February 8, 2013

“Rand Paul to give tea-party group’s response to State of the Union after Rubio delivers GOP’s”

Well, now. That’s pointed, isn’t it?

Or is it? With the Rove group having been so thoroughly excoriated for its presumptuousness, and the GOP establishment comically looking to promote Jeb Bush or Chris Christie while keeping Rubio close as a VP candidate who can woo Hispanics and carry FL, perhaps the trick here is to join Paul and Rubio, in whatever configuration, and carry both the right and the moderates while freezing out the establishment.

Of course, this assumes Rubio is playing a very complex game. But I can certainly see him at the head of a ticket w/ Paul that would attract and invigorate the base — and leave the establishment in a position where it can’t really do anything other than throw its full-throated support behind that ticket.

That is, if Rubio’s willing to tease Bush or Christie right up until it’s time to kick them aside and emerge as a frontrunner rather than as a useful token.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:22pm

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  1. Please, Tea Party people, make sure you tell him to look into the right camera.

    In other news, I’m about done with the Snowpocalypse.

  2. levin – rovester liar about steve king

  3. How about reversing that ticket, Jeff, with Paul at the top and Rubio as the bait for the Hispanic vote (not that I think that vote is all-important, but it can’t hurt)?

  4. Would it be most helpful if all the ambitious conservative strivers compete with one another to best learn, in the first instance, then explicate in the second instance, what it is the United States must be, was intended to be in the superlative case, and to bring along their auditors and interlocutors as they go?

    Like the playground chant: fight! fight! fight!

    Compete, motherfuckers. Aim for excellence. Show us.

    There’s time, though not an unlimited time, and much for these ambitious men to have learned and much to do, so it doesn’t seem as though presuppositions on personalities have a beneficial place in the effort to rebuild the country from the shambles it has fallen into. Who will step to the plate with the tools, confidence and capability to sway? Well, that’s what remains to be done.

    Bring the verve, bring the truth, bring the reason, bring the story: we’ll listen, openly but critically, and only then we’ll judge.

  5. Seriously, it would be nice for Senator Manchin to man-up and campaign on the agenda he seeks to pursue when he’s out of West Virginia.

    As for our guys, this is really getting old. We have a man representing a state where every county voted against Obama who is helping Democrats get their collective foots in the door on gun control. We had Senator Crapo from Idaho co-sponsoring this week’s expansion of the deceptively-named Violence Against Women Act. Let me ask you, do you ever find Democrats representing the most liberal states run across the aisle to find a way to pass a national right to work law? Do you ever find Chuck Schumer seeking to pave a road with Rand Paul and Mike Lee to reduce the power of the TSA? Do you ever find Barbara Boxer working with Ted Cruz on compromise options for Social Security choice?

    Democrats are the ones who are in trouble, as 7 of their members must win reelection in states carried by Romney. Let’s work together with Republican members to chart a path forward, and force the Democrats to grovel across the aisle begging for a compromise. Then again, compromise is not in their DNA.


  6. Let’s just run Ben Carson.

  7. the rubio he can’t beat Hillary

    the randpaul he can’t beat Hillary

    what can beat hillary mostly is clots

  8. ObaZma’s impending disaster will do for Hillary, I’d reckon.

  9. baracky can beat hildebeast. but b(ig)g(ov’t)m(edia) will be a stink pile by 2016

  10. BGM is already a stink pile, newrouter. By then they will require gas masks.

  11. Organizing For America will beat Hillary and choose who they want to choose. Holder for Prez? Barry 3rd Term? Michelle? Who can tell the future? Who is the resistance? Rove? Bush? Meagan McCain? What difference, at this point, does it make?
    By the next Presidential Election, my guess is that unemployment will be over 65%. We’ll be happy for an enclosure movement to sort out our belongings. Peasantry will out.

  12. i hope so but i do not underestimate the stupidity and cowardice of the american people or the willfulness of the propaganda slut media

  13. clots/rubio 2016!

  14. Clots? Evil things. But worse are free-flowing aneurysms. Beg for a clot, you will.

  15. for about two seconds

  16. the “ruling class” is a 2014 election meme. ’68’ers ass asshats.

  17. pichachu/palin 2016 yes yellow peeps

  18. there’s an “are” dangling up there

  19. Organizing For America will beat Hillary and choose who they want to choose. Holder for Prez? Barry 3rd Term? Michelle? Who can tell the future?

