March 25, 2013

“Morning Joe panelists: Opposition to Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Campaign Motivated by Anti-Semitism”

Well, they wouldn’t be the left if they didn’t find in principled opposition to the overweening attempts by an egocentric billionaire to legislate away one of our natural rights well beyond his own city some sort of ulterior motive by fringe constitutionalists and teabaggers.

This time, it’s our Jew hate. Which we’re camouflaging in our pretend outrage at common-sense gun regulations being pushed nationally by a kindly rich Hebe who has done so much to keep ungrateful New Yorkers safe from sodas and trans fats and salt and Styrofoam take-out containers — and who is taking his message of governmental caring to many a far flung state by way of paid lobbyists, who he’s employing to make sure the dullards in those states don’t interfere with his designs on helping them. Representative government that continues to resist progress — that is, that doesn’t abide the benevolent tyrannies pushed by a NY Mayor — being no kind of legitimate government at all.

And Al Sharpton, among others, is very very concerned about this subtext of Jew hate.. His being a long-time champion of the Jews and all.

Let me answer this way: the only people who will buy this premise are other lefties, and even then, only because they’ll see it as a way to try and damage constitutionalists. That is, they’ll try to manufacture this kind of gross libel and then spread it, pretending that they are themselves champions of the Jews — and they will express OUTRAGE that Bloomberg is meeting resistance from racist, anti-semitic gun nuts unwilling to consider common-sense advice from some uppity rich kike.

They can all fuck off. And Bloomberg can fuck off with them — not because he’s a Jew, but because he’s a narcissist and a would-be tyrant who is buying influence in states that didn’t elect him. That is, he’s a carpetbagger.

War is coming. And the establishment knows it. So I expect them to pull out all the stops they can to divide us into identity factions and pit us against one another.

Sadly for them, we aren’t leftists. And we will separate ourselves out only into those who desire liberty and those who do not.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:48pm

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  1. I think that the group of people who believe that liberty trumps everything is not a majority, but would still be a majority faction, since we tend to not draw our lines around the identity groups promoted by the Frankfurt School apologists on the left (and often on the right). The left tends to fracture under those circumstances if pushed.

    Strong believers in liberty were never a majority in this country, they just carried enough of the middle along with them to get the country off of the ground. And now, the new Tories are carrying those others along, and we are left alone.

  2. How did Sharpton keep his head from assploding?

  3. Barnicle is a fucking douchebag. There, I said it.

  4. Winter is coming.

  5. I really didn’t think these asshats could go this far. They have truly jumped the shark. Politics as farce. Not even any farting or dick jokes.

  6. Johnny? Or Edgar?

  7. It seems as if the irony of the fact that he was appearing on a panel with a man who actually led a pogrom in the United States was lost on fabulist Barnicle?

  8. Oh, Johnny I hope!

  9. Old Man, if I look out my window, despite the calendar.

  10. Well then, look yonder he goes, plus Muddy (and some other friends).

  11. Good stuff! 1974 was a good year for blues.

    Good mix of sun and rain. Inflation and unemployment didn’t hurt neither!

  12. fascist jews scare me a little

    more than regular fascists even

    is that wrong?

  13. reminds me of one of the original SNL Weekend Update stories:

    Chevy Chase: The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution equating Zionism with racism. Black entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., a convert to Judaism, was quoted as saying: “What a breakthrough! Now, finally, I can hate myself!”

  14. “Tell us the story about “Hymietown” again, Unka Al!”

  15. Sharpton was on board this crazy train?

    Rev. Al Sharpton? He of the Crown Heights riot and the burning of Freddy’s Fashion Mart?

    This is beyond gobsmacking. More like gob and anti-gob collide and are mutually annihilated. The shark is jumped, as are the piranha, alligator gar, crocodiles, moray eels, and box jellyfish.

  16. is that wrong?

    I dunno. As totalitarians go, we should maybe ask Lev Brohnstein, or his brother-in-law, Lev Kamenev.

  17. the internet says the first one got exiled and the second one got executed

    I like where this is going

  18. I’ve been listening and watching the news most of the day today, both at home and in the car, and there is fuck all that is newsworthy being reported.

    Amanda Knox: will Italian Prosecutors try for another indictment?
    Stabby Chick in Arizona: Is she making shit up? Why do we care?
    Gay Marriage: It’s inevitable re: Left Newz Networks
    Gay Marriage: It’ll maybe/probably/never happen re: Faux Newz
    Weather: Damn! It’s snowing in March on the East Coast! The horror!
    Banks in Cyprus: Crickets

    This is fucked up. New media isn’t any better. Soft-soap stories about CJ Roberts lesbian cousin, the court watcher. Rob Portman’s kid pens his coming out story. Paris is demonstrating for traditional marriage and getting maced by the gendarmes for their efforts.

    Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

  19. Barnicle is a fucking douchebag. There, I said it.

    JD has always been a man of truth and eloquence in speech.

    Having put up with that twatwaffle Barnicle here in MA for years, I was glad when he moved on to the national stage.

  20. I think my new answer to everything is going to be “because it’s my culture and who are you to question my culture, or toattempt to deny me my authenticity?”

    Why do you need 30 rounds to hunt deer?

    It’s my culture.

    Why would deny a woman’s right to chose?

    It’s my culture.

    Why do want to oppress the poor minorities of the world?

    It’s my culture.

    And who the fuck are you to tell my that my culture can’t be celebrated?

  21. So being anti-gun is somehow being anti-Jewish? Isn’t Israel once of the most heavily armed countries in the world? Doesn’t their government require citizens to keep guns at-the-ready?

  22. Sorry – their logic is pro-gun = anti-Jewish

  23. Sorry – their logic is pro-gun = anti-Jewish

    That’s a different guy we should talk to then, Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

  24. No, Scott, it’s simpler (or “more special”) than that.

    Bloomberg is a Jew, you see. Or at least his momma was, so technically so is he.

    Gun rights folks are bad-mouthing Bloomie, not because he’s a jew but because he’s a fucking loon. But since he is a jew, they’re anti-semitic. Curse one jew, you’re an anti-semite.

    See? Special.

  25. If only his last name were Smith or Jones. Then we would be treated to the farce of a lefty complaining that we’re “anti-rich” or some damn thing.

  26. Unless your a Lefty In Good Standing. Then you can say whatever about the Jews, because you’re not anti-semitic, your just anti-Zionist.

  27. Considering that disarming Jews led to centuries of pogroms and eventually the Holocaust, you’d think more Jews would tell Nanny Bloomie to shove gun control up his controlling butt. Unfortunately, most Jews in the US are liberal, and with the left ideology always trumps everything else.

  28. Lev Bronstein, IIRC, was exiled and then assassinated — folklore says the weapon was an icepick, but that’s not quite right.

  29. I’d always heard a mountaineering pickaxe, but that isn’t to say icepicks aren’t quite useful in their own right.

  30. Schumer’s “universal background check” bill will allow anyone who wants to check up on you to get. All they would need is the basic information your dealer calls in to the FBI. Basically, your name and address, and your “social” if they can get it.

    Plus, though not confirmed yet,

    [A]nyone will be able to add your name to the NICS “committed” list.

  31. Sort of like they got Trotsky?

  32. Why the fuck would anybody ask Al “Diamond Merchant/Sheister” Sharpton about antisemitism? 1. He’s an antisemite. 2. he’s a fucking pro-liar and community shit stirrer aka racial relations arsonist. 3. Far from being a “feelings” anti-semite he gave a speech that many like directly to what happened at Freddy’s Fashion Mart and before that the Crown Heights Riot.

    If you are a person who sincerely worries about what Al Sharpton thinks is anti-semitic then you are an idiot and I would not mind explaining that to the side of your head with my shoe. Don’t let thuggish garbage like Sharpton win. The fact that he is one Bloomberg’s side should be all the proof Bloomberg needs that he is on the wrong track.

  33. “leigh says March 25, 2013 at 5:23 pm
    Sort of like they got Trotsky?”

    Exactly 100% like the got Trotsky. Lev Davidovitch Bronstein was Leon Trotsky’s “real” given name.

  34. JD says March 25, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    How did Sharpton keep his head from assploding?

    Would take several kilotons to overcome that vacuum.

  35. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was Joe Stahlin’s real name. Yeah, he called himself “Joe Steel” and made it stick. Classy. Way better than Joey Stained Pants (he had a fussy gut supposedly) or Joey Show Trials.

    Lenin was “Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov”.

  36. Shows what I know, palaeo. I learn a lot here.

  37. Cet obscur objet du désir and Archduke Franz Ferdinand walk into a bar and order up a catastrophe. Says the barkeep, “Whadda’ya want one of those for?”

    “Oh, we don’t know really,” say the patrons, “We were bored and thought the world could use something to do.”

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  39. So. The Troubles are upon them again?

  40. “sdferr says March 25, 2013 at 6:14 pm
    Cet obscur objet du désir and Archduke Franz Ferdinand walk into a bar and order up a catastrophe. Says the barkeep, “Whadda’ya want one of those for?”
    “Oh, we don’t know really,” say the patrons, “We were bored and thought the world could use something to do.””

    Reset/Overcharge Button indeed. Yipes. Interesting times confirmed. Or to quote a certain joke ‘Ok, the coffee break’s over guys, back on your heads.’

  41. Ernst Schreiber says :

    “I think my new answer to everything is going to be “because it’s my culture and who are you to question my culture, or toattempt to deny me my authenticity?”

