February 5, 2013

Loveland, Colorado hates children [Darleen Click]

What other explanation is there for suspending a 7 y/o boy for a recess game of trying to save the world?

Vouchers, please.

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  1. why isn’t the piggy piggy union whore teacher who abused this child named

    why isn’t the fascist thug principal named

    I do not understand

  2. I laughed when I read this. I also got mad.

    Pretending to throw a grenade is a universal break-up-the-chatter-and-get-back-to-work thing in every sales job I ever had.

  3. Because the press consists completely of pikachus.

  4. let’s keep brainstorming

  5. People in that county should sue to get their property taxes back.

  6. Hopefully we’ll learn in a few days that Loveland Colorado likes to hang stupid adult educators upside-down by their feet for purposes of instructing them to think better than little children can think. Ain’t holdin’ my breath at the prospect, however.

  7. The world as we know it is over.

    Don’t try to undertand it. Just be prepared for the next step.

  8. Golden showers fill your eyes.
    Smiles await you when you rise,
    Sleep pretty darling, do not cry,
    And I will run a pikachu up the flagpole and see if it salutes itself.

  9. Public school is child abuse.

  10. What Pablo said.

    – and to borrow the phrase from the Paul convention in Tampa last year, outlaw illegal institutions.

    Government school is and we must. Give the thing back to the urbanists dependents and their elite masters and let them dance with it.

  11. I do, on occassion, wonder if Mrs. Scooter and I made the right decision to homeschool our 3 boys. It’s definitely challenging and frustrating at times and Lord knows what we could do with the money my working wife would be bringing home.

    Then I read/see something like this and I feel much, much better. But surely this is still the rare exception and not the rule – surely…?

  12. A 10-year-old Alexandria boy was arrested after police said he brought a toy handgun to school on Tuesday, a day after he showed it to others on a school bus.

  13. I hope the school was able to produce the imaginary hand grenade to prove that it WAS an imaginary hand grenade and not an imaginary igneous rock, an imaginary smoke canister, or an imaginary landing site beacon.

    Indeed I think the proper response is to pretend to suspend him since his policy violation was a pretense of an actual policy violation.

    Seriously. Fire some idiots so that the other idiots can see it, and know fear and use that fear as a means of escaping idiocy.

  14. The logical consequence of “Zero Tolerance”, aka “Zero Brains”.

  15. The school:

    Mary Blair Elementary School
    860 E. 29th Street
    Loveland, CO 80538
    Valerie Lara-Black, Principal

    The District:

    Dr. Stan Scheer, Superintendent
    Thompson School District
    800 South Taft Avenue
    Loveland, CO 80537

    Interested parties may wish to ask the good Principal and Superintendent if it is reasonable for their absolute prohibition on “real or play” weapons to be extended to an invisible, imaginary grenade. They may further wish to ask whether it is reasonable for “Absolutes” crafted to deal with bullying and violence to be used to punish a kid for playing “Rescue the World” at recess.

    While they’re at it, they might also ask why it is necessary for taxpayers to pay top dollar for experienced schools officials with solid judgement and professionalism, if this is the outcome they can expect.

    One might bear in mind that Dr. Scheer just started in July, and perhaps remind him that this represents an excellent opportunity to distinguish himself, to reform some of the idiotic policies he inherited, and to influence local taxpayers to take him more seriously in the future. Like, for instance, the next time he floats an operating referendum…

  16. On the first day of school last year, my 3rd grade son’s buddy discovered that his pocket knife was in his back pack (leftover from the weekend’s camping trip). Luckily for him he chose not to mention it to his teacher. How sad is that – a little boy scout who camps and uses his pocket knife responsibly is better off withholding info from his teacher?

  17. I know I’m an outlier here, but I am astonished at how good the local public schools here in the ass crack of nowhere are.

    I am the product of private schools 0-16. Jesuit, Augustinian and Piarist. All-male education until college (with high-larious results). I never even considered public school education for my kids. My wife, a product of public schools until college, never considered public schools for our kids. It was Catholic or private schools all the way for us. In fact, whenever we have moved, we would pick the town served by Catholic schools. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on private schools, because I thought the kids were safer, and the education was better.


    Junior High.

    Long story short; after much soul searching, and not-quite buried memories re-establishing themselves in my thick head, I took all of my kids out of schools that are rated “Exemplary” by the government of Indiana, and dropped them in what I had been told are the barely passable public day-care centers run by the political left.

    In short, 75% of the kids in my kids elementary school are on free or reduced lunch, the drop-out rate at the high school is about 33% and well over half the kids fail the math side of the Indiana standardized tests.


