February 19, 2013

They told me if I voted for Romney, the price of gasoline would rise [Darleen Click]

Yessireebob, my local gas station, tonight, $4.29/gal regular.


After sending consumers into sticker shock the past month, how much more can gasoline prices climb?

Another 20 to 50 cents a gallon — a level that could propel the cost of gasoline, now $3.75 a gallon, to all-time highs, some experts say.

Gasoline prices typically climb from February to Memorial Day on expectations of rising consumption and costlier summer-blend gas. But so far this year, prices are surging sooner and faster than ever before — up 45 cents since mid-January.

Posted by Darleen @ 7:47pm

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  1. this is how recessions get started, but only historically

  2. I wonder if federal agencies are also hoarding gasoline.

  3. This is just a tithe to the green energy god.
    Who says Obama isn’t religious?

  4. It’s only a recession if the media reports it.

    Plus – the STOCK MARKET is doing teh awesome.

    We could use Thorazine here to tell us how much money he’s made in the stock market. That was always amusing.

  5. Speaking of which, has Obama discovered the cure for alzheimers – which Nishi was sure to happen because the Won was all for government funded research, and Republicans hate science.

  6. that brain-mapping thing drudge had a link for touched on alzheimer’s but no cure is expected in like forever so we’re still gonna have to death panel a bunch of demented boomers

  7. drudge had a link for touched on alzheimer’s but no cure is expected in like forever so we’

    Yea, well good thing we elected Obama (for the SCIENCE). Plus,he was going to solve our deficit problem.

    Did those two clowns have any other reasons for voting for Obummer? Those were the big two if I remember.

  8. I’m currently all about making people admit that their vote was wasted.

  9. Oh – you voted for Obama because the Republicans are destroying your civil liberties?


  10. food stamp’s economics are mostly punitive

    like rape and atkin’s and atm fees

  11. But but but we’re saving the planet. Ruining our own lives, sure, but think about the planet. We’re saving it!!! FU OIL!

  12. like *atkins* I mean there’s no postrophe

  13. Thank goodness all that green energy is coming to our rescue.