    Why do you need 30 rounds to hunt deer? It’s my culture.

    Why would deny a woman’s right to chose? It’s my culture.

    Why do want to oppress the poor minorities of the world? It’s my culture.

    And who the fuck are you to tell my that my culture can’t be celebrated?”

    … Well and Nicely done, Ernst … I’ll share the thought!

  42. midget pickles is culture too

    pro-tip: if you hold a midget pickle between your knees you won’t never get pregnated, which is very pro-life cause of you won’t never be tempted to go to the doctor for a procedure what will unpregnate you

  43. “Because it’s my culture” is just a cultured way of saying, “Because fuck you.”

    It has possibilities.

  44. Let’s see, this is my Culture because fuck you.

    Yeah. That works.

  45. Support from the Self-beclowning society is always in poor taste and, if we’re being candid, a good tell on how well it’s going to work out.

  46. Good Variety-esque headline: Twitter Twit a petty putrid pinhead.

    Okay I saw Jim Carrey making fun of Sam Elliot, the south, the west, and Charton Heston with a lame little song. I guess it’s supposed to shame me, except I know I’m not a child murderer and I know that neither are Same Elliot and Charlton Heston, nor is the south, or the west. Why are they taking heat for what a screwed up weird young man did? What is this tacky juvenile bullshit and who is it supposed to impress? Am I supposed to get confused and hope that Jim Carrey thinks I’m cool because I am too stupid understand intuitively that I am not a child murderer merely because I have a gun or come from a culture that Jim Carrey feels his nonsense makes him superior to?

    I’d much rather protect my family than have a jabbering dip like Jim Carrey stupidly decide that I’m cool. I’d rather protect my family than worry about a clownish jack ass like Jim Carrey stupidly associating me with a murderer who shot up a school.

    Pull your dumb pants up Jim; your dumb ass is showing.

  47. I read something about Carrey talking out of his ass. Again.

    That gag never gets old.

  48. jim carrey is like cher I think

    you can tell they’re bored and lonely and watch a lot of cnn

    but that’s cause of they made bad choices

  49. Ol’ Chuck Darwin hella hearted him some barnacles, crazy bad — more even than those other invertebrates, Victorian bidges.

  50. “Okay I saw Jim Carrey making fun of Sam Elliot,…”

    Uh, does Ol Jim Carrey know that Sam Elliot is still alive? Ya s’pose we should give him the 411?

  51. No matter how things come out in the next few weeks, this battle is going to continue. Bloomberg is counting on the billions he has at his disposal wearing us down.

    I don’t intend to be worn down, and I hope you won’t either. Just beating this guy isn’t enough for me. My goal is to eventually be able to legally carry a firearm of my choice in the City of New York, whether walking in front of City Hall or Gracie Mansion, and for there to be not a damned thing the Mayor or anyone else can do about it. I’m done with the idea of there being two Americas when it comes to guns. The Second Amendment applies to Chicago as much as Cheyenne, and to New York as much as it does Nashville.


  52. Now geoff, how is he supposed to enjoy flaunting his moral superiority if he has to worry about his personal safety? Fear of being victimized is for the little people.

  53. What would there to be to worry about on an island where the population is completely disarmed? Isn’t that the kind of “safe place” he is wanting for us all? Could it be that your safety, even among the unarmed, depends on you being armed?

    Just asking.

  54. manhattan is kind of a pussy island bloomberg or no bloomberg

    it’s osama’s island way more than it’s bloomberg’s

    or even the mafia’s

    osama pwn3d those fuckers

    I’m embarrassed for them

  55. Bojuka is a self defense system based on behaviourally realistic and natural body movements.

    It says it was developed here in America.

    Bojuka was founded in 1990 by Tom Schrenk, who, according to his website, has spent over 25 years researching and studying various martial arts techniques. The name is an amalgamation of three specific martial arts, boxing, jujitsu and karate.

    ok. sure.

    Schrenk established Bojuka in Ohio in 1990, before opening a studio in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania in 2006.

    so we have a homegrown midwestern martial art?

    for reals?

    nobody tells me anything

    I want a t-shirt

  56. So. The Troubles are upon them again?

    Leigh, not all of Pete King’s buddies took a government job. Some of them just can’t keep their hands off the semtex. What can you do? Psychopathic killers got to kill.

  57. So, is this the new dog whistle? Oppose anything Teh Black Man does, and it’s teh RACISM!!1>!1!.

    Oppose the favored Jew, and you are anti-semitic!(eleventy)!

    But opposing Teh White Man makes you a righteous crusader against the corporate oligarchy?

    Right, ok, thanks. I KNEW there was a reason I read this blog!

  58. Great, now I have to learn a whole NEW lexicon of stealth racism “code words.”

  59. Wait a sec. I thought we were supposed to hate the jooooooooos. Because Palestine. Or the West Bank. Or Gaza.

    So now, we can’t hate joooooooooooos? Because guns?

