February 26, 2013

Maybe a picture can explain it … [Darleen Click]

by Michael Ramirez


Bob Woodward combs his Thesaurus for every synonym possible when it all boils down to Obama lied

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  1. Ramirez should get a Nobel prize that actually means something.

  2. The alternate interpretation of the illustration is that inflation has been alive in the federal government … but not in the economy. When the Fed eventually lets interest rate float, in their “end game,” we can expect hyperinflation that will make Jimmy Carter look like a genius.

  3. Pie schmie. I want an app for my free phone so’s I can order some free rubbers.

  4. I was surprised the WaPo even printed that Woodward piece. Its basically saying Obama is lying his ass off.

  5. Official counterfeiters live here. Is it live or is it taped in the Bahamas?

    Silly bastards can’t even speak properly.

    Bonus points: Finally, the news the right can’t get its little head around. At nearly a hundred trillion new fake dollars a month, the left just loves it some.

    America. Kept solvent by disguising sheer insolvency; the policy of exploring monetary redefinitions on a daily basis.

    If you’re watching Bernanke, note the contained terror in his voice. What a job.

  6. JHo, I just posted this comment about Canadian coins back in the late ’60s or early ’70s, but somehow it seems apt here as well.

    If being legal tender isn’t really necessary, at what point does being legal tender stop being enough?

  7. Mrs. Darth is already trading our neighbor the occasional plate of cookies (and goodwill, of course) for weekly allergy injections.

    Until the nannystate whistleblowers get wind of unregulated healthcare!!! happening.

  8. WTF, Outlaws? Jack Lew is all set to be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury when he quite obviously understands nothing about banking, monies and finance.

    Chuck Hagel is all set to sail through as Secretary of Defense despite the fact that he’s a raging anti-Semite and a gold-plated idiot who isn’t quite sure what the SoD does.

    Brennan is looking at some tough sledding, but I predict his nomination will be confirmed even though his philosophy is counter to America’s best interest.

    How much longer are we supposed to put up with this?

  9. leigh, the right needs to get its collective head around gross monetary debasement by running federal policy. Pursuant that, the other thing it needs to get its head around is that the beneficiaries of such policy own this government.

    The answer to your question about the Sec of Treasury more or less writes itself when that’s understood.

  10. Now Bernanke is speaking about a globe full of monetary problems and trillions and trillions of dollars in relocated wealth entirely contemporaneously, as if a hundred years of Fed policy and the resulting three cent dollar and the clear path that relocation always seeks somehow never preexisted them.

    This is institutional madness in a finite, round globe monopolized by these exclusive, unrepresented machinations.

    Bernanke is speaking like a guilty child to a room full of schoolmarms who desperately want to give him a second chance. This is a fucking joke.

    And here comes Schumer softballing Bernanke by framing this bent, warped reality in terms of the horrors sequestration. This is a fucking joke. These people have no souls.

  11. Note that what’s good for establishmentarian monetary and fiscal news is good for the stock market — it’s literally all that’s keeping it afloat, primarily via a weak dollar and pumped bank stocks — and is in turn roughly bad for metals. The inverse holds too, obviously.

    Posted as gold spiked as Schumer took the mic:

    gold price charts provided by goldprice.org

    And finally, here comes Corker asking the hard questions re: currency warts, which Bernanke immediately lied about. Bernanke’s petulance in three, two, one…

  12. JHo, we also needs to keep an eye on the PIGS. Italy is getting ready to do a great swan dive which will set the rest of Europe on its collective asses and rumble around the globe to take out our markets in its wake.

    People will watch their “wealth” evaporate right before their eyes.

  13. Given that the world spins on central bank axis, Bernanke simply dismissed the question as how to unwind the Fed’s galaxy-sized and increasingly parabolic balance sheet.

    He dismissed the question and central banking’s congressional employees nodded appreciatively.

    Therefore there can be no wrap around effect, leigh. Progressive reality has just spoken and if push comes to shove surely the presses will roll and the funds you and I are liable for and to will reinflate our friends in the PIGS, they being too big to fail.

  14. Well, bless Lizzy Warren’s Apache heart demanding to know when Too Big To Fail, which is flagrant big bank subsidy plain and simple, will end. Monkeys just flew out of the Fed’s back door.

  15. Progressive reality has just spoken and if push comes to shove surely the presses will roll and the funds you and I are liable for and to will reinflate our friends in the PIGS, they being too big to fail.

    Well, knock me over with a moving van. What a shocka.

  16. DarthLevin says February 26, 2013 at 8:51 am

    I’ve said before, more than once, that criminalizing the use of unprescribed OTC medications — practicing medicine (on oneself) without a license! — is in our future.

    It started as a joke, but now I think I made the mistake of giving them ideas.

  17. Taking off from comment #2 by Neo.

    The modern Democratic Party could be viewed as being built around the principle that every vote, is a bought and paid for vote, paid for by, to the maximum extent possible, other peoples money. This has worked for them at least since the FDR times.

    In 1994 there were a series of Democrat scandals where the general population got a peek at this principle in action and they lost the House. The Republicans, not understanding their exact role in this system, tried to run as if they were the New-Democrats. It didn’t work out so well for them and they lost out in 2006.

    The establishment Republicans then came to realize what their place was in this. They are to be the side that attracts all those who want to stop the Democrat vote buying scheme, and to always, just barely, not be able to stop it. For this they get to partake of some of the table scraps from the Democratic Party feast. This was their role for most of the 20th century.

    They problem with this whole system, the weak point, is the OPM that is the support for the entire edifice. The money has to come from, be generated by, some source which is outside the system itself. This outside source must be larger than the insiders system and not be able to or want to fight the theft.

    Sometimes it is said that the Democrats resemble an organized crime syndicate. I think it is more that their Party through its big city machines came to see that organized crime was built in imitation of government not the other way around.

    Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the course of taking back control of “their” system of governance from the Republicans and ensuring that they never should actually lose it again have let loose a monster that may consume them along with all of us too.

    To cement their power they raised the price they would pay for votes. The stimulus was the first shot and aimed at buying the votes in elections and of those in the lower levels of governments. These payments then became the new normal expected by their base. The second price inflation was during the Obamacare voting. Things like the “Cornhusker kickback” showed the higher levels of the Party that they too could now demand more, much more than before. Once these expectations are there they can only increase over time.

    This is the real curve the Obama has bent. The vote-price curve has been setup to go hyperbolic. They are riding a monster that must eat up more and more OPM, but the more it eats the less OPM there is the next time. Not ending well.

  18. Typos included above as a free extra.

  19. I came for the *mmm, mmm* and stayed for the pie.