March 16, 2013

Congrats to Satch, 2nd-place finisher at the Li’l Tiger Classic in Bennett, CO

He lost to a very skilled kid whom he could have beaten, but then he came back in his final match and was as dominant as I’ve ever seen him.

So it probably was me who jinxed him. At any rate, even a champion needs a week off from being a champion now and again. For humility’s sake. And there are a few things I’ve been able to take from his matches today that I think I can use as teaching tools and really build off of.

I’ll have video up later, but first I have an art show to attend. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:11pm

Comments (6)

  1. That’s a proud smile! I bet he’s got that winner’s walk.

  2. I think you’re going to need a bigger trophy cabinet.

  3. Got to let the other guys think they have a shot, or they’ll refuse to wrestle him.

  4. Grats dude. Just keep getting better.

  5. Way to lock up a scholarship early, Satch. Keep up the good work, kid!

  6. Congratulations! Awesome.