February 12, 2013


Live coverage via KFI 640.

I sure do hope the evil LA po-po ain’t kill the modern-day Patrick Henry-Luther-King Jr X.



(thanks to Darleen)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:00pm

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  1. he’s in quite a pickle

  2. priorities


    What if alleged killer Chris Dorner is captured or killed as the SOTU begins? Obama could face a Bill Clinton/O.J. verdict moment.


  3. being a proggtard it is probably not a kosher one

  4. “Damn! I’m in a tight spot!”

  5. It’s a good thing he’s a sooper jeenyus.

  6. I hope somebody shoots his ass, and I don’t much care who does it.

  7. Chuck Hagel is holed up in the US Senate now — after an ineffective siege in the Senate Armed Services Committee — awaiting extraction by complicit Progressives on the floor. His escape is thought to be imminent.

  8. According to Darleen, who is getting info from police scanners, Dorner may have escaped using smoke grenades.

    If Tom Robbins were writing this, he’d call Dorner Woodpecker.

  9. this could go on for hours

    people is gonna be cable newsed out long before food stamp gives his special talkings

  10. One of the cops he shot is dead. That will show those racist forest service bastards.

  11. smoke grenades

    Two police officers were reportedly injured, and it was not known if Christopher Dorner was hit in the dramatic battle that unfolded Tuesday afternoon in the resort area of Big Bear. Dorner, who has vowed not to be taken alive, was firing at police and using smoke grenades. It was not clear what other weapons he had inside the cabin.


  12. the cabin is on fire i know i know

    it’s serious

  13. i sure hope the smoke detector works

  14. Are the cops going to reimburse Granny for torching her cabins?

  15. they may have to bring carb now

  16. The source said one deputy was wounded as Dorner fired out of the cabin and a second was injured when Dorner exited the back of the cabin, deployed a smoke grenade and opened fire again in an apparent attempt to flee. Dorner was driven back inside the cabin, the source said.

  17. On fire, video.

  18. The dramatic manhunt for a fugitive ex-LAPD cop who killed at least four people apparently ended when the cabin he holed up in went up in flames, with ammunition exploding and smoke billowing up into the mountain air.


  19. He’s toasted. Good riddance.

  20. somebody said he actually got snipered to death not bbq’d

  21. nro right statists

    “Hi, Chris, I’m David Koresh. I went the same way, so Satan asked me to welcome you and show you around the place.”


  22. ghoulish humor is vulgar and stupid

  23. somebody said he actually got snipered to death not bbq’d

    hildabeast – “what difference does it make”

  24. Great. Geraghty’s caught the pikachu virus.

  25. Somebody said he’s a hero. People say all kinds of shit.

  26. Hearing that the cabin was on fire I was kinda hoping a dousing aircraft would be brought in to put it out, whereupon we could find out later that Dorner had drowned. Ah well, c’est la guerre.

  27. Geraghty’s caught the pikachu virus.

    it makes you look like janet reno

  28. Just got home

    Been monitoring this at work today (courts are closed but county offices open … so it’s been file schlep day at my office) … one of my clerks has several police officer family members & was monitoring police bands & getting updates.

    There was a fear at one point that Dorner had made good an escape, but right now they are letting traffic back into the area.

    Some officers on scene are reporting hearing a single gun shot from within the main cabin just as the fire was getting really bad. Further ammunition bursts while the cabin roared.

  29. “i sure hope the smoke detector works”


  30. Funniest line of the night came from Bill O’Reilly, unintentionally, I think:

    “I’ve just been informed that the cabin is ablaze and that Dorner has not exited. He’s toast.”