February 24, 2013

Happy 10-month birthday, Tanner!


tanner and dad


And congrats to Satch for medaling in the Northern Colorado Grappler’s open, taking fourth:



Busy, exhausting day, traveling to Northern Colorado in a snowstorm.

Thanks for all the help, Jeep!


Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:07pm

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  1. A couple of years from now Tanner will look at this photo and with great affection say”

    Daddy, you spelled your name wrong!

  2. I’ve heard that joke somewhere before.

  3. That’s one big medal. Way to go, Satch!

  4. One has not lived until he’s been spell-checked by a three-year-old.

  5. Satch looks tired, how many matches did he have?

    Some of those tournaments are brutal, great job little dude.

  6. He had 4 matches today. Should have had a fifth, but he lost a chance to wrestle for second because of a penalty point for “grabbing headgear.”

  7. for “grabbing headgear.”

    sounds like a choom thing

  8. Great job, Satch.

  9. Congrats Satch!! Awesome job!

    Congrats to the Wrestling parents, too, for braving the snow to get to the match and cheer.

  10. Way to go, Satch!

  11. Satch appears to be either exhausted or exhibiting a sort of stationary swagger. Or both, maybe.

    Beautiful kids, Jeff.

    This post makes me want to stop and realize just how fortunate I am as a dad. That probably wasn’t your intention, but that’s what it does to me.

  12. Good for you, Satch! Keep on this path, all the way to the Olympics!

  13. That was cold, serr8d.

  14. Huh, scooter?


    Nobody tells me these things.

  15. That can’t last. The Olympics started with wrestling; possibly the oldest sport in human history.

    “Title 9” claims another sport…

    This is the worst blow to wrestling, but not the only one. Many American colleges have cut their wrestling programs because of scarce budgets and Title IX requirements to equally support women’s athletics.

    “Wrestling unfortunately has become an endangered sport in the last 20 years,” says Mike Finn, editor of Wrestling Insider Newsmagazine.

  16. And yet another sport on the countdown clock.

  17. Congratulations, Master Satchel!

  18. Well, that’s it then… no 2nd Amendment rights for ex-NFL players. What with the whole ticking timebomb of dementia thing.

  19. Well done, Satchel! Can’t wait for the first time you pin your dad!