February 7, 2013

“nobody talks about [Sarah Palin] anymore”

So notes our resident pikachu.  And yet, her spirit remains everywhere — even having stolen into the grubby souls of those who in other contexts would so vulgarly dismiss her.

Not sure if that’s ironic or not.

Tell you what: I’ll put in a call to Alanis Morissette, then go with the opposite of whatever she thinks.

(h/t Darleen)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:00pm

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  1. {Expletive deleted} slewfoot.

  2. I see clearer in the rear view mirror than I ever did looking out over the hood

    yeah Sarah we had damn good times and I sure hope everybody’s doing good

  3. feets, your credibility on this topic is in the single digits Kelvin range. Best to keep your yap shut in this thread.

  4. Speaking of Alanis, I saw a tweet this morning from our friendly LA DDA:

    Brooks Bayne will join forces with violent dishonest fringe leftists if it helps him settle a petty personal beef. Because #principles.

    We need a word for when the irony is so dense it collapses in on itself … neutrony?

  5. Done to death by slander, much like fair Hero.

    I wonder…

  6. I think it’s a safe bet that there are more people thinking and talking about Sarah Palin than are playing or watching Pokemon. Just sayin’.

  7. Morisette: usually a good plan. Just don’t let her start screeching, she’s more dangerous than any banshee…

  8. John Bradley says February 7, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    LA County has long been an irony meter-free zone.

  9. Though the parallels may be tenuous in the extreme (different times, different nations and peoples, different circumstances and so on), nevertheless, for some good reason the name Winston Churchill pops to mind. Funny thing about the future is, the utter darkness of the thing.

  10. So Krugman, never so much as slowed at the prospect of once again making a shameless fool out of himself in public for the nickels his masters toss him for standing on the prize they bought him (QED!) is all about the death panels.

    Has anyone noticed how each new travesty marches on the scene all nice and pink and shiny from the bath? Gun control, death panels — next it’ll be the inherent insolvency of federalized sickcare. What had been unthinkable is not only now the stuff of polite discussion, it’s all but reality.

    And we’ll all find it suitable to chat nicely about as if it were inevitable. Well, it was inevitable, in a sense.

    But this somehow invalidates Palin? The shifting ground under our feet is so tilted that we can’t even grasp principle? Why, because of its tone? This perception of yours, feets, is where you and I part company.

  11. We need a word for when the irony is so dense it collapses in on itself … neutrony?

    “Progressive hole”

    – Morisette (French Canadian) got her start as a preteen on Canadian TV in what was perhaps the most conservative, youth rebellion show, in the history of TV, YCDTOTV. Which, you know, if you were thinking at least shes consistent, irony never takes a break from the camp of the Left.

    – I think a non-ironic episode tends to make them even more insane.

    – Palin will be holding forth when some LA dwellers are extinct, which, admittedly doesn’t usually take long. My own take on the level of vicious demogogery from the Left concerning her is just a clear indication she scared them shitless.

  12. Winnie looks so natural with that gat — and vice versa.

  13. Instead, we talk about ObaZma. About whom, don’t listen to this if you’re concerned about maintaining a quiet equilibrium tonight.

    ObaZma, who talks not at all about subjects uncongenial to himself. He simply doesn’t see dead people.

  14. I’d still vote for her in a heartbeat.

  15. We need a word for when the irony is so dense it collapses in on itself … neutrony?

    A barack hole?

  16. Feets has never advanced one leg of the stool of conservatism. Sarah Palin has put herself out there to advance the cause and people like pikachu have shit on her. Pikachu couldn’t carry Palins sports bra.

  17. Just don’t let her start screeching, she’s more dangerous than any banshee…

    That’s what the “scold’s bridle” was invented for…..

  18. Homemade

    It’s got something going for itself.

  19. hmm not a lot of comments