February 15, 2013

I aim to misbehave

And why wouldn’t I?  After all, that’s what outlaws do — and today’s CO general assembly votes  are fixin’ to make me and my weapons and my high cap magazines an outlaw.

— Which, I already was, of course.  Only the Democrats are intent on making it official.

I wonder, though:  will that make me even more sexy to women?

Glass half full and all.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:27pm

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  1. you can’t legislate sexy

  2. Rep Vigil, a Democrat, just broke ranks. I contacted him on facebook this morning. I applaud him for the REAL courage it took to break ranks with his party and urge a NO vote on these feel-good measures.

  3. The police chiefs of course were all for a limitation. On us. Not them.

  4. Shiny — let’s be bad guys.

    If they want to declare good guys bad guys, they may want to consider what happens when the “bad guy” class includes people with IQs above room temperature.

  5. Jeff, if you want get even more Outlaw, Gallenson’s Gun Store in Salt Lake City has 30 rd Pmags @ $39.95. I liberated a few but left a bunch.

  6. Dicentra, I love your state. If it had the ocean I’d be here in a heart beat.

  7. Available online, RI Red? And if not, can you pick me up 10 of them and I’ll reimburse you? If you say yes now I can beat the ban and grandfather them in.

  8. I’m checking, Jeff.

  9. By “trigger happy,” I take it you mean professionals trained in the use of arms, whose expertise we can rely upon to keep us safe?

    Isn’t that how the argument goes? Leave it to the professionals? The experts?

  10. well compared to calif cops shooting at trucks

  11. They’re called “The Finest,” but that’s because they spend most of their time handing out fines or insisting that “Everything’s fine.”

    Move along!

  12. Just emailed you, Jeff.

  13. I wonder if this is what the California Police chief had in mind when he said guns were offensive weapons.

    Somebody should ask him.

  14. What thread was that in anyways?

  15. My dad was pretty active in Alberta when Canada was doing their gun registration thing, running around speechifying and stuff. He said when the project was begun, they estimated the costs would be $18 million, most of which they would get back from registration fees and such.

    $2+ billion later, and facing massive non-compliance, they decided to give up on it.

    Obviously, Obama and the democrats are much smarter than any that came before and will make it work here, but then I wonder. Canada was trying to get a grip on, if I remember right, an estimated 30 million weapons. The US has 300 million or more.

    By the way, despite reports on the rosy economy Canada is enjoying right now, it turns out Ontario is in worse shape than even California, and despite Alberta’s vast revenues from petroleum, they are still running significant deficits.

    Politicians are the same always it seems…

  16. I like all the gun buy-back programs that go rogue. Gun sellers set up and buy the guns from the citizens for more than the pittance being offered by the city/county and then turn around and sell them to a different citizen at a profit.

    Never does it occur to the jeenyuses behind these buy-back programs that they don’t. fucking. work.

  17. The Colorado mag ban passed. Magpul et al., will pull 1000 jobs and millions of dollars out of the state.

    Now they are going after private sales.

  18. buy-back programs that they don’t. fucking. work.

    it makes the proggtarded feel good so there’s that

  19. Coolidge marshaled commensurate skills to prevent law: “It is better to block a bad law than sign a good one,” he once wrote his father


  20. So is it a felony now?

  21. Magpul should move to indiana. ;-)

  22. So is it a felony now?

    It doesn’t matter. It’s toothless. All you have to do is say you owned it before the ban kicked in, and the prosecution has to prove otherwise.

    All it will do is kill business in the state and prevent new purchases within the state of banned magazines.

    Where it is likely unconstitutional is that it is a backdoor ban on certain types of weapons that have higher capacity standard magazines. Because unless manufacturers are willing to make separate magazines for each state that passes something like this, you won’t be able to use the weapon going forward even if legally purchased unless you already have magazines for it.

    Which is why I hoped to buy some PMags today, even though I haven’t yet purchased a rifle built on the AR-15 platform.

  23. Speaking of police chiefs, check out the mental gymnastics of this one:


    “One issue that always boggles my mind is the idea that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon. A gun is an offensive weapon, used to intimidate and used to show power.”

    How do you respond to someone like that with the mental capacity of a thimble?

