February 24, 2013

Juan Williams: “I can open this shirt and show you the scars and the knife wounds.” [Darleen Click]

Ironically, Williams is a squishy liberal, but obviously to Big Media, even that isn’t good enough, especially given the hue of his melanin.

Posted by Darleen @ 10:41am


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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you Mr. Williams

  2. Evidently ol’ neighbor Juan’s children have drawn lessons from their dad’s treatment by the left which he himself hasn’t been capable of drawing for himself. Habit is a harsh mistress: ‘specially when she’s told sexually suggestive jokes.

  3. Juan is nobody’s shill.

  4. Did I miss something ?


    NPR cuts with stealth, and always with the edge of the blade.

  5. Mr. Hoffer had some useful insights on this, as I recall.

  6. When I twitterered this post’s link, I invoked the NPR hashtag, which led me to a fascinating-depressing show featuring economist Richard Wolff, ‘Taming Capitalism‘. Interesting it is; Wolff has plenty of complaints, but few suggestions as to ‘how’ to tame capitalism in this here failing Republic.

  7. Juan is nobody’s shill.

    That’s too bad, because he would make a really good one.

  8. Is Juan Williams the next Bernie Goldberg?

  9. Juan is nobody’s shill.

    Juan’s a lot like a broken clock and he’s unafraid to spew talking points.

  10. Juan must be writing a book. (I don’t bother to read the link.)

  11. I’d like to like him, but he’s at best a useful idiot who parrots and defends progressive politics. Every now and then he says something reasonable, but not often.

  12. I like him okay, at least he tries. He just doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to work with.

  13. I kinda think it’s the other way around Bmoe, that is, he has sublimated his natural intelligence to his desire to be loved and to get ahead in his field. Besides, the parroting stuff he does is in some respects an easier path than striking out on his own. Few do.

  14. You would have to find a capitalism before you tame it.