February 13, 2013

Thoughts on Obama’s historic SOTU Address

I have none. I didn’t watch it. But my wife and I did win Trivia Night at the local brew pub.

So go us!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:03am

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  1. I was already sorta drunk, so I figured what the hell.

  2. My wife and I were going to watch TiVo’d programming, but we stumbled on TWNBC’s newest reality show, “Reef Wranglers.” We lost far fewer brain cells watching that than any SOTU.

  3. Dead people deserve a vote on gun bans

  4. if we make the minimum wage more higher the food stamp multiplier effects will have bonus sparkle power

  5. I watched a few minutes. Pres. Skeeter proposed umpteen new government programs, none of which–magically!–will increase the deficit.

    Went back to Seven Psycopaths when my TV set was in imminent danger of taking a round or two.

  6. I played cribbage with my wife last night and she skunked me. But it was better than watching the stfu of the Union.

  7. Since Jeff mentioned VDH yesterday, I swung over and checked out his latest stuff. This one here makes me think he should be a regular contributor to PW.

    We live in an age of falsity, in which words have lost their meanings and concepts are reinvented as the situation demands […]

    Why do we now live in an age of so many meaningless things?

    Our elites in academia and the media have some culpability. Thirty years of nihilist postmodern relativism — no absolute truth, just constructs based on race, class, and gender privilege — have finally filtered down to the popular culture. An obsession with celebrity also has meant that we increasingly worship the antics of the wealthy and famous and decreasingly worry what they had to do to obtain or maintain both.

    In the new progressive age, the exalted ends of equality sometimes require that the means of achieving a place on the public stage should remain largely unexamined. If there is no consistency, no transparency, no absolute standard, then it is because the task of fairness is hard and occasionally requires extraordinary sacrifices for the greater good. And to the degree that someone is deemed cool, then cool trumps most everything else: Google executives don’t outsource. Rappers are not misogynists. Green apostles don’t have conflicts of interest. And men in camouflage with assault weapons don’t just kill less than 1 percent of those Americans lost each year to gun violence, but account for all sorts of vastly more evil things that we cannot even begin to describe.

  8. I found after a time that constantly winning trivia contests leads to bannings, kinda like the card-counter’s bannings in Vegas. Which, y’know, crap: ’cause if trivial knowledge isn’t allowed, what the hell good is it?

  9. SOunds like a lot of people played cribbage last night :

    “Additionally, last night’s SOTU was down double digits on all the networks from Obama’s January 24, 2012 speech. In preliminary numbers, CBS was the most-watched network for the one-hour-plus speech and coverage with 6.22 million viewers. NBC was next with 5.79 million, followed by ABC with 4.59 million and Fox with 2.37 million. “

  10. I was playing trivia at the bar, too. We did not have a good run this time.

  11. If there is no consistency, no transparency, no absolute standard, then it is because the task of fairness is hard and occasionally requires extraordinary sacrifices for the greater good.

    “Fairness” is not being used as a standard but as a weapon for the aspiring Tsarist class to tear down anyone who might oppose them and to purchase the support of the unfortunate.

    VDH gets this but Prager still insists that The Left values “fairness” over X, when in fact they value power and nothing else. “Fairness” is just a way to guilt the rest of us into letting them have their way with the economy and politics.

  12. One comment on an Obama line by Stephen Green summed up every bit of the SOTU.

    OMG. “The greatest nation on earth cannot continue drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next.”

    This is like me berating the trash guys for all the empty liquor bottles they haul away from the end of my drive.

    The saddest thing is that Obama has found a magic formula to be able to fool just enough of the voters for just enough time to get anything he wants done, done. The mess in his wake is not his concern and will come to be blamed on his enemies so why should he pay it any mind.

    He leads the pampered class onward to the glorious future they know is out there.

  13. Food Stamp has long since become a parody of himself.

  14. Thoughts on Obama’s histrionic SOTU Address


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  16. I went to the shooting range. Seemed appropriate.

  17. To be fair, being from Chicago Obama is used to dead people voting.

  18. I took the day off and went deer hunting. Much better for the soul than listening to that sack of shit.

  19. I utterly despise the SOTU no matter who is President. Cheap political theatre ( Reagan started bringing in otherwise decent Americans to use as political props, thanks Ronnie), lies and bullshit from the podium, and worst of all the idiotic and endless leaping up every few lines to belch out meaningless applause. For Christ’s sake you’re the US Congress not the fucking Supreme Soviet. And he’s not Josef Stalin, no matter how much he wants to be. The whole sorry royalist spectacle besmirches the idea of republicanism.

    My ideal SOTU address: “Fuck you all. This concludes my prepared remarks.” Now there would be someone who speaks for me.