    Well, if we had a betting pool going, I’d say Liz Warren.

  20. i think it’s hillary I think hillary has a date with destiny I think once elected hillary will pull the energy levers in her favor like the third world arkie trash bitch she is and then jack up extraction taxes, again just like the third world arkie trash bitch she is

    so bam that’s the whole 2020 reelection campaign already taken care of

    meanwhile rubio can go back to his susan b anthony pals and lecture them about bortions he’ll still be young enuff in 2024 to waste our time then

  21. Obama shall appoint his successor. Won’t be Hillary, won’t be anyone anywhere near centered. If he could make it happen, it’d be Joe “Like My Puppet Strings?” Biden.

  22. meanwhile rubio can go back to his susan b anthony pals and lecture them about bortions

    you be very concerned about abortion you got the plumbing?

  23. My favorite Steely Dan tune was their admonishes to Rikki. On Pretzel Logic, I’m thinking.

  24. the dark days are as unending as the sea of debt in which our little boat struggles Mr. serr8d

    people’s lives are forever raped and their kids’ lives and their kids’ lives

    and as far as arresting any of this goes Team R is useless as tits on a nun

  25. beaware of big gov’t pichachus? they fool you with salsa

  26. they’ll always have their porky porky chris christie jersey trash welfare bills though and the hopes of a Sacred Definition Marriage Amendment to keep them warm

    but me and my trusty dog boodles we just wanna fly under the radar til the good lord calls us home

  27. My favorite Steely Dan tune was their admonishes to Rikk

    check out the other tunes. fagen/becker were a really good tuneful sort

  28. I’ll probably always say, “Our Republic peaked and started to decline after the summer of 1969.” Apollo 11, apogee.

  29. i still blame the complicity of average regular old fascist workaday propaganda sluts like the Steve Inskeep and the Carol Costello

  30. Seen ’em with Michael MacDonald some 6 or 8 years ago. Last concert we saw at Starwood Ampitheater before it economically imploded in ’07. MacDonald sweats like a pig nowadays.

  31. racist

    Take one step back darlin’
    There ain’t nothing in Chicago
    For a monkey woman to do
    Do you throw out your gold teeth
    Do you see how they roll

  32. you can sell them teef for cash I saw a sign

  33. Hillary isn’t Arkie, she’s Chicago and Wellsley. She pit stopped down south because it was convenient.

  34. ok you got me on that one

  35. but if you say wellesley trash everyone thinks you’re some kind of lesbian hater

    and that is not me I love em they’re my sisters in christ same as all god’s daughters

  36. you’re some kind of lesbian hater

    oh noes lick away

  37. that’s the lick that’s the lick

    the lick of love

  38. Those who would trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state have told us they have a utopian solution of peace without victory. They call their policy “accommodation.” And they say if we’ll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he’ll forget his evil ways and learn to love us. All who oppose them are indicted as warmongers. They say we offer simple answers to complex problems. Well, perhaps there is a simple answer—not an easy answer—but simple: If you and I have the courage to tell our elected officials that we want our national policy based on what we know in our hearts is morally right.

  39. “third world arkie trash bitch”

    Hillary is from Chicago.

  40. well I got the third world part right at least

  41. Sarah Palin in 2016. Fuck the establishment.

  42. the whole bitter clinger thing is supposed to be wholly ironized by now Mr. LaRoche

    let it go

    letitgo dot org

  43. Take your own advice.

  44. you go first

  45. My favorite Steely Dan tune was their admonishes to Rikki.

    That song was written for Rikki Ducornet, who is a novelist and poet that I studied under at one time. Fascinating woman. Believe she was at Barnard with those guys.

  46. speaking of letitgo

    where’s mr. geoff?

    here’s some spooky separated at birthness

    I’m kinda about due for to watch the whole series from the start again… and then read the comics, which I maybe have on a disk somewheres

    but I think I’ll wait… maybe do Downton or whatever…

    I just haven’t been in the mood for stories

  47. After Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for Rove’s group American Crossroads, said that Bozell was a “hater” who had “weird axes to grind,” Bozell and other conservative leaders called for Collegio to be fired. (RELATED: Conservative leaders flip out after Rove-affiliated staffer criticizes Bozell)

    “Jonathan Collegio misspoke,” Rove said. “He immediately called Bozell and apologized. But look, Bozell — I respect him. He has done a lot of good things. The media center that he has does good work. But look, here’s a guy who called me a fake conservative, who called our efforts a failure, who distorted what we did. And yet, he turns around and starts crying crocodile tears when Jonathan Collegio says something he shouldn’t have said. But at least Collegio apologized for it. Bozell is out there calling me a fake conservative. Doesn’t matter to me, but it’s obviously not true.”

