February 12, 2013

SOTU open thread

I won’t be watching. Because I have my dignity. And that trumps having a political blog.

Besides, who doesn’t know in advance what Obama is going to say?

But knock yourselves out.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:09pm

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  1. I got $50 says Obama’s people are trying to reach Dorner right now to ask him to hold off on doing shit until after the President is finished serving up his bullshit.

  2. I just hate the part where food stamp walks into the room and everybody stands up like he’s some kind of big fucking deal

  3. No chance Barry puts on his big-boy pants to proclaim Dorner a terrorist, then simply drone-fuck him with a Maverick or two, chalking up any collaterals as great American heroes who died for the greater good? Ah, well. More widely seen Facsist-TV will just have to await another salient.

  4. By not watching, I get to pretend that when the little god-king enters, everyone in the House chambers stands up, turns around, drops trou and moons him.

  5. “The future: You won’t be able to afford it, but, trust me, it’ll be wonderful.”

    Then half the lights go out.

    *fingers crossed*

  6. I’ll be at the local bar, eating chicken wings and drinking beer.

  7. “Does this mean [Dorner] won’t be sitting next to Michelle at the SOTU?”

    Sounds like a meme coming, doesn’t it?

  8. “Does this mean [Dorner] won’t be sitting next to Michelle at the SOTU?”

    His insane spirit dwells within her always, she however only lets it out in short flashes of temper.

    The best part of the SOTU is not being required to watch it, ….. yet.

  9. is that nork thing ready? #occupydc

  10. Here is a reason to watch:

    I want a bigger and newer TV. I am watching with my Glock 21 loaded with BullDog.

  11. with the sound turned down i watch orangeman’s face

  12. at least orangedude don’t blink like sanfrannan

  13. China is going “all in on clean energy”?

    You lie.

  14. I can’t bring myself to watch … so I just helped the 10 year olds with their homework.

  15. Proposes a “fake jobs for the unions first” program.

  16. Lying liar just said he wants to ‘cut red tape’. I’m surprised the lightnings didn’t strike.

  17. I may tune in to see Rubio. If he uses the word charade or fraud irt anything Obama has done or says I’ll marry him…
    in Massachusetts…
    on Valentines day.

  18. oh crap, I’m not watching but just saw someone tweet that King Barry wants to tax oil & gas more?

    Um … regular gas at my local station was $4.15/gal when I drove home tonight.

  19. Danger

    I’ll be your matron of honor :-)

  20. I have a vision of one day this will be a nation of 3D printer operators. and the only people making money are the specialized “ink” companies.

    Which indirectly solves the education problem.

  21. I’m kind of getting the gist of SOTU from twitter

    did Obama really say “shovel ready” again?

    Good lord, if this was a drinking game …

  22. “McGehee says February 12, 2013 at 4:40 pm
    By not watching, I get to pretend that when the little god-king enters, everyone in the House chambers stands up, turns around, drops trou and moons him.”

    Obama would take that as a sign that America needs and desires more rumpin’ and rogerin’.

  23. So far, my rebuttal goes like this:
    Fuck you!
    Fuck you you fucking fucker!
    Goddamn your face you piece of shit motherfucker fucker!
    Son of a cock-knocker you fucking son of a bitch motherfucking fucker.
    Afforda-fuck-ability you fuck.
    Most bang for your bang.
    Grow the mddle class?
    Grow the wealth class you motherfucker.

    Readers Digest Condensed Version: Damn your eyes, fucker.

    And God Bless Amerika.

  24. Obama: ” you can’t fight cliches and lies and if you try you’re racists.”

    Republicans : ” Maybe if we hit out base in the face harder and more often we’ll finally get somewhere. Hey you crazy stupid old creepy Jesus base! C’mere! I got something for ya! ”

    Press: ” I don’t know what just happened but I’m gonna clap and clap and clap because I’m not racist. “

  25. I propose we change SOTU to STFUYMF!

  26. Bush Car -> 2001 Impala with 220 HP engine.
    Obama Car -> 2013 Baseline Hyundai Elantra 148HP, eco-mode, and auto transmission.

