February 17, 2013

Left-feminist new Outrage(s) du Jour [Darleen Click]

I don’t think I need even comment further on how much Left-feminist “seriousness” is really self-parody

Every month or so, I receive a glossy coupon from Victoria’s Secret in my mailbox. “Free panty!” it beckons. “No purchase necessary!”

Reading those words, I cringe a little bit. Not because I hate underwear—I’m an ardent lover of underwear. It’s because I hate the word “panty.” I hate the plural form of “panty” as well. “Panties” creeps me out.

Poor Sarah is torn between the “ee” sound being diminutive and the word also being “too sexy”

Why does panties sound sexual? Many arguments could be made, not the least concerning advertising. I have a hunch that the sexualization of the word “panties” is the result of some marketing focus group grasping for a word to run alongside pictures of lingerie models in “tempting” mesh undergarments.

Oh.my. Poh-tay-to Poh-tah-to however shall a woman cope?

Least you think the great panty-linguistic debate is all-consuming, across the pond a Brit feminist struggles in the supermarket with everyday body hatred

This evening, shopping at Sainsbury’s, I was greeted by the following headlines, in bold capitals and at eye level, as I entered the store: WEIGHT TORMENT (New! magazine), OUR BODY WARS (Star), BODY PANICS! (Heat)… The very existence of these things can mess with your head. You can try to avert your eyes as you head for the fruit and veg but if you look back once – sneak even the slightest glance – all this can send you straight to the cake counter for yet another miserable pre-starvation-diet binge.

Will no one step up to save this poor lass, least we need to install fainting couches in the produce aisle?

And I bet you never thought that bad posture by males on public transportation leads directly to rape

[S]ome Swedish women apparently think that the image of the Nordic country as a feminist’s paradise is just a veneer hiding deep-seated misogyny. Their evidence? Men slouching and taking up more than one seat on buses, trains, and subways.

To counter this “normalized expression of power” (that’s what they call slouching), a group of firebrand feminists have set up a blog called “Macho i Kollektivtrafiken” (“Macho in Public Transport”), encouraging readers to send in sneaky snaps of men in relaxed poses. The aim is to spread awareness of a “symbolic and active recreation not just of power, but of a stereotypical form of masculinity.” […]

VICE: Your blog claims that men who take up more space than they physically need when using public transport are practicing an “invisible and unconscious expression of power in an everyday, public space.” Can men oppress women without even knowing it?

My Vingren: Absolutely. I think one of the most problematic aspects of having such an extensive power structure is that a lot of people aren’t even aware that how they act affects others. The fact that men get more space in classrooms, at board meetings, and so on, is part of a structural oppression that not everyone knows they’re taking part in.

What would you say to those claiming that, in the grand scheme of things, this issue is a “luxury problem”?

My point is that this is part and parcel of the kind of oppression that leads to women being raped, getting lower salaries, and being exposed to violence in relationships.

No Victorian lady putting ruffled curtains on table legs was this obsessed by Beastly Men.

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  1. the quickestest way to get rid of the word panties is for women to start using that word for guys’ underwear

    that would do it

  2. when I go to porn star ralph’s I always leave with a cart filled with healthy carbless foozle but when I go to ghetto ralph’s that’s where sometimes some biscuits or a wee little ice cream or maybe some pasta salad will hop in my cart

    it’s a thing

    but I hardly ever go to ghetto ralph’s it has one of those parking lots where you’re bound to get hit by an uninsured guest worker one of these day

  3. *days* I mean

  4. swedish men have a bizarrely touchy feely relationship with public transportation

    ick I’d be scared of hepatitis

  5. If this kind of shit keeps up the unconscious male response to the word female will be something like “get the fuck away from me you paranoid, self tormenting, megalomaniacal troublemaker. “

  6. If ‘panties’ give Sarah the vapours, I guess ‘squirrel covers’ is out of the question.

  7. would beaver coats work?

  8. If they want to get rid of the word “panties” they can always just stop wearing any.

    On second thought, the women who hate that word need to wear two or three pairs. Never mind.


  9. Panties are sexy like guns are dangerous. Totally depends on who’s ass they’re strapped to…

  10. LBascom says February 17, 2013 at 12:39 pm


  11. It’s actually kinda good to see that the double standard persists in such ones as this Sarah person, and especially so if (and I only stress if because for my part it isn’t possible to say from this article) she would claim feminist as a proper appellation unto herself (whether of a left or right political orientation is also unintelligible, so far as I can see, though I’m certainly open to persuasion on this score, should such an exegesis appear). Which, progress, by means of regress, one might say.

