February 8, 2013

“Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who’s ‘Entitled’ to Second Amendment Rights”

“Imperial presidency” — with the requisite villainous henchman / side kick — concretized.

Whom do you suppose will fall under the Holder / Obama designation for mentally unsound — particularly at a time and in a political environment where both establishment Republicans and the institutional left are working to marginalize and dehumanize constitutionalists, actively and officially, on some occasions, equating them with domestic terrorism?

And yes, that was rhetorical.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:25am

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  1. The clip ended so well I doubt this is a problem. And they laughed and laughed.

    They laughed and laughed as if among their masters, today’s meme is tomorrows issue, ripe for a nice serious debate by nice serious post-constitutional progressives. There’s sort of a hand/glove relationship there — they’re led and so they follow. QED.

    Because it’s all just that important.

  2. We should introduce Eric Holder to Stephen A. Douglas’s pig. Or maybe just Abe Lincoln’s question about him.

  3. I am guessing that Holder’s opinions vis a vis (e.g.) Fourteenth Amendment rights eligibility would be somewhat different.

  4. Oh. Redundant?

  5. There is no way to be okay with any of that — unless he were some random participant on “Jaywalking.”

    Which he isn’t.

  6. So does that mean he’s admitting they decided that Mexican drug cartels had that right?

  7. nr

    Helter Skelter for the twenty-tens!

  8. I used to worry about the slow encroachment of statism in ever more facets of our lives. I can dispense with that particular concern as there is no longer anything slow about it.