    Gonna get me a plastic pedal-wagon that I can borrow from the community eventually. And a 28 hour work week where I’m a temp with government health benefits.


  27. Do more to encourage fatherhood?
    How about husbandhood?

  28. Boehner looks like he is holding in a fart.

  29. And that’s pretty much the best case scenario.

  30. POTUS: I killed Osama.

  31. Plans to declare victory and go home in Afghanistan.

  32. Really? Minimum wage at $9?

    Hey, everyone, when was the last time you saw an actual teenager in a fast food restaurant?

  33. what’s joey hairplugs doing?

  34. Great. With a minimum wage at $9 bread will go up again until $9 is about like $7.50 used to be. Because that’s how that shit works. Except there will be fewer minimum wage jobs for a while. And fewer low wage jobs that were NEVER fixed at minimum wage in the first place.

    Thought France was dumb? Live the fail.

  35. ok food stamp is talking about how useless our troops are going forward

  36. ok

    now he’s talking out of his ass about how transparent his supremely fascist administration is

  37. hairplug is looking at sumting. maybe the menu?

  38. Chris Kyle had me feeling good today. I got to see the cars coming in from Dallas. Quite a few of them. That’s all in the toilet now. Great speech asshole.

  39. america can’t do dick about nonproliferation because she’s a weak-ass brokedick pussy country says food stamp

  40. i’ll destroy you – baracky

    oh noes i have the sound off

  41. Obama takes over the internet

  42. BREAKING NEWS: Moochelle Bangs-a Rama just took best in show at Westminster.

  43. now he’s talking about how Robert Menendez lurvs him some young stuff

    just a tangent there now he’s talking about the evil hackers of doom

  44. Boehner took a slug of straight vodka

  45. something about how he’s gonna let us keep $1 a day

  46. Ovie brings it home. Sweet.

  47. 1. Four years of on the job training and this is what we get?

    2. For the fifth time Obama has said the state of the union is strong. If that’s true, why the need for fundamental transformation?

    3. I’m still looking for a YouTube clip of Fred Gwynne in My Cousin Vinny saying, “Are you on drugs?”

  48. who’s the old white guy to baracky’s right new republic?

  49. he’s talking big choom choom talk now cause of how our brokedick country has limitless resources and et cetera

    I’ve never been so goddamn proud to be a citizen of a failed fascist state

  50. i like clapping seals

  51. i just had a wonderful sandwich

    i am keeping it down by ignoring the TV

  52. The power of hope in Burma!

    The Power of hope.
    Hope Power. Tiger Beat.Hey
    where’s Bobby Sherman?

  53. Hey, Justified is on! Woohoo!

  54. stupid fat ass chick gets applause

  55. when is food stamp gonna pivot to jobs did i already miss it?

  56. God given right .. here it comes, his support of the 2nd amendment


  57. Did Biden make the most of Fat Tuesday before the speach?

  58. The state of the union is “shut the fuck up and let me run my lab and hoover up your money and opportunities racist”.

  59. my allan a diane f close up

  60. Boehner looks like he is holding in a fart.


  61. what the fuck is he talking about people not having the right to vote

    he’s so fucking third world like his drunk-ass daddy

  62. Gun Grab aisle two

  63. What I say here tonight matters little…
    Hmm, where have I heard that before?

  64. oh here’s the gun control pitch


  65. castro territory

  66. Stolen from OUR lives?

  67. Fig Newtons were her best friends? Wha?

  68. “If you wanna vote no, that’s your choice. But these proposals deserve a vote.”



    aaaand here he’s dancing on nadiyah pendleton’s grave

    thank you for that

  69. We seem to have an obesity problem

  70. Chicago! With the most restrictive gun control in the country!

  71. They Deserve a Vote! BARACK 2016!!!

  72. So Aidya is a poster child for Chicago style gun control.

    The irony meter just exploded.