  12. What would be funny, Darleen? Subtitle your post ‘Petite_Smudge on Panties’.

  13. I just found out today that in celebration of Valentine’s Day the local feministe’s gave a performance of the Vagina Monologues. In the UGA Chapel.

    I can’t believe I missed it.

  14. The feminists have been doing that for at least ten years now. They have rebranded Valentine’s Day as V Day and hold their candlelit Take Back the Night strolls against domestic violence instead of going to a nice restaurant and buying new lingerie.

  15. food stamp went golfing with a slut today I heard

    no not a journalist silly

  16. When I was a kid Valentines day was cute. When I was in high school it was a little bit awkward but still viable. TV has virtually turned it into ‘swap pussy for a diamond’ day at the high end, swap flowers candy, or pajama-gram for an “at least think about it” at the mid end, and swap a card for “don’t hate me” at the bottom level. I know I have a stick up my ass about it but Heartsy-Fartsy day makes me want to barf now. I just want to retreat to my ogre cave and slam my iron door and sulk in a heap on the damp straw covered floor.

  17. Yeah palaeo, I understand, but you have to understand that for blog owners like me, PajamaGram posts rake in the hits – without fail.

  18. Valentines day is a stupid concept made up by Hallmark.

    We studs are romantic with our lover everyday, we find commercial obligations gay.

  19. St. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since Victorian times. There are many beautiful Valentines that were exchanged between lovers and friends in the Gilded Age.

  20. Heartsy-Fartsy day makes

    the islamist panties wad up so i like it

  21. OK, Hallmark didn’t make it up, they just commercialized it.

  22. heartsy-fartsy chockit goes on sale monday

  23. Yes. Hallmark and the commercial color printing press.

    Who doesn’t like candy? I love getting chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

  24. the islamist panties wad up so i like it

    That’s a damn low bar…

  25. who’s probably really hating valentine’s day this year is that blade runner guy

  26. The feminists have been doing that for at least ten years now.

    Yeah, but in a University Chapel?

    Given the size of UGA and all the other places they could do it that seems like another fuck you to the more spiritual minded, don’t you think?

  27. Ah. I missed that it was in the chapel.

    That’s all kinds of fucked up.

  28. Given the size of UGA and all the other places they could do it that seems like another fuck you to the more spiritual minded, don’t you think?

    Not if you worship vaginas. University chapels are multicultural these days, no?

  29. “the islamist panties wad up so i like it”

    Yeah, that whole “why did you make me and my five friends rape you over and over and then beat the shit out of you? You are an agent of the devil. Kill yourself before the police or your own family do. ” cultural imperative is pretty damned horrific. I hate that.

    But it really doesn’t make “buy her something or you’re instantly a greasy steaming pile of treacherous dog shit day” any less tiresome and repulsive to me.

    It’s definitely the lesser of those two evils though.

  30. I just blew my nose and the results were impressive in a disturbing sort of way.

    It makes me want to write a nostril monologue and then let the other nostril have equal time to rebut.

  31. My favorite one of the V monologuers is when the 13 year old girl gets raped by the 24 year old girl and likes it.

    That is so hot.

  32. I have always thought it illogical that a woman would wear a bra and a pair of panties. It seems far more logical to call the bra the “pair”.

    #Include <carlin-gallagher>
    You park on a driveway and drive on a parkway.
    Send something by ship; it’s cargo. Send it by car/truck and it’s a shipment.
    Madison Square Garden is round.
    The ads in the newspaper are called “circular” but are in fact rectangular.
    Apartments” are actually rather close to one another

  33. A handful of women campaigning for the VAWA (and at least one man supporting them) reveal themselves to want more women to suffer attacks. Which is odd, right? Of course it is, and they know it, yet are content to assert these absurdities nevertheless. Are any consequences for asserting absurdities due to morons like this, outside our occasional distant disapprobation as we view them? Y’know, like a violent wap upsidethehead just as the stupidities escape the barrier of their teeth? Laughing in their faces doesn’t appear to be sufficient, else they wouldn’t trod this path in the first instance.

  34. ” Call me naive, but I would prefer to live in a world where we didn’t need guns to be safe”. OK, honey, you’re naive. And dim, and fugly too.

  35. I would prefer to live in a world were gentle kangaroos roam the streets shitting free video games and loaded debit cards for a variety of chain restaurants. So what? What’s that preference worth really? What’s going to make the world give a crap about it?