    I would put the education my kids are getting in HS up against my private, Jesuit education (same school as Al Haig), any day. The work my kids are doing in class is just as rigorous, all that’s missing is the Latin. The kids in Junior High and elementary school are getting a miles better education than I did from the nuns. Even from the teachers who are crazy-ass liberals (not many, believe it or not).

    In short, if you hate your public schools, move here. You may not have a job, but you’ll like the schools.

  18. If that fails, Squid, the next step may be to go to a school board meeting and hold yourself hostage with a deadly high-capacity pointy finger.

    “Abolish the zero-tolerance rules, or the cephalopod gets it!”
    “Oh, Lawdy, Lawdy! Do what he say! Do what he saaaayyy!!”

  19. Plus you can leave your hunting gear, even your guns, in your truck while you stop in to buy your drugs.

  20. why isn’t the piggy piggy union whore teacher who abused this child named

    It wasn’t the teacher, it was the imbecilic practice of creating “absolutes” and “zero-tolerance” rules. As mojo says, they’re designed to relieve the adults from the terrible burden of using their judgment.

    Interested parties may wish to ask the good Principal and Superintendent if it is reasonable for their absolute prohibition on “real or play” weapons to be extended to an invisible, imaginary grenade.


    Ask them what the effing PURPOSE is to have such a rule. What exactly are they trying to accomplish?

    And if they answer, “well, we feel that…” tell them that you didn’t ask how they felt, you asked them to complete the sentence, “the purpose of this absolute rule is…” but obviously they’re too stupid to comprehend simple questions.

  21. the teacher should still be named for in case people have zero-tolerance for child-abusing whores

  22. LMC, that’s uncanny. I did the same thing with my boys; Catholic school up until middle school and then into the public school system.

    We also are in the tail end of nowhere in a town of less than 5000 souls and our schools rate top in the state and the kids score very highly on math, science and english standardized testing. Oklahoma is a sleepy state and scoffed at by even other flatlander states, but we’re cool with that. If you have a kid who is gifted in math and science, he or she may attend the Oklahoma State School of Mathematics in OKC. It is a boarding school and all expenses are paid by the state. It isn’t needs based, but merit based. It’s not for nothing that Oklahoma is home to more astronauts than any other.

    People who want to piss on public schools need to move to an area with better schools.

  23. People who want to piss on public schools need to move to an area with better schools.

    I could, but I’d lose more money in commuting costs than I could make up in taxes. I might feel differently if I had kids in school, but I don’t.

    Besides, my local schools don’t really need me to piss on them. The students and teachers take care of that already.

  24. Then you and Mrs. Squid put your mythical children in parochial schools.

  25. People who want to piss on public schools need to move to an area with better schools.

    Exactly. It’s probably really easy to sell your underwater house and find a new job these days, so rather than bellyaching or trying to change things, up and move!

    Problem solved.

  26. Alternately, you run for a vacant seat on the school board. Change it from the inside.

    Or bitch about it in chat rooms.

  27. And if you don’t happen to live in Loveland, ignore it. Because bitching about it in chat rooms — which does nothing other than bring it to people’s attention and suggest that there are others out there just as disgusted by it as you, even if they don’t live where you live — is unproductive.

    Move, or join the school board. And if you aren’t in the area, pipe down, stop your bitching, this doesn’t concern you. Because in my little town, the schools are good, gun laws are great, and shut up.

  28. We moved.

    When our daughter was set to start 1st grade, I called to find out to which local school she was attending. I was told that, no, not a local school; that she would be bussed to a school located next to a hell-on-earth project near downtown. I told the school official to fuck himself with a fire hydrant (before we had swordfish, you see).

    My daughter attended a parochial school for several years, then we moved to a rural bedroom community.

    It’s just not worth beginning a young life in a school district that is so irrevocably and completely fucked up.

  29. I’m not talking about Loveland, per se. This is aconstant topic in every starboard-side board I’ve ever been on: Our Public Schools Suck Ass! They’re tantamount to child abuse!

    Well, no they don’t and no they don’t. Either we actually give a shit about it and are trying to do something about it or we don’t. I taught public high school for a year and subbed for three at all levels just so I knew what was going on. Either you want to fucking help or you’d rather sit around surrounded by confirmation bias and smug. And by “you”, I mean generic “you” not Jeff Goldstein.

  30. My father taught in public schools and sent all of us kids to parochial school. Because he knew. And that’s going back better than 40 years.

  31. I am saying that not all public schools are hell-holes, nor are all private schools marbled halls of pure learning.

  32. the little kid deserves an apology

  33. I am saying that not all public schools are hell-holes, nor are all private schools marbled halls of pure learning.

    Sure, but which is the way to bet?

