March 28, 2013

Statist end games: universal checks, “mental health” screening, and now this:

A sub rosa move in the shadows by Democrats to remove a budgetary check on what in effect would be a gun registry, namely, the Tiahrt Amendment — which would as a result remove compulsory eTrace data destruction, remove the necessity destroy background check information after 24 hours,  and empower the ATF to go after gun dealers who sold guns legally that were later used in crimes:

removing the eTrace data destruction provision would give the ATF the power to pull the plug on any gun dealer tied to any gun used in any crime—without proving criminal culpability. And open them up to civil lawsuits.

Can you imagine the number of law school-trained ambulance chasers who’d try to take a gun dealer to the cleaners for selling a gun used in a crime? The resulting awards would be . . . chilling. Gun dealers would go down in droves. How great is that?


The ATF would love to “inspect” all gun dealers who sell a certain number of “crime guns” like, say, one. See? They’re suspects in a crime! Stripped of the Tiahrt restrictions, the ATF could continue to be a law unto themselves—only more so.

The Democrats’ Tiahrt Must Die letter concludes by waving the bloody shirt and, laughably, uses the ATF’s own gun running operation to justify unchaining the agency that also brought us the Waco massacre (76 dead, 25 children) and Ruby Ridge (mother and daughter assassinated).

The text of the referenced March 26 letter can be found here.

Make no mistake: between the White House whispering in the ears of state Democratic legislators and governors, the Bloomberg-Brady cabal to send lobbyists into states to push gun bans, and the efforts of Democrats in Congress to remove protections for gun dealers so that a government agency can create conditions under which gun dealing becomes unprofitable and filled with legal and monetary hassle, the push to weaken the 2nd Amendment to the point of irrelevancy is on — full fledged and with only the ghoulish spectacle of blood soaked children to camouflage its real aims — and people like Joe Scarborough or other “sensible” “conservatives” who want to pretend you are some kind of conspiracy nut for noticing what is truly happening are Trojan-horse forces for the agenda of big government statism.  They care as little about your natural rights as any other would be tyrant. They believe in a powerful centralized government that “fixes” all of societies problems using their efficient management skills and super-special braininess.

Rick Moran is wrong:  we TEA Party-types aren’t running out of people to purge.  Our problem, as constitutionalists, is that we continue to pretend (or perhaps hope is a better term) that the Big Tent the establishment GOP pushes in any way benefits us.  It doesn’t.  All it does is invite the statists into our ranks, where they cross the aisle to work with Democrats, passing legislation we don’t want in “our” name.

Free yourselves.  We may go down as a result, but at least we’ll share no culpability for the wreckage.  And at the end of the day, that’s something, at least.

(h/t Geoff B)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:45pm

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  1. Of course Betty McCollum attached her name to that piece of excrescence. Guess it’s time to pay her office another visit. For all the good it’ll do.

  2. So who does the audit to make sure they destroy the records?

  3. Will some small handful of the Democrats recognize the over-reach before they commit it, acting to stop their own destruction? Possible, I guess, but in the light of the Democrat flip on Iraq in 2004 (after voting for the AUMF), imperiling the entire nation — to say nothing of the men and women on the ground at the time — their political prudence is well beyond missing in action.

  4. Before GCA-68 there was no such animal as a Federal Firearms License. The FFL meant that to buy or sell firearms across State lines you had to be an approved person and the approval was subject to the ATF. For quite a few years obtaining an FFL was not too much of a big deal though the record keeping and possible inspections were a hassle.

    Under Clinton it became the rule that you had to have a legitimate business, a real business, to have an FFL. Just wanting to be able to buy and sell for yourself and friends was out. There was the C&R license, Curios & Relics for collectors of old firearms but if you wanted something not old and collectible then you had to go through someone who had a business and an FFL.

    There has been a slow process of making the number of FFLs smaller by making the rules more stringent. C&Rs are also being targeted for harassment so as to make them drop out and do their buying and selling through FFLs.

    This push now will destroy most if not all FFLs except those who get political protection. Once the government has complete control of those who buy and sell they can dictate what and to whom such buying and selling will be done and at what price. This would be to guns as Obamacare is to healthcare. ATF would be as HHS.

    An added plus is that it would make it easier to do a gun registry once Universal Background Checks are in place since ATF and FBI would have access to all sales records from all time. FBI could then pull out their backup copies of the “destroyed” records and use them.

  5. In other, related or not who knows, news. ATF along with Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents and sheriff’s deputies raided FPS Russia’s Kyle Myers.

    ATF believes Myers may be violating a federal law regulating such explosives, according to ATF spokesman Richard Coes.
    No arrests were made, nor did Coes know if any explosives were seized.

    “The idea at one of the locations was to take firearms, but they did not do that,” Coes said.

    Tannerite Youtube terrorism!!! OMG – 11!!!

  6. Presumably they would go after the retailers who sold these criminals clothes to wear as well. I mean, they were wearing clothes when they committed the crimes weren’t they? Well, most of them anyway.

  7. Democrats are collectively pulling these gun control stunts because they believe they’ve snared a majority of ‘Americans’ for life, with their Community Organizing tactics. Dems offered phantasms of ‘good lives for everyone, just vote for us, we’ll take care of you!’ to overly pampered post-baby-boomers who fell for their guile hook, line and sinker. None of these who voted Obama had enough reason to figure out that Democrat’s far-Left promises are unsustainable, and will cause this Republic to fail and fall.

    That fall will satisfy Obama immensely.

  8. That fall will satisfy Obama immensely.

    Much like the fall of Italy satisfied Mussolini, ideally.

  9. As goes California, so goes the nation? Where it’s not prohibited to legally own a gun…merely impossible.

  10. An erstwhile lamp-post is as good as a trap-door falling from beneath the wrong-doer’s feet. Let that be a satisfaction to him, if satisfaction he must have.

  11. As goes California, so goes the nation? Where it’s not prohibited to legally own a gun…merely impossible.

    Not impossible, just extremely difficult. By design.

    But fear not, the Democrat-controlled state legislature is hard at work towards making it truly impossible.