ns are available at a store in Kalamazoo called “On Target.”

  44. List: Items found in Adam Lanza’s home:

    One Enfield Albian bolt action rifle, .323 caliber, model No. 44MKI, SN HC22273A

    Those CT cops are the dog’s bollocks. They can find stuff that doesn’t even exist!

  45. Sootch pays a visit to Brass Stacker for Mosin Nagant goodies.

  46. .3*2*3? Albi*a*n?


    Personally, I’m terrified of the starter pistol and the BB gun.

  47. Also, why are they making such a big deal about the “bullets”? I see no reloading equipment on the list.

  48. They might be in ‘clips’ of more than 7, SBP! Then, when thrown, they could put an eye out!

  49. I’m in Minneapolis, and my car is such a piece of crap I wouldn’t trust it to take me anywhere very far away.

  50. Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward

    Just as a pitcher chucking the ball over the plate stands to be hit between the eyes by a sharp come-backer over the mound, so may ObaZma find this li’l puffball zinging right toward his nose-bridge. He pays his money, he takes his chances.

  51. Why would anybody ever want to leave the workers’ paradise of Minneapolis?

  52. You persuade one of your fellow Minnysotans to give their more reliable vehicle to you. Or else.

    Go big or go home.

    We are talking a SHTF situation, yes? If not, then disregard.

  53. I have only shot about 5-10 rounds from my M-N but, when I hit a one gallon water jug from 40 yds it flew about 8 feet in the air. hee hee.

  54. If the SHTF I would probably be going with my friend to his family farm in the toolies. His car works fine, and since he lives in the same house (duplex) he won’t be able to “forget” me.

    I just meant that I couldn’t road trip to get a gun outside the state, because I might not make it back.

  55. Do you have a motorcycle and a backpack? Problem solved when things thaw out, anyway.

    I agree with bugging out for the tules or someone’s vacation/hunting cabin if the SHTF.

  56. I have a motorcycle, but it’s a street bike. If I had to I could use that, but I could not transport much else.

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