  73. This “they deserve a vote” stuff is gross. Intensely so.

  74. I can’t stand it.

  75. wow he can pimp a little girl’s corpse Piers Morgan style when he wants to

    it’s masterful really

    we don’t see enough of this side of food stamp

  76. Role call of the people with super-ethnic names who couldn’t get in to vote for hours and hours and hours.

    What bullshit.

  77. And Brower caps it in overtime. Bingo.

    Is ObaZma doing his demagogue-eyes when he gets on an insane roll?

  78. these people are so fucking ghetto

  79. Usually without fanfare, and always without Nanchu Sanchez, or some lame assed shit.
    Meanwhile, Raylan and Boyd are much more interesting.
    As was Dewey.
    God I miss Dewey.
    I believe his life may have been cut short by bullet woundsssss.

  80. Anyone seen a transcript and can give us an estimate of how much longer this screed will last?

  81. he just hissed we are citizens

    creepy fucking momo child you just get on with your bad self

  82. how much longer. . . ?

    Feature the rest of your life. Well, or not.

  83. I wonder what Dickie Bennett is up to these days.

  84. Oh and non sequiter, non sequiter, non sequiter, increasing clouds, possible snow and

  85. they be analizing on the blaze i think. i should turn off mute

  86. Unlike most people I thought the trillion dollar coin was brilliant. Make seventeen of them. Give two to China and ask for change back.

  87. so he pivoted away from jobs pretty damn quick I guess

  88. Would you guys sponsor a wipe the silly grin off Harry Reid’s face, mission?

  89. This was the exact same speech he’s been giving for the last four years.

    Plus EOs. Plus Amnesty. Plus he wants our guns and he wants them bad.

  90. I’d have watched it but I stopped drinking a few months back, and I don’t think not drinking and listening to Obama blame Republicans for everything would go well together.

  91. The state of the union is SQUIRREL and sinister forces! And hope!

  92. I have a hunch jobs are just not worth discussing. Mostly because Barry doesn’t have idea one of how to put more people to work that doesn’t involve spending even more gazillions more dollars than we have.

  93. I think that Dickie is working at a below minimum wage job somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.
    But I’m really unsure about that since I’ve been in a state of gin-soaked non-bliss since 11/7/2012, and truth be told, I can’t make sense of Justified this season (for reasons described above).
    Whwn does Longmire return?
    Oh, and the local news telz me, that tonight’s speech was delivered well, stylistically.

  94. raising the minimum wage will mean he’ll have to pivot back to jobs for sure to try and replace the ones he destroys

    (caveat: this analysis is not accounting for the food stamp multiplier effects)

  95. This was a state of the base’s wish list, not a state of the union.

    Damn sad and depressing.

  96. oh look jeb bush

  97. Sequestration.
    Ball of Confusion.


  98. i forgot about roobs

  99. BTW, Ball of Confusion was RADICAL! Now it’s the lay of the land

  100. karl rove is speaking now

  101. Dickie should not have won that award before Raylan.

  102. “work with us” eff you jeb bush jr

  103. “a legal immigration policy”? we have one jeb

  104. roobs is talking about the debt now

  105. why the eff is the fed gov’t involved in edu jeb?

  106. oh christ he wants a balanced budget amendment

    that’s so lame

  107. jeb jr should die in dignity

  108. He demanded that America double down on his failed policies. And promised more executive orders, and more money redistributed for correcting climate change. And he wants kids put in Government Preschools earlier, for learning that sweet, sweet left-wing indoctrination. A one-Party State by fiat, and damn the loyal opposition.

    As if there were any real, loyal, opposition anymore.

  109. roobs is a snooze

  110. Balanced budget amendment sounds good to me, with exceptions.

  111. good job jeb jr with the water thing

  112. no eff u jeb jr eff u to the max

  113. Republicans are lacking a strong, Obama-style ‘community organizer’. In this version America, without a charismatic ‘community organizer’ to rally about, we flail. Until we can break the spell of Obama’s charisma, we will flounder, our Republic becoming less recognizable year by year.

  114. That was not inspiring.

  115. Republicans are lacking one thing. Competency. Hopefully the young turks will prove me wrong.

  116. he’s effing jeb bush clone. stay out of the bushes – shakedown jackson

  117. Well, I remain unconvinced about Rubio.

    Obama is still a stupid asshole who can’t balance his checkbook.