  34. Moving wasn’t an option for us either, and actually, our schools are routinely ranked in the bottom third of the state, and we have vouchers and charter schools here. I was terrified of public schools. But what I’ve noticed is that riding the bus for forty minutes with meth-addled sex addicts is a real motivation for a lot of students. Also, dealing with the same group of meth-addled sex addicts all day helps keep the teachers on-message when they are teaching the kids who want to learn the subject that is supposed to be taught. Plus, a lot of the things that get schools rated badly are completely out of the schools control. Attendance here, without truant officers, being one.

    I had been conditioned to believe that public schools, public school administrators and public school teachers were uniformly bad at best and evil at worst. I found this not to be the case, and I have actually grown to prefer professional and credentialed (shudder) teachers over the well-meaning and not so well meaning religious, out of work actors, bitter unemployed parents, and part-time university faculty working for benefits that my family (and me) experienced as teachers in the alternative schools.

    That’s not to say that all vice-principals aren’t squirrelly little Napoleonic bastards, they are. Every case of administrative or disciplinary overreach I’ve experienced in our public schools has been the fault of either the health teacher (gym teacher) or the vice principal (or both, since for a couple of years they were one and the same at the JH), the trick was to be involved enough to work around the asshole and get PB and J sack lunches readmitted to the cafeteria.

  35. But I guess it all comes down to luck. I live in a deep red part of a deep red state. I prefer it here over the “nicer” places that have coffee shops and “quality of life”, but there is a hell of a lot that the “conservative” power base here has done to really bitch the place up.

    When my kids are all growed up and done, I know they won’t be moving back here. And with all the retirees drying up, and the local “God Hates Fags” faction running the show, I’ll never sell this dump. So I’m gonna turn it into a boarding house for illegals or “special friends” or whatever McCain is calling them today, who gives a shit as long as my laundry gets done, and move to my heavily armed boat.

  36. My kids are never coming back here to live, either and I don’t blame them. It’s a resort town in the midst of a revenue crisis since the resort goers/vacation home owners are all in the middle of a cash-crunch. For Sale signs sprout like wild flowers. Jobs are scarce, nightlife is non-existant and there are too many Baptists trying to put their spin on public life and spending. (They can’t even get along. We’ve had three mayors in 5 years.) We skew professionals/retirees/ranchers/ laborers and the chronically unemployed. We also have no deep familial roots in the area and all the kids except the youngest have flown the nest to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

    We like it here. Hubs is retired and I’m an independent contractor so it make no difference to me if there are Starbucks or 5 star restaurants within driving distance. My work is analytical and people noise aggrevates my OCD/ADD. It’s not for everyone, but we like having a lake in the backyard and acres of nothing in the front.

  37. I taught public high school for a year and subbed for three at all levels just so I knew what was going on.

    What were you saying, again?

    In Washington (28 percent), Baltimore (35 percent) and 16 other major cities, the figure is more than 1 in 4. In some cities, nearly half of the children of public school teachers have abandoned public schools.

    In Philadelphia, 44 percent of the teachers put their children in private schools; in Cincinnati, 41 percent; Chicago, 39 percent; Rochester, N.Y., 38 percent. The same trends showed up in the San Francisco-Oakland area, where 34 percent of public school teachers chose private schools for their children; 33 percent in New York City and New Jersey suburbs; and 29 percent in Milwaukee and New Orleans.

    My lovely mother was a teacher’s aide at the local high school for 9 years. This was a well-regarded suburban district, with a competent administration and decent graduation rates and test score. Literally and figuratively, it was 1,000 miles from my old high school. And she still came home with horror stories every week. Public education is a toxic stew of teachers’ unions, uninvolved parents, overinvolved parents, mission creep, hormones, and Lord of the Flies social structures.

    I’d love to be able to fix things on my own, by serving on the Board or influencing the state Board of Ed and the related legislative committees. But that’s impossible to do when the teachers’ union spends tens of millions of (my!) dollars on marketing for how wonderful they are, and how much they deserve more support and more (of my!) money, and how people like me are despicable fringey Hobbits who hate children, hate learning, and hate America.

    So yeah, I spend my time documenting and distributing the horror stories like this one, hoping that one day the balance will tip, and my neighbors will open their eyes to the fact that they’re spending three times as much money as they should be, for half the benefit.

    And if you don’t approve of the way I fight my battles, I cordially invite you to fuck right off.

  38. And if you don’t approve of the way I fight my battles, I cordially invite you to fuck right off.

    Back atcha, my brother.

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