February 21, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Gov Rick Scott reverses course, will support state health care exchanges, having decided that getting re-elected on false promises and certain eventual state bankruptcy is more important than keeping the promises he made to those who elected him in the first place.

Another hip that can’t be broken soon enough.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:34am

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  1. he and charlie crist should get together for a jergen’s lotion party I think

  2. I never had any serious hope for this guy Scott (he’s a political lightweight), so haven’t been the least surprised to see him capitulate. Perhaps this betrayal will be such as to cause an arising sufficient to see him suffer defeat in a primary contest, and be rid from Florida’s government altogether.

  3. If Rubio wants to regain some legitimacy, he ought to run against Scott and, if he wins, govern the way Scott pretended to promise to.

    Getting out of the mental institution Senate would be beneficial all by its lonesome.

  4. Rubio is probably just another squish, McGehee, and will fold like cheap suit when the good socialism that is Medicare comes up for debate again among Florida’s ample supply of old timers.

    It’s almost like you could compose an entire national political strategy out of nothing more than but-what-can-I-get-out-of-this-trainwreck constituent handwringing, a wholly complicit Press, and endless seas of short term Keynesian feedback. I almost don’t blame Scott, being he’s what sdferr said he is.

    Rubio faces the same voters. Meh.

  5. that is a very good idea Mr. McGehee

    governors are cool

    a lot of times

    but not always

    but still a lot of times yes they are

    just not Rick Perry

    even porky porky is a decent enough governor

    just not Rick Perry

  6. This just sickens me. Those of us who have been working so hard to get people involved in their state elections, assuring them that their work matters… I dunno. The reversals from these detestable excuses for human beings have been brutal to our cause.

    Just one gut punch after another.

  7. Rubio is probably just another squish, McGehee

    If so, then he won’t know why I would think he needs to “regain” legitimacy.

  8. happyfeet says February 21, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Better Jerry Brown than some trailer park lifeydoodle, right?

  9. Florida can and should do better. If it does, then we gain a more reliable ally. If it doesn’t, then it has nothing to complain about when the bottom falls out.

    And seriously, people — you can’t keep pouring pig shit into a paper bag and then express surprise when the bottom falls out.

  10. poor california

  11. Given the Left’s propensity for strong-arming using bribes and/or blackmail, you have to wonder what was offered/threatened to these people.

    Took a huge bribe once? Dead girl or live boy?

    You can’t rule it out.

  12. I heard his speech on NPR this morning.

    What I found funny was his talk of how the Federal Government would provide 100% of the funds to do all this good work. As if 100% of the money the Federal Government appears out of thin air, without even slightly burdening the people of Florida.

    The man got bought. I don’t know how, or by whom, but he got bought.

  13. Dicentra, I’ve always wondered if/how they got to Justice Roberts.