February 23, 2013

My civic duty for the day, done

And that is this:  for all you Colorado residents, or even for those of you who were thinking about maybe vacationing in CO or moving here or opening a business here or investing here, I give you this list of CO Senators’ email addresses, as well as the contact information for Governor Hickenlooper, whom I suspect is beginning to realize that a massive, ideologically-driven set of anti-gun laws will completely divide the Colorado electorate, leaving the Democrats only the urban areas — as well as kill one of the most successful homegrown Colorado businesses, Magpul, who has said it will relocate should these measures (particularly, the ban on magazines over 15 rounds) be signed into law, destroying countless ancillary jobs, most especially Colorado’s plastics manufacturing industry.

All so that women can protect themselves on college campuses from rapists who now know they’re unarmed, but who henceforth must fear their prey might own a deadly whistle or may be willing to fake having their period or an STD (confusing the predator before unleashing a fearsome judo attack on men perhaps 100 pounds heavier than they). #WINNING!

— Whether they fear these poor dumb helpless dearies will be able to work a whistle without fainting first, well, that’s still up for debate.  Perhaps government-funded whistle training courses are in the works. Because the truth remains, delicate creatures are these women (save for their capacity for brutal judo defenses).  And certainly more dangerous for having received gun training and a CCW permit than they otherwise would be had they just taken their chances and learned to embrace the buddy system and really embraced the cult of the whistle.

To criminals, that is.  More dangerous to criminals.  But then, that’s just nitpicking.  Because, well, gun violence!  Which is always bad, even when it’s used to keep a strange man from beating you, bounding you up, and prosecuting the pussy without invitation.

For the children:

Governor Hickenlooper: (303) 866-2471, or email through his web site form at http://www.colorado.gov/govhdir/requests/opinion.html.

Senate email addresses:   irene.aguilar.senate@state.co.us, david.balmer.senate@state.co.us, randy.baumgardner.senate@state.co.us, greg@gregbrophy.net, bill.cadman.senate@state.co.us, morgan.carroll.senate@state.co.us, larry.crowder.senate@state.co.us, angela.giron.senate@state.co.us, kevin.grantham.senate@state.co.us, lucia.guzman.senate@state.co.us, ted.harvey.senate@state.co.us, rollie.heath.senate@state.co.us, owen.hill.senate@state.co.us, mary.hodge.senate@state.co.us, senatorhudak@gmail.com, cheri.jahn.senate@state.co.us, mike.johnston.senate@state.co.us, senatormattjones@gmail.com, john.kefalas.senate@state.co.us, andy.kerr.senate@state.co.us , steve.king.senate@state.co.us , senatorlambert@comcast.net, kevin@kevinlundberg.com, vicki.marble.senate@state.co.us, john.morse.senate@state.co.us, linda.newell.senate@gmail.com, jeanne.nicholson.senate@state.co.us, senatorrenfroe@gmail.com, ellen.roberts.senate@state.co.us, mark.scheffel.senate@state.co.us, gail.schwartz.senate@gmail.com, pat.steadman.senate@state.co.us, lotochtrop@aol.com, nancy.todd.senate@state.co.us, jessie.ulibarri.senate@state.co.us

[thanks to Larry Ganz, in the comments here; h/t pablo]

Now I have to drive north to have my oldest weighed in for a tournament tomorrow.  No rest for the weary!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:24am

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  1. Will Satchel make it to the 2016 Olympics?

  2. Who is the host country, anyway?

  3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  4. “Who is the (Olympics) host country, anyway?”

    Ironic that a Country that hates guns will host the funeral for their supposed alternative

  5. Spoiler alert on Cranky’s post above my last.

  6. Rio? Cripes. Who in their right mind is going to go there?

  7. I think your link is bustificated, RTO.

  8. My, oh me, O!

  9. Is it this video that you wanted to link RTO?

  10. Transcript here.

  11. megan mcardle

    (Imagine, if you will, trying to cut the US budget in half overnight. No, stop cheering, conservatives: going to shut down border patrol and leave all those soldiers and tanks and thinks stranded in Iraq? Or does your mother suddenly stop getting her social security and medicare? Even if you think the budget should be cut in half, “overnight” is not the correct time frame.)


    look at the way ms. mcardle “thinks” about this topic. her 1st thought is to cut the constitutionally enumerated power of the federal gov’t. her 2nd thought is to go after grannies money. And then she says you can’t do it “overnight”. i say coolidge.
    you don’t have to do it “overnight”. you could have a methodical retreat from the present path that is heading towards the abyss.

  12. Or does your mother suddenly stop getting her social security and medicare?

    My mother did. Of course, she got through it without help from a death panel, but only because HillaryCare didn’t pass.

  13. Besides, WHAT budget?

  14. Just think, if Reid and Co. had used that continuing resolution power to keep spending at the 2008 levels then 2013 fiscal would almost be balanced and 2014 would be in surplus even using the static scoring of the tables which were linked here in the Codevilla thread. But that would be using a bad power to do good and they can never do that, it would be soooooooo wrong.

  15. Who the fuck is talking about cutting the budget either in half or overnight? That’s as hacktastically dishonest as Obama’s minions saying the world is going to end if the rate of growth is cut by 2.5% starting next Friday?

    If we can’t trim a paltry 85 billion from a 3.5 trillion budget, then we might as well hoist the red flag.

    Whether it’s a swastika or a hammer and sickle on that red flag is the only thing left to fight over.

  16. proggtard propaganda headline

    Court Finds No Right to Conceal a Firearm

    only if you are a non resident of colorada whose state does not have reciprocity vis a vis concealed carry permits

  17. What if the give a sequester and no one cares? What if they actually like it?

    Naw, Sequesterer-In-Chief-Obama, he’ll make sure those little people he doesn’t like feel all the pain he can deliver. And all his good buddies will be there to whine and moan on camera surrounded by their starving homeless kids. Good optics a’coming.

  18. Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom”

  19. My Gawd. Face the Nation isn’t even trying to play it down the middle.

    Jeff, your Governor is Jerry Brown-lite.

  20. It seems the caption writer of that WaPo piece thinks the firm was named for an old TV show.

    Restricting and producing guns in Maryland:?As Maryland lawmakers debate proposed gun-control legislation, the Baretta USA factory in Accokeek continues to produce weapons, some of which may be banned.

  21. OT, interesting piece by David Horowitz here,


    Check it out, really need to just read it all.

  22. Strangely though, Michael Bloomberg is still walking the earth.