    Looks like Karl can project with the best of them.

  48. the whole bitter clinger thing is supposed to be wholly ironized by now Mr. LaRoche

    The pikachu has chirped, the debate has ended. Go in peace and obey the word of the electric rodent.

  49. today is the day I throw out all of my hair conditioner!

  50. Karl can project

    That’s what made him useful in the first place, so yes. Thing is — and this is the question raised — is he even qualified to define conservative? While he may make the claim (that yes of course he’s qualified!), we only have to notice he never performs the act, which is to say he never goes so far as to reveal his grounds in anything greater than the most inadequate terms. He’s a slicker though, and has gotten away with this pretending for so many years now that the once fooled are inclined to think themselves all the more justified to back him, since, why look only how long Karl’s been taken for a conservative.

    Obviously it’s a silly circular merry-go-round, but then in politics generally speaking, truth is an afterthought.

  51. today is the day I throw out all of my hair conditioner!

    You use hair conditioner ? Do you fret over, design, and hang window dressings too? #PertPlus

  52. Bozell is out there calling me a fake conservative. Doesn’t matter to me, but it’s obviously not true.”

    Karl, there are no real Conservatives in the ranks of the GOP elite. You are epitome of the insider GOP elite.

    Another way to test your true TEA Party Conservatism? Repeat this line, and mean it:

    “Sarah Palin is the best possible candidate to put up against the Democrat’s 2016 nominee, be it Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or worse.”

  53. no my hair is too short my sister accidentally bought the hair conditioner for me two christmases ago to go with the shampoo I think she thought she was buying shampoo actually … I’d bought all the organix line of shampoo cause of it smells like candy plus it’s kinda decorative to line up on the window ledge above the shower but for now I’m just using stuff I have stocked up in the closet and anyways I’m not a conditioner person

    next question

  54. I’d bought all the organix line of shampoo cause of it smells like candy

    We’re through here I’m thinking. )

  55. some people just have a deeper more textured relationship with consumer packaged goods than others

  56. some people just have a deeper more textured relationship with consumer packaged goods than others

    Just I don’t want to do walkabouts smelling like a Willie Wonka scratch’n’sniff.

  57. The inaugural, as I heard it, was really a fighting speech,” said William Galston, a senior fellow of governance studies at the Brookings Institution and a former adviser to Bill Clinton. “He has to decide now if he wants to continue in that vain or adopt a stance that makes it a little easier for the Republicans to consider cooperating with him.”

    heh, “that vain”. That’s a good one, even if only an Amie Parnes inadvertence.

  58. Amie Parnes writes at Vainity Fair ?

  59. he’s stupid cause he’s some kind of retarded Harvard trash lickspittle, this William Galston

    food stamp’s inaugural wasn’t a fighting speech it was an inducement for Team R to take an adversarial pose

    food stamp needs adversaries way bad so he can blame them when the jobs are discovered lying naked in a ditch with bleeding rectums and severe dehydration

  60. If Brennan’s apparent change of heart on EITs causes concern about his ability to put analysis ahead of politics, his comments on Ali Harzi, a suspect in the Benghazi attacks last fall, raise questions about the Obama administration’s approach to radical Islam and—more immediately troubling—Brennan’s veracity.

    Did John Brennan lie under oath? The answer appears to be yes.

    Speaking of fighting speech, that looks to qualify.

  61. here is what I mean Mr. sdferr the hotairs just postered this

    These Republicans aren’t thinking about blaming anyone, they’re thinking about taking credit. So where are the blame-Obama Republicans we were promised in the lede? You have to read to the very end of the 3-page piece to get to this…

  62. What I see, over and over again without fail, is voters never looking to blame themselves. If ever there were a source of shit for policy, that would be it, I think.

  63. the self-appraisals on the part of Team R have been pretty hollow and silly I think

    the self-appraisals on the part of the food stampers have been non-existent

    be I won’t vote for people what don’t stand for individual liberty any mores never ever

    this is a new thing, unless you count me not voting for Romney, which was mostly a matter of challenging logistics/had better things to do

  64. *me* I won’t vote for people I mean

  65. Show biz kids making movies
    Of themselves you know they
    Don’t give a fuck about anybody else …

    And to think that Steely Dan wrote those lyrics years before PJ Media appeared…..

