February 14, 2013

How to play up outrage as a classically liberal trump card


Exactly: Hispanic Americans are people too.  I should have thought that we’d long since stopped treating them like second-class citizens, with wet backs and coffee stained fingers calloused from picking lettuce and melons.

Oh, and by the way:  demanding “cultural proficiency” — or even pushing the idea — is just another way of demanding a colonialist usurpation over the gaze of the Other, coopting their ontological legitimacy by pretending we can ever fully comprehend, and engage with, the very things that makes the Other other.  Who are we to presume we can ever become “proficient” in understanding something that can only truly be understood and espoused by those “authentic” participants who circumscribe the ascendant cultural narrative?

Goodness. Such an attempt at cultural imperialism is the surest sign you are dealing with a rightwing nativist.  Has anyone seen this superintendent and Pat Buchanan in the same room at the same time…?

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:04am

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  1. Anyone demanding “cultural proficiency” from me gets the same response every time: “You first.” I’m not giving these clowns the first smidgen of respect until I hear them laugh non-ironically at Blue Collar Radio.

  2. Compliance with the law? Racism! Discrimination!:

    The ADC also has not disclosed the full video of Hagel’s 2008 speech, while refusing to release its tax records as required by federal law.

    A reporter for the Free Beacon went to the ADC’s office on Tuesday to request the video, as well as the organization’s most recent Form 990, which lists financial and donor information and which nonprofits must present upon in-person request.

    However, ADC Vice President Nabil Mohamad told the Free Beacon that the video was in an “archive” in Maryland and not available. He also declined to provide the group’s 990.

    When the Free Beacon attempted to follow up on Wednesday, phone calls and emails to the ADC were not returned and the organization refused to let a reporter enter its office.

    Later, when a second reporter telephoned the ADC to inform the group of the legal requirement, he was accused of racism and bigotry, of making threats against the organization, and was told that the “authorities” had been informed of his request.

  3. By the way, there’s stories in my family that Bascom comes from “Basque man” (as in Spanish Basque) in Olde England.

    I think y’all need to start treating me with the sensitivity my Hispanic heritage demands…

  4. Hey, I’m one sixteenth Cherokee, so be nicey nice.

    Though I wear a shirt and tie, I’m still a Redman deep inside.

  5. I chewed some Red Man once, which I think should be enough to qualify me for a tenured gig at Harvard and a Senate seat.

  6. I got you all beat since I live on the Res.

    We can all start to talk in cryptic proverbs now.

  7. We can all start to talk in cryptic proverbs now


  8. Every time they play that card it shows more about their own hidden assumptions than it says about those they are accusing.
    Another example.

  9. LaPierre’s op-ed: Stand and Fight, which drew the attention of the loathsome leftists, including in that category Joe “the imbecile” Scarborough.

  10. Smok’em peace pipe.

  11. Wampum.

  12. Buffalo inversely proportional to white face. Utility value of rifle like rain across spring plain.

  13. Go on: make fun of us half-breeds – that’s all I’ve ever heard and both sides were against me since the day I was born.

  14. If you insist


  16. I was born in the wagon of a traveling show.

    Wait, wrong tribe.