  118. Hopefully the young turks will prove me wrong.

    no rove and the bushes are there to corrupt. eff the rethuglicans

  119. I’ve seen Rubio in better form but at least I didn’t get the feeling I was being talked down like Oblamo always projects.

  120. Is Granholm drunk?

  121. “he’s effing jeb bush clone.”

    Gov Jeb or the next hair of the dog republican Jeb?

  122. I just killed everyone I know who makes more than $400k a year.

    Yeah me!

    They were bad people!

    Oh, wait a moment. My 75k job supporting those 400k fucks is gone?

    Shit. Where did I put that resuscitation machine?

  123. go rand

  124. Is anyone broadcasting Rand Paul’s Tea Party kick in the (re)butt(al)?

  125. go away all bushes

  126. blaze tv

  127. Oh and ARAB SPRING!
    Right on.

    Did I miss that?

    Defeat the c-o-r-e of Al Khadi.


  128. Blaze TV? Wha? Is that on DirecTV?

  129. ” congress must reassert it’s authority” rand

  130. Is blaze tv on Directv?

  131. jinx on serr8d

  132. I found it on line but it requires a subscription.

  133. Nevermind. Roku and a C-note will get me some BlazeTV.

    Or not, as my interest is zeroed already.

  134. Ok, so before I say good night. To recap:

    How is that fair?

    I propose a fix it first program.

    For the children.

    They deserve a vote.

    9 dollars.

    For the children.

    Dow is up.

    Cold is down,


    That is all

  135. On Wednesday, he will announce an agreement with the Dish Network, the first of what his company hopes will be many such deals.

    or subscribe $100/yr

  136. if rand wanted to launch his campaign tonight

    this isn’t gonna cut it

  137. Thanks for reminding me of the BANGS steph.

    Prolly won’t sleep a wink now.

  138. Dish Network is a dead end. Doesn’t compare to DirecTV. I expect their capitulation soonest.

  139. “or subscribe $100/yr”

    I believe his radio show is on XM/Serius as well.

  140. this isn’t gonna cut it

    between mein baracky and jebbush?

  141. Blaze TV? Wha? Is that on DirecTV?

    It’s free on Dish Network, and Beck is looking to get it on other carriers. Recently, he’s been pushing for AT&T’s U-verse, which if you have it, you can chime in requesting it here.

  142. Dish Network is a dead end.

    well the “american” algore sold to the muslims

  143. If you subscribe, you get all the content on demand either online or on Roku.

  144. Wanna know the definition of effective community organizing? I just got an email 30 seconds ago from Dishwasherman Shultz wanting me to click over to ‘my democrats dot org / state of the union’, and ‘Stand with our President’. Which means sign a petition and give up five bucks.

  145. Body believed to be fugitive ex-L.A. cop recovered

    So how long before the riots rebellion starts in Los Angeles?

  146. Reports of crispy Dorner denied by LAPD. The structure is too hot to enter.

  147. Anderson Cooper says it’s hard to find a body in a burned building.

    Anderson Cooper knows shit.

  148. Medal of Honor recipient declines SOTU invite.


  149. andy has skin in this game

  150. Anderson Cooper couldn’t pore piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

  151. Medal of Honor recipient declines SOTU invite.

    said fu to bangs

  152. mr. shooter luvs some cnn

  153. newrouter:

    A free man chooses, a slave obeys.

  154. “Would you kindly…”

  155. Another Republican, playing games with Bammy. Mark Kirk’s there mostly for the cocktail party circuit I’ll warrant.

  156. I have a hunch jobs are just not worth discussing. Mostly because Barry doesn’t have idea one of how to put more people to work that doesn’t involve spending even more gazillions more dollars than we have.MM.

    Given that he’s never really had a job in the Capitalists sense … one that required results, etc.

    Yea, he has no idea.

  157. Tzar ObaZma will be issuing an executive order commanding the Sun to chill. Global Warming, you see, is just that important.