  66. What I see, over and over again without fail, is voters never looking to blame themselves.

    What I see is the failure of the Right to properly learn how to ‘Community Organize’.

    Case in point, in the newest social media, Twitter. An abrupt fellow named Todd Kincannon launches a ‘Twitter Gulag Defense Network’, #TGDN, inviting right-minded people to join and network with each other, ostensibly to protect from Twitter Gulag, a function of Twitter that allows abusive sorts to Block & Report an account for spam. Of course, left-side twitterers started using that as method to silence their opponents: gather a bunch of leftists to block & report one individual, triggering Twitter’s automatic suspension dealio.

    Kincannon is the first I’ve seen to ever! try to organize the Right. Immediately, some big names (@BrooksBayne &c.) attack him for whatever reasons.

    In response, the Left created #UniteBlue. I read just yesterday that they’ve managed to make 500,000 new connections in just a week. Overwhelming the puny efforts of #TGDN.

    We, the right-minded, just can’t get together. There’s too many minor differences of opinion, too many egos that just won’t join and speak with one voice.

    We are truly fucked because of it.

  67. people like to take 3rd order issues like the abortion and the gay marriage and the immigrations and make them first order litmus tests

    we call these people “the base”

    this would be the same “base” what’s useless as tits on a nun when it comes to winning national elections, and so they actually end up getting more more more of what they say they want less of

    more abortions and more brown people and more support for them committed relationships what are abominations in the eyes of teh Lord can i get an amen

    and they get it good and hard

    and they seem to like it like that cause it’s how they still be rollin

  68. people like to take 3rd order issues like the abortion and the gay marriage and the immigrations and make them first order litmus tests

    we call these people “the base”

    I know! why does the dem base so love the baby-killing, corn-holing and foreigners sneaking across the border to suckle off American generosity?

    It’s a puzzler.

  69. i think mostly they seem to heart having the presidency and getting to appoint all those judges

  70. Seems to me Ben Carson has the ultimate aim of fostering a sort of unity in mind in the address he gave at the prayer breakfast, while still allowing for serious disagreement in the process. Be that as it may, I believe his judgment of the order of priorities is decently on the mark as he presents those priorities, both for the long and the short runs of categories of “problems”. Or perhaps to say instead of problems, questions pertinent to our circumstances in the United States, both on the level of civil society and on the level of politics in the narrower sense.

    Whether anyone takes up his suggestions as to this prioritization is to be seen. But then, he’s just one man among many who see this general scheme of priorities, so he will have allies who may be able to come to his and their own aid.

  71. yes and in real life his biggest action item personally is education it seems

  72. Bang for the buck, at least in part, but also precisely consonant with his life experience. Whereas Barry? He wants to run the world after never running anything. Who’s more likely to find success?

  73. yes it’s like the difference between Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway

  74. Would that I had any relevant knowledge of either lady, outside kenning somehow that their both endowed with tits.

  75. oops, they are, I meant.

  76. hint: one of them went to vassar

  77. serr8d says February 10, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Its the nature of the beast. If we were interested in groupthink and communal action we would be statists. I don’t even bother with twitter.

    What we should be focusing our attention on is reforming government away from the statist beast it has become and returning to the individual protecting nature the founders intended.

    It doesn’t matter who you elect if the basic structure isn’t sound. Rand Paul isn’t going to change a fucking thing.

  78. Anymore these days my knee jerk response (and granted, it’s a stupid response in many respects) to learning someone went to an ivyschool or one of the sevenladyparts schools is: so much the worse for that poor soul. Then I’m reminded. In modern times we’ve learned there is no setch thang as soul.

  79. no that is a good point

    a very good rule of thumb really

  80. Anne Hathaway went to Vassar and managed to graduate? Or did she just attend?

    The fact that she went to a Seven Sisters school and didn’t become a lesbian or a feminist is heartening.

  81. just attend… she was swept away by the fame and also the fortune

  82. and now look at her she’s almost at that point in her career arc where she can have a sammich

  83. She’s naturally slender and then went on that crazy diet before she shot Les Miserables. She’s probably gained some of it back since her face doesn’t look so hollow.

    She’s supposed to be getting married, too. So wait till the babies start coming and she’ll have nice round cheeks.