    What’s a good progressive to do? It’s like the particle/wave theory of light. What you see depends on what you look for.

    I am confused.

  60. Still unable to confirm rumors that Jim Carrey is funny.

    Of course, I haven’t actually been trying…

  61. Psychopathic killers got to kill.

    I used to cheer when the bastards starved in prison, by their own hand. What a bunch of showboating arseholes.

    I feared we hadn’t seen the last of them and their bloody ways. Sinn Fein is nothing more than Celtic Jihad. How we ever allowed that bastard, Gerry Adams, on US soil without clapping him in irons still bothers me.

    I lost a good friend (she isn’t dead, just dead to me) over The Troubles. She is an Irish National and a booster of the IRA. I told her in the midst of a rather heated argument that she was just a goddamn terrorist, so admit it and make a clean breast of it. She told me to get the fuck out of her house. So I did and that’s where we left it.

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  64. I used to cheer when the bastards starved in prison, by their own hand.

    We used to joke;

    Q: What did Bobby Sands leave his wife in his will?
    A: 66 lunch vouchers.

    Your friend didn’t think they were terrorists? Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry couldn’t be reached for comment.

  65. “Bojuka is a self defense system based on behaviourally realistic and natural body movements.”

    Cavemen invented weapons using sticks and rocks to combat said self defense systems.

  66. i think that just means that you look super-cool when you bojuka

    there’s none of this wax on wax off business

  67. SW, that incident was the final straw for me. If the cowardly bombings weren’t proof enough for her, obviously nothing would be.

  68. “i think that just means that you look super-cool when you bojuka”

    Hand to hand is for idiots or when there is no weapon available.

  69. A word to those who would prove they are the most antisemitic of all antisemites, ever: Catheterize!

  70. Can you do tag-team filibustering, thus allowing people to take breaks? I’m not sure of the rules.

  71. i don’t have any feelings about it other than as a fun bit of americana

    mostly i just want the t-shirt

  72. Still unable to confirm rumors that Jim Carrey is funny.

    Of course, I haven’t actually been trying…

    He makes a perfectly credible buffoon. That can be amusing in a laughing at not with him sort of way.

  73. I asked about that myself a while back cranky-d, since I too don’t know the rules, but didn’t get any answer. Having thought about it awhile though, my reckoning is that practically speaking, it would be next to impossible, since the requirement would hinge on the President of the Senate recognizing the tag-teamer in potentia as holding the floor, which decision is entirely at the discretion of the chair. So, once captured, the floor would have to be held by the Senator who gets to it first.

  74. I liked Carey for a while, but I haven’t seen anything he’s done since the one where Morgan Freeman played G-d and let Carey take over the job. I enjoyed it.

    I don’t see much of anything in the movie theather any more, so avoiding him won’t be an issue.

    On the subject of Senate procedure, I imagine you are right, sdferr. I guess it would take at least 41 Senators interested in continuing a filibuster to maintain it when the participants are relinquishing the floor.

  75. Cranky, I may have seen The Grinch after seeing that one — and concluded that if it doesn’t have Boris Karloff and Thurl Ravenscroft, it ain’t worth watching.

  76. Still unable to confirm rumors that Jim Carrey is funny

    In his lame, unfunny, mean-spirited new song, Carrey takes a cheap shot at Charlton Heston by singing “Charlton Heston movies are no longer in demand…”

    Based on the box office performance of the last half dozen bowel movements he laughingly calls “films”, it’s pretty clear that Jim Carrey movies are no longer in demand either.

    At least Charlton Heston can claim the excuse that he’s dead.

  77. I think I saw The Grinch, but I’ve blocked it out. I don’t recall much about it.

    The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur still grab eyes on TCM.

  78. Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green also get watched whenever I come across them. Can’t say the same for anything Jim Carrey has done — those are worth a single viewing, if that.

  79. I can’t recall watching a movie with Jim Carrey in it.

    He’s like Robin Williams without the talent.

  80. I may have watched The Mask more than once. I think his Andy Kaufman movie was probably his best — but Kaufman was weirder than he is, so…

  81. I always found Carrey loathesome, even back when he was on In Living Color. Never understood the attraction. In retrospect, I assume it was because America was on the rebound, after their brief tumultuous affair with Mr. Yahoo Serious.

  82. I don’t get it. We’re camouflaging our Jew hate? Why would we do that when good progressive folks like the Rev. Jesse Jackson have made it cool to be an anti-semite again? If we’re down with the Jew hate shouldn’t we be loud and proud? Shouldn’t we laugh in the face of the Mayor of Hymietown?

  83. Mr. Carey is in that awkward “Any Publicity is Good Publicity” stage in his evolving non-career.