  24. I’m sorry to hear that, Jeff. At least they aren’t trying to take what you already have. Yet.

  25. So can we conclude that, according to that CA chief, the role of the police is not to protect and serve, but rather to go on the offensive? Or is he excluding the special civilians?

  26. I really don’t think he quite thought the whole thing out completely.

    Then again, it appears he doesn’t think much about anything……

  27. That’s the link that Ernst was looking for up thread.

    The Police Chief finds that guns, in the hands of his officers, are of use to intimidate and bully people into compliance with the officer’s orders. So that is what he sees them as being for for everyone.

  28. “The Police Chief finds that guns, in the hands of his officers, are of use to intimidate and bully people into compliance with the officer’s orders. So that is what he sees them as being for for everyone.”

    Except he goes on to say:

    “They carry guns to do their jobs in a safe and effective manner and face any oppositions that we may come upon.”

    Now, this may just be me, but that sounds like a textbook definition of “defense”.

  29. So…Jeff will merely now be in the vanguard of Outlaws. We all will be soon enough.

  30. Jeff, does your governor need to sign it before it becomes law?

  31. I wish I could say that I got out of Colorado before the state went down the tubes like this. And in fact, I did get out of the state…

    …and moved to California.

  32. Yes, Governor has to sign it. We have Hickenlooper, an adept of Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Gun Violence.

  33. So…Jeff will merely now be in the vanguard of Outlaws. We all will be soon enough.

    The NRA predicted that in the ’70s I believe.

    On a bumper sticker, no less.

  34. Frying pan —– > Fire, eh Bill?

  35. Sadly, those magazines may have to meet with a boating accident.

    Is my guess.

  36. This still has to pass the Senate, no? Any chance of that not happening?

  37. SBP, I read that book years ago. It is quite good.

  38. wasps!

    thank goodness nothing like that could ever happen here

  39. If such a law passes, the state government of Colorado will become illegitimate.

    Therefore, no citizen of the state will be bound by it’s laws.

  40. While the Dems here in CO are working on gun bans, they are simultaneously working on shortening sentences for gun crimes. It’s like a criminal right-to-work state. Which is what happens when the locusts fleeing the mess they made of California decided to infest this state.

    We need a civil war.

  41. It’s strict party line, with only 3 breaking ranks. The vulnerable Dems will line up last and, once they have the votes to pass this, those Dems will vote nay and run again as “moderates” and pro 2md Amendment.

    I eagerly await the rationale for campus bans. Must be because of the rash of CCW holders murdering people on college campuses.

  42. that’s be 22.50 okay you guys enjoy your movie

  43. I eagerly await the rationale for campus bans.

    Same rationale as the rest: “Because we can, bitches!”

    Funny how they never seem to accept the same argument from us when we thumb our noses at their silly laws.

  44. Take heart, Outlaws. My 80 yo mom told me “from my cold dead hands, bitches!” tonight on the phone.

    And she lives in Californistan.

  45. Needless to say, this will draw immediate litigation. The SCOTUS may have to pull out a ruler and start whacking state hands – “no, relly, we meant it!” re: Hller, et al.

  46. Of course, why is it we have to hope 5 dodering oldsters uphold what rights our naturally ours? A shame CO is going the way of IL.

  47. defeat proggtardia

    Against the cost to the policemen one had to balance the benefit of breaking the strike, a benefit that remained only theoretical. Still, Coolidge felt certain of one thing. The proggressives could not be met. Conciliation would not work.

    Coolidge a shales page 172

  48. Geez, I finally found someone who supported the Chief, and got banned within 12 hours and a handful of posts!


    Those liberals, so interested in “discussion”.

  49. Recent events show that we are clearly in need of new laws regulating large extraterrestrial rocks to keep them from falling from the sky. Who’s with me?

    For teh childrenses, of course.

  50. Greetings:

    I just came across a headline over at “Yahoo! News” (which may mean news for yahoos) that went “Gun ban would protect more than 2,200 firearms” so I thought I would share just in case there were any remaining doubts about what our Republic is really up against.

    Here’s the link for the more masochistic than I.


  51. Like most article on Yahoo!, that one reads as if it were written by a high schooler.

  52. Gun Safety prioritized.

    And new NRA ad.

  53. And in Colorado the Democrats are now playing their victim card.

    Just how easy would it be for the Community Organized to fake this because it always comes after the [D]s pull a power stunt like day follows night.