February 20, 2013

Iran Photoshops “stealth fighter” onto stock wallpaper; Chuck Hagel blames the Jews

Well, in his mind he did.

Defense Tech:

Iran photo shop artists are at it again. This time they didn’t just put Iran’s supposed new stealth jet on a show floor, they have it flying over Mount Damavand.

The staff at GIZMODO took notice and quickly tracked down the stock photo at PickyWallpapers?.com that was then featured in the media blitz for Iran’s supposed Qaher 313 stealth fighter.

We’ve been here before. On Feb. 2, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran Defense Ministry Ahmad Vahidi were supposedly on hand when the Iranians rolled out the Qaher 313. Plenty of flaws were found in the supposed fighter to include the cockpit and the lack of rivets on the aircraft.

These new photos only go further to confirm the hoax.

— Which really isn’t so much a “hoax” as it is a rather transparent, easily-debunked lie for the purposes of propaganda.

Not unlike much of our current Administration’s policies, or the content of our current President’s speeches.

Only, you know, with a teleprompter and a complicit media instead of Photoshop.

(h/t Guido)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:56pm

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  1. rivets are really just so key to making a go of this sort of thing

  2. i wonder if they have a “raina the riveter” in dinnerjacket land?

  3. There are some close up pictures of the cockpit interior of that thing that are just priceless.

    It looks like something you would put a quarter in for your kid to ride in front of Krogers.

  4. Man,
    I hope those tricky Iranians don’t find this site.

  5. Did anyone try to read the comments over there?

  6. I read a few of the comments. There seem to be a lot of people defending the Iranians and claiming that the airplane is real, that American fighter planes suck, etc. They are what we call “idiots.”

  7. Someone should photoshop an abrams tank over that mountain and call it the new Sky-Tank.

  8. cranky,

    As one (sane) commenter said: photoshop it underwater, “See? It can swim, too!”

    Lots of Alex Jones Nazi freaks out there in the World Wild Web…

  9. Chuck Hagel blames the Jews

    I think you meant the jooooooooooooos

  10. But… Chuck “Putzhead” Schumer said that Hagel almost cried when he learned that Jews have been discriminated against. Because people who have history degrees or used to be Senators don’t usually know this.

    Someone needs to tell Hagel about this thing called “The Holocaust”, his tiny brain will melt in remorse.

  11. Well, he only almost cried. Actually he laughed so hard he almost cried.

  12. What might be more fun than bombing an Iranian nuclear facility would to go and steal this “fighter jet” and put it on public display.

  13. *** Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) says he plans to vote to confirm former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as secretary of Defense, bolstering the embattled nominee who has faced sharp GOP opposition. ***

    He used to be a Democrat, of course. Still, — — — HEY! Alabama! Any y’all awake up there?

  14. Shelby is a carbuncle even on the relentlessly carbuncle-strewn Senate.

  15. The circle of liberty is getting smaller and smaller. Just as is my influence to spread the message, judging by the decline in comments here and my failure to gain much traction on Twitter, aside from a few notable and persistent champions. Contemporary Americans want pleasing fairy tales and forced, disingenuous comity. They’ll worry about the collapse when it comes. Meantime, people like me just harsh their mellow.

    Both contractions are a shame, I think.

  16. I’m not sure people want comity as much as they are told that they want it. If you expose someone to the same lie often enough, it will be internalized as the truth. Which means, I guess, that they do want it.

    Never mind me, then.

  17. They’ll worry about the collapse when it comes.

    Gives the rest of us a competitive advantage. What?! I’m all about looking for the silver lining! I’m a little ray of sunshine, I am!

  18. Keep on harshing.